How to Kill Termites.





Introduction: How to Kill Termites.

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

Here is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to rid your home of termites!

Step 1: The Active Ingredient.

Good Ole borax kills em all.

Step 2: A Handy Container.

This bucket is ideal to make a solution.

Step 3: Making a Solution.

Covering the base of the bucket, I filled it with water and mixed it thoroughly.

Step 4: The Pests.

OK here are the termites invading the home.

Step 5: Application.

Pouring the solution into the ground and on the termite tracks will kill them rapidly and prevent reoccurrence.

Step 6: The Big Kill.

I poured a bucket of borax water onto this termite mound in a tree and in half hour all were dead. Great cost effective solution!



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    You only killed a small number of termites. There are 10's to 100's more underground. They are just reading another portion of your house. get the professional chemicals that kill the colony. Two top of the line products are Termidor SC and Taurus SC

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    Will the Borax kill fleas? They are bad every year. Love to use something other than the chemicals from Lowes.

    If you want to stay away from "chemicals," try diatomaceous earth.

    Bummer. I'm using salt and baking soda for inside the house and Ortho for yard, garden, and porches .

    I agree. The pest control company that I work for uses Termidor--it's very effective.

    An Ortho sprayer would cover more area and allow spray to reach difficult places. Still, pro exterminator and those spikes should be done first and maintain with this. Certainly a great idea. Wonder if ut works on fleas too.