Step 6: Resources

I am not a professional when it comes to suicide or depression. I'm just a guy who knows a guy who killed himself. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide

Please call 911 now

If you are not in the U.S., please call your local emergency number.

There is help for you. Stay on the phone with the operator and wait for help to arrive. Do not hesitate to call. Your life is extremely valuable, and people care about you. Please reach out for help. Never act on your thoughts of suicide. Never.

If you are not in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide, but need someone to talk with about your suicidal feelings, please do not hesitate to call one of the following national suicide prevention lines:

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) - available 24/7
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) - available 24/7

In the UK: 08457 90 90 90 - available 24/7 (samaritans)

This information is from Another reference is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Again, these people know a LOT more about this stuff than I do.

The Ten Minute Suicide Guide
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MarcD41 month ago

I ain't sure I will comply to the "Be Nice" policy of this web site. In fact, I don't rally care about being nice. I break all the rules now.

I am just looking for ways to end my life without pain. I would do it using a gun, but I don't have one. What are my alternatives?

BenG46 months ago

Horrible how-to guide. I still have no clue how to kill myself painlessly. I didn't want to hear a sob story telling me "oh it gets better" or anything, just an easy guide. 0/10

roycejunk7 months ago

Thank you, Fungus. This is a touching tribute to a friend, but it is also advice for anyone wanting to commit suicide. This will hopefully reach the right person at the right time.

Cyncha2271 year ago
Thank you Mr. "Amungus", this is a great way to reach people, even catch them off guard, and make them cry and laugh (because you're sweet and funny). I have so much to do, but I would not pass by the Instructables line on "How to kill yourself", or to write and encourage you, and maybe anyone else to reach out to someone. I have knows a couple of people who have committed suicide, and a couple of people who died young who did not. What I learned when I was a teen, and a 20 year old fr,om my friends dying young is that I need to become the best person I can be, to honor them, and to also deal with their deaths. What I learned from having childhood depression is that I don't need to blame myself for it and that Reaching out to others is important. Others may not have the skills to get through their depression. It's also a kind thing to do. You reached out to Paul, and this is good, however sometimes we just can't do anything for someone except extend their life a bit. It's heartbreaking. I feel so bad for Paul and Paul's parents! I am trying to teach my very bright son to deal with life beyond the relatively easy skill of being at the mercy of a quick mind. Life skills matter probably more than a quick mind. The pain of depression is deep, and it is ruthless. A cycle that gets nowhere. Reaching out to others, and reaching out if you are the one with depression is imperative. There is no one size fits all, there is little perfect timing. Depression is hard, it is monotonous, and it is sad. One just needs to be more persistent than the depression, even after one's patience for trying is at it's end. Life will get better. Change is inevitable. Maybe your efforts, Mr. Amungus, will help someone, along with the knowledge there really are kind-hearted people who want to ease the pain of depression.
Nicely put thank you to Mr Amungus.. which I second.. xx
eorionus1 year ago
Thanks for sharing fungus. Hopefully this'll get through to the many people that need it!
NeilJB1 year ago
In Australia:
Beyond Blue, depression advice:‎
Lifeline, 24hr crisis line: 13 11 14
owlart1011 year ago
Amazing 'Ible, well thought out and a lot of work put into it. Keep up the good work, I'm glad I actually opened that email I recieved from instructables... :)
DIYbabe1 year ago
I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Paul. Thank you for your kind and unique perspective. Sad to say, after my husband died I really didn't want to live either so this all resonates. I wish that more people could understand that suicide is a permanent solution to what is usually a temporary problem or situation. I healed over time and am much stronger now.
bstarling1 year ago
This is one that needs to be read. I too, lost a friend to depression. So sad, so sad.
Top rate, well thought out effort to get the word out on how to help people that do not want help. I hope if one of my children were suffering from depression they would have some one help them, however, the person must want help.

My former Daughter-In-Law had horrible problems with depression, her new husband packed her up and insisted her doctor help her. Yes, their marriage survived, she is like a new person and a reasonable person...

I am older, I retain the right to do what is right for me when I am no longer able to function. Nope, people close to me have no idea of my plans. I refuse to talk to my doctor about them. I have choices and I plan on exercising them right to the end of my life.
Jentlemen1 year ago
this story took me on a feel trip.
I cried a little too; from step 4 onwards...

Bravo Fungus. I applaud your effort here. Others have already said better what I'm trying to say here, so I'll leave it at that.
Byzs1 year ago
Good advice and sad story, a chill hit all my back when I finished reading it.
Wow, that story was both sad but interesting and good at the same time! A really good story man!
My former husband committed suicide. Thank you for this.
=PK=1 year ago
Man, at the begining of the story I thaught "what a black sense of humor" but then, everything started to make sense.

I'm dealing with a depression into my family member: my best friend and mate, a.k.a. my wife. Being pregnant and depressed is a hell on earth, but as soon as we begun to ask for help to our beloved relatives, we are much better now. Thank you for you I'ble. It makes more sense now and encourage me to deal better with it. Thank you again.
zurichko1 year ago
What a touching honest tribute to your friend Paul. I hope that this will reach someone who needs it. You are absolutely right, life is so valuable, let's be a little kinder to one another.
I hope this makes it to the top of google search. Great job on a hard topic Fungus and a great memorial to your friend.