Picture of How to Kill Fire Ants and Commit Genocide
This Instructable is a glimmer of hope for the haters of that most dastardly of ants, the FIRE ANT

Step 1: A Brief Word:

Now, before you jump to conclusions, I believe all animals have a purpose and place (generally right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy :D), however when they are no longer in this place, they no longer have purpose. Red Imported Fire Ants are an example of these rouge species (they're imported, duh). I quite personally detest the little bastards, they sting you, they destroy native habitats, they devour native species, they are a general pain, and they bite you (I might have mentioned that one already). So anyway, it is one of my life's passions to destroy as many of there kind as possible. However, I seek only to destroy fire ants, leading me to come to various means of mound specific destruction.
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mistibelle3 days ago

I love this. Thank you. I was hoping to find an idea of what to put on my children's shoes for playing at the infested park. The little enemy has taken over the black plastic border of the playground, and there are more little ant hills popping up in the mulch all the time. I got bitten today.

KimberlyB1120 days ago
I came home yesterday and stepped in fire ant mound in my drive way. Im using the sugar and baking soda as well as vinegar. I hate these ants
Morepaws2 months ago
My lawn has so many ant mounds NO ONE will walk on my lawn. I pulled up 1, only one weed in my front yard and it seemed like a trillion mini mini ants came up with it. So many that i was afraid to pull another weed. I cant have a cookout in my back yard there are so many mounds, its gross and it makes me wonder what under my house looks like. It is really freaking me out. I have overly, treated my yard allready. I surprised i still have grass! I cant keep spending that kind of money, Im going to try the borax and powered sugar but im also gonna try the baking soda and vingar too. Is there a special vingar or is it the vingar i buy at food store?
Morepaws Morepaws2 months ago
I will send pics if anyone want to see?
for so long i thought i was all alone in my war against fore ants. Yes, i know the average person treats their yard or kills a mound here and there, but im talking about those of us who wake up with one thing in mind. Revenge! I live in the country so to say we have a generous amount of fire ants is a understatement. Ive seen mounds that were knee high, to me not a grasshopper. I cant express how excited i am to try this trick. Anyone know if it helps if the ground is dry or damp? Im off to buy all the baking soda, sugar, and vinegar i can find. Thank you so much!
Game on ants.
peggy.casey5 months ago

The thing is, you have to kill the queen. So if you don't use enough to get all the way to the queen, she will re populate the mound. So spraying with the vinegar solution will only kill part of the workers, not the queen.

Brooklynangel5 months ago
I come from NY & have never encountered fire ants until I moved to Florida, was walking my dog and did not know why my ankle was red & burning I kicked my sneakers off & a neighbor told me I walked on a mound of red ants. Just purchased a house & I see these mounds. Now it is get even time. Thanks,I love your solution.
forte417 months ago

Love the humor in a no humor subject. I look forward to my first "killing" of the hill of death. (and yes, these ants do kill others, people also !)

Pookarah7 months ago

Another way to kill them long term (if they keep coming back) is to mix baking soda + sugar and sprinkle it around, they eat it, and then it reacts inside them killing them.

Those little darlings just killed 2 kitties, I;m having a hard time killing the red ants, their a nightmare!!!

Tom361 year ago

To increase your killing power mix 50/50 powder sugar and baking soda. The ants will eat it and take back to their nest. After feeding them for a couple days do the and vinegar as instructed. The ants that have digested the baking soda and sugar will blow up from the inside total destruction. Thanks Tom

asusa11 year ago
I love genocide! Me and this guy have a lot in common
Crikey lads..I never saw so much effort involved in killing small bugs. Ok I know we who are stranded on a western isle do not see much of the biting and stinging insects but god almighty..Its easy to kill things that are small and a waste of 100,000 years of technology and human evolution
KentsOkay (author)  maninamousesuit7 years ago
Have you ever been bitten by a fire ant? Ever had them swarm up your leg and bite it till it is nothing but a pusing pustule?

IT'S REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia has things that fire ants have nightmares about. Bulldog ants, for one.

when I was 5 I took a plastic shovel to go "treasure hunting" in my woods and I accidently smacked an underground bees nest. those suckers are my worse enemies. so are wasps, sometimes they will sting for little or no reason.
baking soda and some other stuff will help the stings, but what I wanted was revenge. thats why the best way to kill thoes bees is with liquid long range insect killer and a lighter. I find that insects arnt all that fond of fire.
Derin ubr.bzkr6 years ago
hairspray+match+flash powder=death 2 them
KentsOkay (author)  ubr.bzkr6 years ago
Derin ubr.bzkr6 years ago
same here i hate all kinds of bees they sneak up on breaks and try to eat my chocolate today they made me shout "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in my loudest shout
I had experienced that problem when I was 8, but RED ANTS! I was outside talking away with another person and soon one of my leg feels strange, but I kept on talking... Then my leg feels even MORE strange, then I finally looked at my leg and what I saw is my leg plastered in red ants... I screamed like hell and run around in my garden, it was no fun...
KentsOkay (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
I share your suffering, now share in mine enemies DESTRUCTION!!!!
Yes!!! They are really annoying and PAINFUL!!!
no my friend...

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i had to do it...
KentsOkay (author)  pyelitegamerro767 years ago
Sorry chum, html don't work here
[size="3"]does bbc?[/size]
appearantly not......
KentsOkay (author)  pyelitegamerro767 years ago
It's wiki formatting place a "=" at the beginning and end of th text you want big.

like this

ah thank you, as i was saying...

its not revenge...

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forgot the = at the end... lol


No...no, it's not SPARTAAAAAAAA
Who are you kidding? Australia has bull ants, the likes of which make fire ants look like little weenies by comparison. Folks not from Down Under should look up bull ants and see what they can do. Wicked bad ants.
barneytomb5 years ago
I use a mixture of 1/2 Cider Vinegar, 1/2 water, and about a tsp of dish washing soap in a spray bottle. As soon as it hits the little buggers it kills them.
Sounds reasonable. Any acid gets them and the soap either destroys their oily protection or suffocates them. I use Tabasco in water with dish soap,to kill wasps. Wd40 is good too.
Mikel991 year ago
Mikel991 year ago
Nice, very nice. I share all your sentiments.... had some old peanut oil to get rid of after frying many turkeys. Its natural and biodegradable so it was poured down the holes of two large nasty mounds. They (the enemy) did not like it and a few tried to save the eggs bringing them up to the surface.

A day later, there is NO activity in either mound. This is better than wasting money on supposed granulated killers bought at walmart or elsewhere. Those have NEVER worked for me.
pat ritchie2 years ago
I have a very full beautiful flower garden there are never any ant mounds. When I see a few of them I try to eliminate and there they are in another part of the garden. Been fighting these guys for 4 years . Never had this problem before. How do you find where the nests are and will this conconction ruin my plants and grass too?
Kittyhawk2 years ago
Love your comments as you instruct. Very good. I will have to try this.
tacoredneck2 years ago
how bout molten lead? kill the whole colony and if you dig it up you get a souvenire of your holocaust!
Bleach and vinegar make a very dangerous chlorine gas. PVC pipe, with holes drilled through, to let the gas escape underground. Shove the pipe in and pull it out 6" or so, pour in the bleach, then twice the amount of vinegar. cap the pipe and cover with a well pressed down 5 gallon bucket. Leave it for a few days. If you killed the Queen, your job is done. Wear gloves, and leave the area, the ants will be after you. Anybody else got ideas along these lines, I would like to hear them.
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