Step 3: The Screen Protector

Now that you have your screen protector, it's time to put it on. First, go into a bathroom with a shower and close all windows and doors and hot water in the shower for several minutes, letting the steam drift around the room to remove dust. Next, grab a credit card, some gloves, your ipod still in the box in in a plastic bag, and your case and screen protector. Once the steam has cleared, slip into the room and either wash your hands very well or put on your gloves. Any oil on your hands can ruin the screen.
Carefully take your ipod out and put it on a soft cloth to apply the screen protector. When you have done that, take out your screen protector and then take off the ipod's factory screen protector. Being careful to get NO dust on the screen, peel off a corner of the screen protector and line it up with the corner of the screen. If you get dust on the screen, quickly grab your dust remover and blast it off. Now take your credit card and slowly from the corner up, press down the screen protector slowly making sure to get no bubbles.
If you did it correctly, you should not be able to tell there is a screen protector on. If you bought the recommended screen protector, flip the ipod over and do the same with the back and the back protector. This may seem paranoid to you, but if you put on a screen protector and there is a bubble or little speck of dust, it will drive you crazy!
If you have done that correctly, congratulations! The hard parts over.
Some add'l remarks: <br>- wear a hat, not a wooly one, that keeps dandruff and dust from your head from falling onto the screen<br>- wear a surgical mask that prevents you from blowing air onto the screen in the process<br>- use a focused LED lamp or headlight pointing from the side to see any particle on the screen with ease<br>- use latex-free gloves if you have to use gloves because the latex ones may be dusted with starch to keep from sticking to each other. <br>- no gloves are ok if you dont touch the screen<br>- this is advice I learnt from sensor cleaning on my DSLR, my iTouch is scratched front and back, btw, but I like the challenge - great advice ;D
Dude, nice tips. I didn't know steam would remove dust. :P
Fairly extreme,i mean i had to wait two weeks to get my ipod touch 4th gen and as soon as it got here i opened it. Im not going to stand around and wait another two weeks for my cover and screen protector to get to Aus from Hong Kong. That said however i did find it very helpful in the techniques for putting the cover on the screen.
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what happens if the water from the dust remover gets on the screen?
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Nice instructable! Have you ever tried the invisible shield though? (Made by Zagg, I think.) Used it on two of my iPods as they came out of the box, and no problems since. Stays on beautifully. My only gripe is that the shield has a rubber texture, which leaves fingerprint smudges.
yeah I have to agree with you. I have heard a lot of people protecting their stuff with it. Its the best.
I don't see how anyone could find this offensive, but I thought that about my last instructable and I was told that I should be raped by a pineapple by a man who hitchhiked for a living. Anyway, please keep the comments nice.
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