How to Keep Dogs & Cats From Pooping on Your Yard

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Introduction: How to Keep Dogs & Cats From Pooping on Your Yard

In the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and East Los Angeles there are bottles of water on the lawns. The bottles keep dogs and cats from pooping on the lawn. During the 70's I worked a lot in Venice California. At the time there was unenforced dog leash laws. I always bought smooth sole shoes, because every once in awhile I would accidentally stepped on the stuff. In areas with lots of dogs, there was lots of bottles of water, also lots of roofs of cars were dented from kids escaping from the dogs.

Step 1: Just Start With 4 Bottles

I got 3 bottles and one plastic container. 3 are Costco 1 gallon and the 4th is a plastic Lychee Nut Jelly container. Just fill them up with plain old water. The cap just keep it from spilling.
You don't need any additive in the water.

Step 2: This Is the Area Where They Use to Do Their Business

Here is the area where they pooped. You can see three of the water jugs.

Step 3: Location Is Not Too Critical

I located the bottles in the 4 corners of the area I wanted to protect. They can be partially buried for aesthetics reasons.
I had one friend who did not want the dog to poop all over the back yard. So he placed them all over. The jugs did work for a while till the dog tore up all the bottles

Step 4: Why It Works?

Nobody seems to know. My theory is that it creates lines of force that disturbs animals. I can measure the lines of force with my coat hanger divining rods( that will be another Instructable)



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    I like cats and dogs but I don't like smelling their excrement, spray, etc. I've tried lot of things to deter animals from using my yard as a bathroom. For cats, I've found that 12" bamboo sticks spaced a few inches apart work well in the flower garden. Ground cover works well. I've placed 2 foot boards through my raised bed veggie garden which serve as a place I can step as well as a block for the cats. I've placed chicken wire on open areas where sticks would be in the way and I spread coffee grounds everywhere. It seems to be working so far. And, I put a jar of water in the flower garden amongst the bamboo sticks. I don't know if the water jar works, I think it's probably more likely that the sticks are a better deterrent.

    For the dogs, the only problem I have is dog crap on the parking strip, which has grass and a tree; they love to crap near the tree. The only thing that has worked for me is to place a water dish out for the dogs. Even if the bowl is empty, the dogs don't seem to want to crap near the water bowl. If dogs did come into my yard, I'd put up a fence or hedge.

    we can't put a fence up because we live in a home owners association and they don't allow fences around the front yards because of the lawn service guys that cut the grass.

    Save your bacon grease, then pour warm bacon grease on the poop by using a zip lock sandwich bag (like icing a cupcake). I did this after repeatedly (and politely) asking my neighbor to stop his dog from pooping on my yard. Neighbor repeatedly stated "wasn't my dog" so I "treated" the dog poop. The dog gleefully recycled the new bacon treats and magically poop disappeared from my lawn!

    Haha! That's disgustingly genius!

    Vegetable oil and cayenne pepper or Tabasco. Drizzle it around and in the area. Problem solved without the hocus pocus

    Great one! Like kids, "that's a mean ole person's house, let's no go there!"

    I love the irony of you writing an incomplete sentence while scolding someone on his/her grammar, and you spelling grammar wrong on purpose. It's a double joke! I get it! Bravo! That was funny. Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the info on the lightning rods too.

    Mucho gusto!!! I can't wait to try this one!. I don't care if the dog gets sick, and I hope it works like the mother of all laxatives while the dog in inside its own home!

    Apparently, Italians country folks have used this practice for years by placing glass bottles filled with water around the plants/ flowers to keep away these animals. What's suggested is that the water inside the bottle creates a shimmer that just don't settle right with cats and dogs and they leave the area for that reason. So, placing the glass bottle directly under the sunlight is crucial.