Picture of How to Kill Boredom
It's Sunday afternoon, and you're very bored you feel like doing nothing but going to sleep. Don't do that! Why? Here is an Instructable with things to do when you're bored.
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Step 1: Falling off a Cliff!

Picture of Falling off a Cliff!
This is fun and it involves your imagination. If you don't have one, don't do it! Close your eyes and put your heel on a curb, move your foot down and imagine yourself falling off the cliff!

Step 2: Origami!

Picture of Origami!
Learn lots of unique origami! Not just a crane, lots of other stuff! Paper balloons, origami Mario mushrooms, etc.

Step 3: Pet Rocks!

Picture of Pet Rocks!
Make a pet rock! I have 2 pet rocks, Peanuts and Richard! :) There are tons of WikiHow articles on what you can do with pet rocks!

Step 4: Draw Pictures!

Picture of Draw Pictures!
I got nominated for drawing pictures when I was little, even though I didn't draw them on purpose. Such as the picture above is the picture I drew on MS Paint when I was little.

Step 5: Mobile Phone Gaming!

Picture of Mobile Phone Gaming!
If you don't have one, use someone else's phone!

Step 6: Watch TV!

Picture of Watch TV!
If you have TV Guide, you can see if your favorite show is on! Or you can watch movies.

Step 7: Stare At A Wall!

Picture of Stare At A Wall!
Do it until you go crazy!