How to Kill a Slug: Entertaining Video to Help You Remember!





Introduction: How to Kill a Slug: Entertaining Video to Help You Remember!

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    Great remember :-)

    Funny video,,, I use a squirt gun with about 2 TBLS ammonia in 1 litter of water . May need more ammonia I just keep mixing until it works. Teenagers love to do this for me, cant use it on plants but on the sides of the house on deck anywhere, they start to wilt almost instantly.

    When you use a squirt gun, you make the job more like playtime!

    I LOVED it! Great job on the video! We're having slug problems for the 1st time this it was great to see the bums get hassled in your vid. Now you need to make one about chipmunks!
    Great job!

    Thanks Buscuttle. I may have to do a series of "pest control" videos!

    Man I wish I had a slug! SO many ways to kill them.

    Stupid desert.

    This is HILARIOUS! and I mean that in a positive way. Thank you very much for sharing. Didn't know about beer killing slugs though, In my sheltered life I always remembered salt but that was all.