So you want to kill yourself? Is that why you're here? OK, well, I'm sorry you feel that way, I know it can all feel horribly, tremendously wrong. I've been there. I've stared at sharp objects behind fences and wondered what would happen if I were to jump on them and end it all. For about an hour or so at a time. Fun stuff!

Was I the only one who felt this way? The only one who would have such feelings? What can I say, I was a teenager and I thought I was unique. What I was was stuck in a depression that was eating me alive even as I found it to be so comfy in its absoluteness. Fortunately it was a phase that I was able to put behind myself with a conscious effort.

My friend Paul wasn't so lucky. He fought his depression several times over for a couple decades. After a long battle he chose to fight alone, he took his own life. He wasn't the easiest guy to know, but at his best he could make me laugh and think about all sorts of new ideas for hours on end. I still miss Paul even though it's been over 10 years since we last hung out. This Instructable is for him.

Important Note: If you or a friend are considering suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It is free and confidential and they know a LOT more about this stuff than I do.

This is published in support of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Passo 1: Don't Talk to Anyone

Certainly the thing that Paul was really good at was shutting people out when times got rough. It was an uncanny ability if you could try to classify it as some sort of a skill.

"So how are you feeling tonight?"
"You been taking anything?"
"Goddammit, I'm coming over. Can you get up to to open the door when I get there?"

These were the bad times. The times when Paul would just shut down. Sometimes there was a slight gap you could try to coax into a minor opening, but other times it would clamp shut right in front of you. I'd swing by his apartment and he'd let me in, or maybe a roommate did, and then I'd talk next to him for an hour or so. The responses were grunts or the occasional word. One time after a session of looking through his DVDs and pretending to talk about movies he said, "I'm not going to get up for a while."
"A while? An hour or so?"
"Long enough"

And I'd try telling jokes or talking about things I liked or even bouncing popcorn off his forehead one time, but nothing worked. When Paul got better he would refuse to talk about his mute sessions. He said he could handle it. He said he his own way. I let it go even though I doubted his way was working all that well. He was surrounded by piles of stuff everywhere I could see.
I still feel that way to people bully me because my mom died when I was 7 now I'm 12
I still feel that way to people bully me because my mom died when I was 7 now I'm 12
I felt that way in late February 2015 and the cops took me away to lock me up
Hey I'm in 8th grade right now add I wanna kill myself from the the way I'm seeing things my life has no meaning an anonymous you may all think I'm still young an I don't know what's best for me but I've been through thing most people never have To! To start with I've been raped by my grandfather an my next door neighbour an no matter what I do at home or in school nothing is ever right I wanna tell my mum but every time I try I'm scared I feel dirty an ashamed like it was my Fault! Nobody understands me a and what I've been through even though I'm only 12 xxx
<p>I am 12 and I have been bullied and put down by other people like my parents. And I understand you. Don't feel scared just tell Mum openly. I am sure you are not a dirty person. I commend you for taking the first step of asking for advice. There is hope</p>
<p>I felt that way on November 8th ,2014. </p><p>They caught me with glass in my pocket I was going to cut myself on my arm on the vein, but I didn't. They sent me to the counsellor and I knew I was in trouble I should have just ran away, u know, I mean even if I didn't go they would have looked for me anyways so I don't see what the point of making a run for it would do. They asked me how I was feeling and I lied to them, I told them that I was fine but we both knew I wasn't fine.</p><p>They asked me again and it took me a moment to awnser them, but I told them I wasn't fine. I told them that I was going to hurt my self.</p><p>They told me that they needed to check me for any more piece of glass just to make sure for my safety and there's. And then a lady came in the office and told me to stand up I asked why and she said that she needed to check me for glass.</p><p>So I did stand up she checked me and asked what I had in my pocket, I told her it was glass, she told me to try and take it out and I tryed but then she told me to stop cuz she was afred I was going to cut myself on purpose. Because I was wearing skinny jeans.</p><p>And she found a lot of glass in my pocket. And then she called my consoller into the office and told her what she had found on me, then they called the school police into the office and told them what had happened.</p><p>And from there the school police took me to there office and said that I couldn't leave the office with out them following me to make sure I don't try to kill myself because I was in their custody. And then they made a report about that and called my mom and told her what had happened. My mom came over to the school and walked inside their office. And I could see the pain in her eye's, and I knew right there and then that I hurt her BAD. They made a call to the hospital.</p><p>And then they called a police officer from out of the district to transport me over there.</p><p>And now I am so thankful that they helped me right away befor I could kill myself.</p>
First off, it is not your fault you need to tell someone so you get help. If you cannot talk to your mom talk to the school counselor or another friend. Someone needs to know. mother myself, I would want to know. Your Parents job is to protect you and to keep you safe. I am so sorry for you and I wish you the best.
ok, when I was in the eight grade I wanted to kill myself too and for the same reasons as you just with different people, but now I am about to graduate high school and go to collage:) just trust me it will get better I promise! if you can't get through the day then listen to music, write down how you feel, or go for a walk to clear your head. just trust me it will all get better ok? if you need someone to talk to and you can tell me anything I will try to help you through it all. you can email me if you want at okay? just know that there are people out there that care about you and that want you to be alive.
Just why,.. Get good grades after that go into the woods with eveything you need die that way with a falcon by your side
What do u guys think of my lyrics?<br><br>&quot;You Took Your Life Away.&quot;<br>I can't seem to find my place,<br>with you gone,yeah,It seems like it was <br>yesterday when took you took your <br>life away,Oh, yeah,<br><br>The pain you left behind,my <br>broken heart,the memories of you,<br>And the tears I shed for you never <br>goes away,<br><br>It hurts, it kills me to know<br>That your gone, to know<br>That you won't be by my side<br>Anymore,<br><br>So I ask myself every single day <br>And night, who will I turn to when <br>I'm all alone? Who will hold me<br>Telling me that everything will<br>Be all right?<br><br>I can't seem to find my place,<br>With you gone, I don't know how<br> much I can take with out you,<br>I need you now, more then ever,<br>[4x]<br><br>I can't seem to find my place,<br>With you gone,It seems like it w<br>as yesterday whenYou took your <br>life away, oh, yeah<br><br>I don't know what to do, <br>Anymore, I can't feel you<br>Here with me any more,<br><br>So I ask myself every single <br>day and night, who will I <br>Turn to when I'm all alone?<br>Who will hold me, telling <br>Me that everything will<br>Be all right?<br><br>The pain you left behind,<br>My broken heart, the <br>memories of you,<br>And the tears I shed for<br> you never goes away,<br><br>It hurts, it kills me<br>To know that your that<br>Your gone, to know<br>That you won't be by my side<br>Anymore,<br><br>Yeah, I can't seem to <br>find my place with you<br>Gone,yeah, it seems like<br>It was yesterday when<br>You took your life away.<br><br>Lyrics by:Annabel Del Bosque.<br>December12, 2014 <br><br><br><br><br><br>
<p>Gr8 song would love to hear the tune</p>
<p>i'm not saying i'm going to commit suicide but i'm thinking about it, and its because of my parents. what do you do when you feel you want to kill yourself because of your parents?</p>
<p>I felt the same way today. They called me useless and good for nothing. I don't how much I can deal with this but I try to block it out of the way</p>
Same thing here. Because of my parents i just dont have a life and feel numb. I dont know if thats the same for you but i know this sounds weird but im saying this so you know your not on your own.
<p>I am 12 and I tried to kill myself today and I still want to some how. I just want my life to end</p>
<p>Same here I have the same problem I feel like killing myself</p>
Sometimes i just want to find a gun a say just &quot;eff&quot; it all and kill myself
<p>but you wouldnt do it i know</p>
<p>same life sucks</p>
<p>lol kill your self no one cares </p>
<p>stfu you piece of trash</p>
<p>go for traveling,</p><p>maybe you can find peace during your travel....</p>
<p>When I was only 16, I slit my wrist. I ended up in a mental hospital. Then, when released, my best friend killed herself. I spent a decade romantically un-involved and feel the need to love and be loved. Three years ago, my sister overdosed on a prescription drug cocktail. I am now 77 years old, and i just know that i will lose my virginity soon. My son wants to hook me up with a 121 year old fox, but I am through with older women. I tried to get the wrinkles out of my nether-region, using botox, and now i fear that i am unable to have kids. The doctor just gave me an extra month to live. I lost my car, house, and all of my possessions when Vesuvius erupted. On top of that, my insurance company won't cover me, because they think volcanoes are a myth.</p>
<p>you are pathetic</p>
<p>On the bright...... ........Sighed</p>
<p>I fucking hate life! I feel there is no point in it if you are going to be treated like shit!</p>
<p>if there is pain there is no gain </p>
<p>you are correct</p>
<p>you all can find me as <a href="/member/sukhvinder.jaswal.5/" rel="nofollow">sukhvinder.jaswal.5</a> in facebook</p>
<p>hi guys you all can chat with me share ur pain with me and i will share my pain with you.This will help our heart to loose that feeling and we all can make a new place for living.</p>
<p>no! if we are going to we are going to.</p>
<p>I am a rape victim. Brutally raped by 4 bastards and left in the chilly winter night to die. Happened about 2 months ago in another city where I worked. I didnt seek any medical attention(which never happens here without police intervention). I was kicked out of my job when they came to know about it. I was not even treated as a human being. Had to return home else would've gone insane living there alone with absolutely no one to talk to.I didnt tell my parents though, which would have happened if a case was filed.. Media attention would've made the matter worse. People here will shun you and your family like shit if they ever learn such things about you. I've been going through this mental trauma ever since and have absolutely nobody to speak to. I've had many sleepless nights where at one point you think of just ending everything. Its like a burden you carry and live with everyday with a fake smile just to show your family that everything is just fine. This is the first time I am actually revealing this.. too depressed to put it in words. I get this suicidal thought like every next second but I cant let my family down.. They're too happy to have me back(except my dad). I am not here to gather sympathy, I've got enough of it from my so called &quot;friends&quot;. Dont know how long will I be able to control the pressure that's building up every second and killing me from inside.. </p>
<p>So anyways, I'm 16 now and i'm about to be 17. I'm at a rough spot in my life and I've started cutting myself a few weeks ago. I haven't tried to kill myself yet, but I might. I just feel like a failure and a disappointment to those around me, no one understands why I'm so sad all the time and I can't quite explain it to anyone, not really even to myself. I've only ever thought about killing myself once but I never attempted, I can see a narrow future ahead of me but I probably won't make it there. I won't get into college because of grades, I won't have anywhere to live after school, and I'll keep failing at everything I do because I'm a worthless piece of trash, and then I'll probably kill myself in 2 years while I'm lying on the street in front of some random gas station and be forgotten forever.</p>
<p>Hey guys I just want to say that even though you're going through though times I want you to be positive. smile more worry less and let me know if you want to talk to me :) </p>
Hey. Im 14 going on 15 , life's been terrible for me &amp; it seems like nobody cares, they all say Im there if you need me but I need you now. It really hurts, I cry deep in my sorrows almost everyday after school. Nobody gets it, Idk whether if Im angry or just sad. Haven't had a house for two years, don't really have anyone to talk to my problems about.. I've tried killing myself once before, I feel as if Im a wrong answer that needs to be corrected. An abandoned child. I have friends , only two. I've tried talking to them about my problems but they think Im joking.. when will they notice, that Im dying inside &amp; ready to let go, ready to leave this world ? Do I actually have to show them?
<p>hey it's okay I'm feeling that too and I'm here for you I want you to be positive even though you go through tough times. I've been there too and I'm the same age as you. Let me know if you want to talk and be friends. Smile more :)</p>
Even if it seems like no one cares there are lots of people who do. God is one of them,if you give your life to Him,He will take all the pain.You don't need to kill your self to make it stop just accept His offer.
I pray daily you idiot and the answer remains unchanged. God refuses to get involved. Are you so dumb as to think that just because I want to die I haven't tried to live? Sheesh. Plattitudes and pat answers like you read &quot;How to Stop Suicide, the Idiot's Guide&quot;...
<p>you can give up on your job...</p><p>you can give up on your parents...</p><p>you can give up on finding friends...</p><p>but don't give up on yourself...please be patient with yourself...and DON'T EVER FEEL DEFEATED.</p><p>if you're been bullied, then get strong so no one can mess with you again...</p><p>if your parent is torturing you, get a job, run away from them and live by yourself...</p><p>if you don't have friends now, please don't give up......try to think about this, which one is better? they refuse to listen to you by saying you're joking or pretend listen to your story and talk bad behind your's better to have one true friends than many fake friends, right?</p><p>so be patient, give yourself a chance...</p><p>today you might get depress, but who knows next week or later you'll be the happiest and luckiest person in the world...</p><p>world is damn BIG...billion adventure awaits you...and it always support anyone who put all of their effort to become better can start by loving yourself and world will love you back...</p>
You should check out Owl City's song,Your not alone.
Please don't do kill yourself! You have people who care and you don't know it. People that know your pain. You're not alone! None of us are. Things will get better you just have to believe
Nikkibardis, shut the fuck up. If someone is suffering to the point of killing themselves, that is their decision. And, no thing don't always get better. You're prolonging someone elses pain.
<p>iv'e tried that for 8 years and it doesn't get better i gets worse!</p>
<p>I know how that feels, like, you're already asking for help but they either think you're joking, that it's all in your mind, you're seeking attention or you're a freak. It sucks and it really hurts, because you need them and they aren't there, then some people will blame you, that you didn't ask for help, and that how the hell will they even help you if you didn't ask for one? I suggest trying online support groups for now but at the same time, do research on depression and suicidal thoughts, show it to them, make sure they freaking understand everything, then ask them for help again.</p><p>PS.</p><p>7 Cups of Tea has been a great help for me. They're very anonymous, especially if you're seeking help. They're a bunch of nice people.</p>
<p>suck my cheesy ass nerd</p>
Dont kill yourself i know it feels bad but i was made fun of in school and thought i was alone but in college when i was at the breaking point i found a wanderful woman that is know my wife and she healped me out of my depression hole
<p>i didn't find this helpfull.</p><p>that is all.</p>
Oh wah! I lost my friend so I'm going to TRICK people into believing this post will help them find a way to die! Ass. You've NO IDEA what hopelessness really is. I WILL find a way to die. <br>You jsckasses just don't get that for some of us, there's no life left to live. EVERY door is closed to me.

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