Picture of How to Kill Yourself
So you want to kill yourself? Is that why you're here? OK, well, I'm sorry you feel that way, I know it can all feel horribly, tremendously wrong. I've been there. I've stared at sharp objects behind fences and wondered what would happen if I were to jump on them and end it all. For about an hour or so at a time. Fun stuff!

Was I the only one who felt this way? The only one who would have such feelings? What can I say, I was a teenager and I thought I was unique. What I was was stuck in a depression that was eating me alive even as I found it to be so comfy in its absoluteness. Fortunately it was a phase that I was able to put behind myself with a conscious effort.

My friend Paul wasn't so lucky. He fought his depression several times over for a couple decades. After a long battle he chose to fight alone, he took his own life. He wasn't the easiest guy to know, but at his best he could make me laugh and think about all sorts of new ideas for hours on end. I still miss Paul even though it's been over 10 years since we last hung out. This Instructable is for him.

Important Note: If you or a friend are considering suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It is free and confidential and they know a LOT more about this stuff than I do.

This is published in support of World Suicide Prevention Day.
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Do you know how cruel this is. I was planning trying to kill my self. every website i go to says the same.


I wrote it for a friend who shot himself.
What do u guys think of my lyrics?

"You Took Your Life Away."
I can't seem to find my place,
with you gone,yeah,It seems like it was
yesterday when took you took your
life away,Oh, yeah,

The pain you left behind,my
broken heart,the memories of you,
And the tears I shed for you never
goes away,

It hurts, it kills me to know
That your gone, to know
That you won't be by my side

So I ask myself every single day
And night, who will I turn to when
I'm all alone? Who will hold me
Telling me that everything will
Be all right?

I can't seem to find my place,
With you gone, I don't know how
much I can take with out you,
I need you now, more then ever,

I can't seem to find my place,
With you gone,It seems like it w
as yesterday whenYou took your
life away, oh, yeah

I don't know what to do,
Anymore, I can't feel you
Here with me any more,

So I ask myself every single
day and night, who will I
Turn to when I'm all alone?
Who will hold me, telling
Me that everything will
Be all right?

The pain you left behind,
My broken heart, the
memories of you,
And the tears I shed for
you never goes away,

It hurts, it kills me
To know that your that
Your gone, to know
That you won't be by my side

Yeah, I can't seem to
find my place with you
Gone,yeah, it seems like
It was yesterday when
You took your life away.

Lyrics by:Annabel Del Bosque.
December12, 2014

Why is it so hard to try and live ur life when u know a family member or a really,really good friend took their life away?
And they only left behind so much pain,regreat,suffering,misery behind with us?
And all we have left is all those memories of them. How can we go on when we know we can never get them back again.
EVERYTHING IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's the point of going on with my life?
If no one seems to care about me anymore. I thought I could always count on all my friends..... But I was wrong. I can't count on my friends to be with me when I need them the most. They'll just turn on you, they'll leave you alone not caring if your about to take your own life away before their eyes.
They won't care, they'll just turn you away. Leaving you hurt on the inside out. They won't care if they leave you crying alone.
They won't care if it will be the last time They'll ever hear from you again.

It's just that I've been thinking about my friend. He took his life away this year around2:00am
Hey I got help. And now I'm all good.
Hi I'm 12 years old and my just died October 11th 2014. I'm scared and I feel that I'm alone and I want to kill myself I hate going to school I hate my life and I want to end I'm asking for help what should I do

me too I feel the same way as u do

hey I'm steph i know how you feel i lost my dad a few weeks before i was born but you got to hope for the best i did and when i was 5 i had my dream come true i got a daddy and i love him I'm not saying that you might get a mum again I'm saying you got to be positive and I'm here to tell you YOUR NOT ALONE i thought i was but we are not alone hundreds of people love you but you don't even know that you didn't know i love you because i do i love you not in a creepy way in a way that tells you that i know how you feel and you need to look on the bright side like you have your dad that loves you SO MUCH and if you end it now you won't have the journey a head if you ever feel like you wanna talk to me just talk to me feel free to and if you still need more help go on to kids help line they saved my lives they will be able to save yours to

yours truly,

stephanie couchman

Ok but thats not the only thing after my mom died my dad's house burned down and now my grandma wants me to live with her and so does my uncle and my dreams are to become a singer and I was going to a audition And it turns out it is fake and that's not all I just went back to school and it's hard because I was on online school for two years and I feel like no one likes me and that no boy will like me . And don't say u love me because I know no one does

look i have a friend like you she always says no one likes her LOOK AROND hundreds love u i just meet u and i love you see look again your grandma and uncle log eyou and keep the dream still dreams but instead of a dream make it real

My mom **
There are so many problem in my life I just wanna die sometime :<

so do I.

JOn Pr025 days ago

Im 43 years old. I have failed in life more times than I can count. I am about to be evicted, I don't have any friends because I worked too much, I was laid off from my job, I have no one to turn too, Im alone, afraid, and lost. I have tried over and over again to just stay afloat yet I must be incapable of doing so. I have 5.00 left, no food, no gas money for a cor that will be repoed soon, Unemployment wont pay me because they cant find my last companies address and I don't know what to do. I have been trying to keep up on child support that is 1400.00 a month, but now I'm so far behind that they will most likely want to jail me. I can only say sorry so many times, and most have already had enough. I dont drink, smoke, do drugs, or gamble. I have a full head of hair, I'm 6 foot and 175 pounds, so Im not ugly or deformed or stuck in a vice, Im just broken. I dont understand most things, I cant seem to do the simplest things in life, yet I have computer skills that net me 60.00 per hour when I'm working. Most of my things have been sold for food, I jsut cant do it anymore. I am a burden and should be dead. Last year I paid over 40K in Taxes and I cant find help. I was on the phone for 3 hours only to have them hang up on me. I also called for rental help and they laughed at me when they asked how much I made last year. 40K in taxes, 30K in child support, 25K to pay off my medical bills form 2010, and I have been living on 20K. I make allot of money, but have nothing. You think money makes you happy? keep thinking that. Im going to go now, wish I could labatamize myself to forget, but death may be the only way out here.

same here, struggling, it will be ok. I have a new born and not sure if I can support him much longer. not sure but I m trying. lets talk sometime. maybe we can figure out something or just talk. im losing it here myself. I always find a way to live a little longer.

send me ur gmail so I can message u.

And we talk.

hey I'm steph i was going to ask for you to check out kids help line or life line they can help you a lot

Some one please help me? Befor it's too late,

Someone please save me before disappear,

Cause I don't know how much time I have left, before I die,

I feel like there's no hope left for me like I have no future, or faith,or any point of living my life while I still can.


Why is it so hard to forget everything that has happened to me since the day I was born. Why me? And no one else? No matter how hard I try I can't wash it away I can't take it back EVER.

what's the point of going on with my life if it never gets better. It just keeps on getting worse and worse every single day and night and I can't stand it.

All this pain from my past,everything people are telling me,all the memories,all the retreat, all the misary,all the suffering.

I can't go on any more u know?

My life is stuck what should I do? ;<
My like is stuck what should I do :<
Paul was lucky to have you I wish I had atleast one person that cared enough to talk to me or try to cheer me up. But I have no one, not one friend no family I'm all alone in a world of mean ppl that just criticize and look down on me like I'm weird
Tay_011 month ago
Hi I'm 13 and most of my year and the year above hate me. I feel isolated and alone, I don't know why they dislike me so much. What did I ever do to them? It's hard at home too my parents are always falling out and getting back together and falling out again so at the moment I don't want my mom to worry as she's got enough on her mind even though I don't find her approachable anyway:& the only person I feel that I can approach is my head of year and nan iv told my head of year everything and she said iv changed a lot in a good way people just can't see it yet as it takes time to build up. Iv had thoughts about suicide as I'm that in-happy with my self atm. I know I'm very young but iv had enough of the hate and bitching about me I can't even turn to ny supposingly 'best friend' what shall I do?

If you want to talk email me at, i recently went through something like this i would like to help!

have you checked out kids help line if not do because they can help and if you wanna talk to me feel free to i know how you feel I've been there

Hey im gonna try that it just might help

it dose help a lot

Hey I'm a freshman and when i was in middle school i was getting bullied a lot i felt like i was just going to end my life there but i didnt now im getting bullied even worse then before im just gonna go to the shooting range because you don't pay until after you leave and shoot my self in there no one will know. At school im getting bullied and at home my dad beats me a lot and i go to school with bruses on my face and arms from him beating all the time

Anyone who wants to talk can email me at I just want to help. :)

StephanieC311 days ago

all of you guys must have a hard time I've been there i know you feel my dad died and it was hard for me but i wanted to tell u that your not alone and heaps of people love you if you need help like i did check out kids helpline they saved me and my life they can save yours to

sorrytoall17 days ago

I'm 36 and I don't wanna be here anymore. My life is an endless list of failures. Every thing I touch I destroy. I try to be a good person, but it doesn't matter what I do, I end up wanting it all to end. I have battled this for years, since I was 14. Im just scared because I am a single mom and all the family my kids have. I don't wanna hurt my kids, but I feel like they are better off without me. I have fought so many fights in my life and I have nothing left to give

hey I'm stephanie look its going to be ok your are loved and your kids cant live without you so don't if you want someone to talk to I'm here or you can go to life line or kids help line they saved me and i know they can save you

18 here and I'm about to put a bullet through my head.

look i know how you feel i tried to kill myself to but if your still here just know that you are loved and your not alone text me when ever and go on this site kids help line they saved my life they can save yours to

Don't do it get 599 bucks and go backcountry skiing
hey_cece13 days ago
Hi im 12 and i really want to kill myself my mom gave me her check to take up to the office and i lost it and i came home and told her that i list it and she got really mad and started cussing and saying i feel like killing u literally and i would go to jail and she said u better find it out I'm going to duck u up then i looked everywhere and i didn't find it but luckily she didn't hurt me and she had to go to work thank God if she didn't i would hurt myself i stated to but i stored becuz she came ot the shower and i won't in my journal "dairy" i call it that and my face was just soak with tears and i start i to pou b d my face on to ground or wall but ig i didnt and i want to tell my grandma wat happen but im scared if shell tell my mom then my mom would really hurt me and idk wat to do i either want to runaway or kill myself
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