How to Kill Ants





Introduction: How to Kill Ants

Many people can't figure out how to get rid of those pesky little ants. If you're one of these people, this is for you.

Step 1: Obvious and Not So Obvious

Now, if you are trying to get rid of ants that are indoors, call the exterminator or buy some of those cheap little traps. This instructable is on how to kill outdoor ants.

My first way can be somewhat expensive, but very effective GASOLINE. If you pour some gasoline on ant hills they will quickly die. But money doesn't grow on trees (maybe someday) so the next few steps are much more cost efficient.

Do NOT attempt gasoline method in dry conditions. I am not responsible for what you do.

Step 2: Boiling Water

I find that the best way is to pour some boiling hot water (be careful) on ant hills. They go crazy and you will soon have more for the kill. You can sometimes destroy many ants with this method, but it's really great to do before putting store-bought poision on them.

Step 3: Alternate Methods

There are more ways to kill ants, some of which involve little kids, bb guns, paintballs, shotguns, waterguns, fire, chemicals, and steel toe boots. There are many methods of killing ants that you can do with these items. Please be careful with this step because although they may be fun, they can be dangerous, so handle with care. OR you can be fairly average and buy some ant poision.
But, we are trying to find easy and cost-efficient methods. Please be smart and realize there are a lot more ideas out there. Hopefully this just jogged your memory to think up some real creative idea. Be safe.



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    I think these steps are ridiculous! Are you serious!? If you pour vinegar on a ant mound they die! Pour it in the ground too; it not only kills them but wont harm the plants or earth! Just saying

    Some people make me sick eg people that torture and kill any living creature and call it fun

    3 replies

    right, i bet you never slapped a mosquito or a gnat. troll

    Only someone unfamiliar with fire ants would feel sorry for the little ....s. They kill more humans and animals by a long shot than poisonous snakes and put many humans in the hospital. Their bite is very painful.

    what if the animal killed your entire family.

    why not pour some black powder down the hill then light it and run, or maybe a firecracker. Either way, you show blow those ants to hell.

    Im in TX. Lots of ants of many varieties. After much thought, boiling water seemed reasonable and has worked for years and it doesn't matter if the ground is wet or not. I boiled pot after pot with two of them going at once took about 4 pots per ant hill, i got great results. Millions of dead ants millions of eggs and the Queen and also huge eggs which might have been the next Queen egg. Since April so deep and so wide they were coming up several feet around the nest but I got them too. The next morning I what out to check on them and all I saw were a few surviving worker ants carrying out the dead aunt and eggs. Hey got the Queen and I also got the queen ant eggs huge. I'm going to have to do this again for another day or two but I'm sure my got a good majority of them and will feel a little safer when watering my lawn or when my animals go in the yard.

    Here's another thing.

    Spray the whole mound with ant spray.


    Don't try it if the toxins can go into a nearby water supply.

    why would you kill ants when they are outside, after all its their natural habitat and gasaline is a little dangerous if you drop a burning match on it!!!

    Going to tey the molten aluminum method. Seemd to kill all and you get a nice momento from it.

    the fastest way to make your fire any colony grow is to make drastic and unrealistic moves. the ONLY way to get rid of a colony is to kill the queen or queens. yes there can be more than 1. every time you try a dumb move, the colony will split and will continue to do so until all the queens are dead and can no longer lay eggs. bait your ants and the workers will feed the queens and the babies and kill the colony. has anyone every seen a large colony? check out this video and be enlightened.

    The ants are in my garage and I'm such a panzee so i cant kill them (obviously)
    and we put our dog food in the garage, which is attacting the ants. Ive tried spraying our dog scent-thing-i-ma-bob and i guess we were blinding them.
    I'm a panzee
    I sprayed with dog scent-thing-i-ma-bob

    I did this once, except with vodka, i left out two pitchers one for my friends that drink and on that doesnt, the ants went for the vodka

    Dude, you really need to remove the gasoline suggestion. Folks have this myth that gas is a great way to destroy an ant hill and that is just NOT the case. It might be fun to see the destruction that it reeks upon an ant hill, but if you have ever done this, you know the results..... The queen and her surviving workers dig down deeper and they spring up in a ring around the original ant bed and are larger than before and WIDER than before. One other issue is that dumping something as toxic as gasoline into the dirt does not make it go away. Where do you think your water comes from? The gas goes into your water supply and you end up drinking it. You want to have fun with boiling water, knock yourself out, but gasoline not only fails utterly, it is illegal to dump toxins into the water supply. This is all just in hopes that you will modify what you have said here. I am curious about WHAT is the best ratio for Borax to sweet stuff.

    5 replies

    "One other issue is that dumping something as toxic as gasoline into the dirt does not make it go away. Where do you think your water comes from? The gas goes into your water supply and you end up drinking it. " No, it really doesnt, Dumbass It's called a water treatment facility T.T See how that works? Or do you live in mexico?

    Before you call somebody a dumbass and prove yourself to be one... think it out. It's quite possible for people with well water (and there are a lot of people in the U.S. using well water) to be trying to solve an ant issue... and thus, it WILL get into their drinking water.

    Who the hell using well water has a computer?
    and Modern wells have a thick pvc, cement, or aluminum covering.
    christ kid, lrn2water.

    Wow... do you know what well water is??? its not the little stone hole in the ground with a bucket, A well water system is nothing more than a pocket of water under a house with a pipe running down to it. I live in Michigan and most people here that are not within a few miles of a city use well water. Chemicals drain down through the soil into your watter supply. It's not like its a giant tank underground that is closed off from everything. Before you talk crap to somebody, get yourself and education.

    Sorry, I live in the 21st century.
    Besides, do you really think the government would allow such a detriment to our health?