How to Keep Dogs & Cats from Pooping on Your Yard

Picture of How to Keep Dogs & Cats from Pooping on Your Yard
In the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and East Los Angeles there are bottles of water on the lawns. The bottles keep dogs and cats from pooping on the lawn. During the 70's I worked a lot in Venice California. At the time there was unenforced dog leash laws. I always bought smooth sole shoes, because every once in awhile I would accidentally stepped on the stuff. In areas with lots of dogs, there was lots of bottles of water, also lots of roofs of cars were dented from kids escaping from the dogs.
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Step 1: Just start with 4 bottles

Picture of Just start with 4 bottles
I got 3 bottles and one plastic container. 3 are Costco 1 gallon and the 4th is a plastic Lychee Nut Jelly container. Just fill them up with plain old water. The cap just keep it from spilling.
You don't need any additive in the water.

Step 2: This is the area where they use to do their business

Picture of This is the area where they use to do their business
Here is the area where they pooped. You can see three of the water jugs.

Step 3: Location is not too critical

Picture of Location is not too critical
I located the bottles in the 4 corners of the area I wanted to protect. They can be partially buried for aesthetics reasons.
I had one friend who did not want the dog to poop all over the back yard. So he placed them all over. The jugs did work for a while till the dog tore up all the bottles

Step 4: Why it Works?

Picture of Why it Works?
Nobody seems to know. My theory is that it creates lines of force that disturbs animals. I can measure the lines of force with my coat hanger divining rods( that will be another Instructable)
SO, you guys, Prove what you say, document it, and report back. So far you are just whining. I've seen the bottles at homes, but if you are so sure of yourselves, prove it, don't just talk/write and complain. Thank you.
bigtedster6 years ago
This one is a waste of time, this does not work and is an urban myth.


Pointless article which needs to be removed.

hey bigtedster stop being a partypooper