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This is an instructable on how to kiss. Kissing can be a hard thing to do until you get comfortable doing it, and while nothing can fully prepare you for a kiss, this how-to will explain some of the basics of kissing a partner and explore some simple kissing do's and don't's.

Note: I am by no means a kissing expert. The information in this instructable is based upon experience and some simple research on the subject.

Let's get started with just a simple kiss.

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Step 1: Pre Kiss

Picture of Pre Kiss
The lead up to the kiss can actually be the most difficult part of kissing. Figuring out whether your partner is ready to kiss you or not can be a challenge of its own.

If you see one or a combination of these indicators, there is a good chance that your partner is thinking about kissing you.
  • eyes become soft and heavy
  • eye contact is made and sustained
  • head turns slightly
  • lips are licked or bitten
  • your partner makes physical contact with you beyond what seems appropriate for normal conversation (e.g. he or she brushes your hand, touches you on the shoulder or leg, or fidgets with an accessory)
  • easy conversation comes to a stop, but eye contact is not broken
  • your partner smiles in conjunction with any of the above behaviors

To give your partner the cue that you wish to kiss him or her, you can try one or a combination of these things.

  • soften your gaze by relaxing the muscles around your eyes, somewhat like smiling but without engaging your mouth
  • smile often, though
  • make eye contact and allow it to linger for a few moments longer than you normally would
  • find ways to subtly (but respectfully) touch your partner

If you think you are picking up some of these signs, but are still unsure if the person wants to be kissed then there is nothing wrong with just simply asking your partner if a kiss would be all right. Granted it breaks the mood a bit, and sensing the magic is always nicer than asking if it's there, but better to be sure your partner is on board for the kiss otherwise you might be heading for an embarrassing situation.

If you've assessed the situation, and it seems probable that a kiss is imminent, the next things to think about are timing and approach. The key to nailing the pre kiss is matching your partner's speed and intensity. The kiss is the first opportunity to physically connect with your partner, and so you want to meet him or her halfway.

Here are some steps you could follow as you go in for the kiss. Keep in mind that the kiss you share with someone is as unique as your relationship with that person, so follow your instincts and use the following as a rough guideline.

1. Establish a physical connection by placing your hands on your partner's body. Placement depends on the dynamic between you, you can softly touch the face, the back of the neck or the shoulders. Be gentle with your touch if this is the first contact you are making. Stay away from "high risk" zones on your partners body, as you just want to indicate that you are interested in kissing them, not give them a full body search.

2. Establish and maintain eye contact from this point on. The eyes are often a clear indicator if someone wants to be kissed, or is thinking about kissing you. Try to look at your partner with a deep, yet soft gaze. Use your eyes to send them a message that shows how you feel for your partner, e.g., "I care for you, I am on fire when I look at you, I want to kiss you."

3. As you lean in, you may want to tilt your body and head to accommodate your partner's positioning. One partner will have to make room for the other, or both partners can just slightly tilt heads in opposite directions. Basically you are just trying to avoid a nose collision as you get closer, so just pick a side to turn to and don't give it too much thought.

4. Gauge how quickly your partner is leaning in and try to meet at the halfway point between you, so neither person is overextended. Over/under extension can make one person feel like they are not getting met and are either too aggressive, or not engaged enough.

If you have come this far with your partner chances are you are going to kiss, or you have misread the entire situation and they are just leaning in to look at something stuck in your teeth.

If the first is true, then read on because it's time to pucker up and get on with THE KISS.

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Hey so uh I want to kiss my girlfriend and she's told me that she wants too kiss me too but I just don't know how to and I don't want to mess up and every time I almost do I just feel awkward and yeah haha, anyone got any tips ?
Badkisser21 days ago
Can anyone help me I'm 16 and I'm scared of kissing a girl I have never done this I'm scared that i will ruin the relationship cause I don't know how to position my lips?
Hey man just make sure she's cool with it then don't do a fish lips relaxe and touch her cheek or chin softly as you do it. Trust me my first kiss was twice in a row like 1 min apart when I was twelve:)
Don't worry, its all about instinct... Just hope you have a good instinct :p
Can anyone possibly help I'm 15 and I'm terrified of kissing my boyfriend.everytine he tries to kiss me I turn my head so he kisses my cheek. I'm afraid I'll be really bad and mess things up
Dear Kids in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade,
How do you guys even have boyfriends and girlfriends? I'm in 8th grade and I've been single forever. I have no problem with being single...
amen, hallelujah sister! ;) i am in 8th grade and i have had my first kiss and i have dated people before but all the guys in my grade are jerks... that is 29 guys (small school)! THEY ALL SUCK! :D so all you little kids out there... keep your hopes up! 999,999 times out of a million your not going to marry any of the kids you have crushes on in grade school! :) thank god for that statistic!
Lol my cousin married someone he met in kindergarten. Guess they are one in a million. Soulmates who met young!
wow thats it i have 342 kids in my grade
I have 3,000
i got close to 500 theres about 2k kids at my school

hey many guys many kisses much sex and kissing

And, yeah. It ain't like you're gonna marry any of them. It isn't even really a relationship at our age; actually, it's just like dating. Like, really. You can't be in a serious relationship and truly love someone in middle school.
I wouldn't be so sure about not being able to be in love in middle school, friend. I feel like I'm in total love with my girl. I told her a we're going out. So I feel deeply in love. Gonna try and kiss her soon. :D
How old are you?


15. And I wasn't talking about total marriage but more of just a long lasting thing.
Oh, yeah. In that case, go for it! Like a long lasting thing (like a year or two at least) instead of like a month I guess you could call love.
No offense, but I highly doubt you two will marry. Good luck, but don't count on it, hun. (=
thats a lie u can to if u r like 13 or more as long as u r not really really young so yes! you can not trying to be rude
Well, I mean, you can be in a serious relationship but not like a "Oh, I love you. Let's get married and have kids and be together until we die." kinda think. And I know you weren't trying to be rude. Everyone has their own preferences and opinions.(=
no honestly you wont love them. trust me. apperently you havent ever felt love.

thats funny, I have 1 boy in my grade and 1 other girl:)

You call 29 guys a small school?! I have 9 guys in the whole 8th grade!
Well i went frkm a school of over a thousand students (450 per grade) to 32 kids in each grade. It is really small for me!!!
I have 18 kids in my grade!
oooh that sucks!
This is the longest list of replies ever.
where do u guys go to school omg thats so little thats how mny people i have in my class
Bro I'm in 7th grade and me and my bf are perfect for eachother... So get off ur high horse k? Good...
emma12 emma121 month ago
And I know that sounds stupid but ya whatever
I'm a sophomore and I had my first kiss freshman year! I think it's absolutely insane how kids in 5th grade are talking about kissing same with 6th! 7th and 8th idk I might understand but still!!
well it is better when u r older so if u breakup u can accept it also i personally think dating and stuff should start at 6th grade

by the way there is someone in my grade that started dating in 3rd grade
i started dating younger then that lol but I'm in a committed relationship right now we've been together for almost 2 years now :)
Congratulations but me and my girl have been together for 5 years (=
So...yall got together in kindergarten. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO SOCIETY?? I'm not ready for when my children are born into this world. Will I even want to be able to call it a world anymore? Should I even want to bring new life into it?
Dating means you actually like the person and are doing sexual things with them. So Dating doesn't start until any of that happens. So 6th grade is a no. I was pregnant in 7th grade so all of you just need to stop with thinking dating is the cool thing to do. Dating starts in high school.
A healthy relationship wouldn't be based purely off of sex. They SHOULD be built off of love, or a mutual attraction for each other. You can go on dates with people and be technically dating them without even kissing or wanting a fully commited relationship. I swear..by 2030 the age for legal consent will be 14 and people will be married by 17-19 as the average age. Common sense is rare these days
Dating someone doesn't mean you are "doing sexual things with them." And boo boo for you that you got pregnant way too early, it's your fault for being stupid.
You were pregnant... In 7th grade? That terrible! I don't know whether to feel bad for you or not.

dont they choose the wrong thing

No, a relationship is having a stronger physical and emotional connection. Dating is just like a "Hey, you seem cool, wanna go to the movies?" type thing. Dating can turn into a relationship, though.
I'm in 5th grade and my girl is the only thing I dream of ?
Hi Sam, check out our free EBook on 'How to Kiss' which takes you through the stages building up to a kiss, to taking you beyond the kiss ? you can download the book for free here : http://how-2-kiss.com

Exactly! I'll stick with books.

very good

amen i mean i am just getting into a relationship and im in highschool

Good, well feel free to describe how was your first kiss ? Here
MUST COMMENT IF YOU LOVE KISSING : Can you get HPV from kissing ?


hiv and no thats sex

bcuz UR lonely

well sir thats your fault i have a girl friend and her dad pulled a gun on me
Why?! What the hey hey?!
stevent1116 days ago
katiehally21 days ago
alexboo1 month ago
So....I like this guy named Trevor and I think he likes me too, but I'm afraid to ask him directly because if he says he doesn't that'll be embarrassing.What do I do?????
babygirl241 month ago

I hope one day I can french kiss my boyfriend

Cjminecraft5 months ago

I'm in 5th grade and I'm in this really good relationship with this boy named Marjuan but I like him and I don't know if he likes me I was just think shall I just kiss him bcuz just yesterday his dad died and I comforted him by hugging him and sayings it's gonna be ok so guys plz help me and we known each other since we were baby's at like 1 years old we meet so don't say it's not gonna last bcuz I tell u it is

I created this account to just ask where your parents are......seriously. 5th grade?? You can't kiss a guy. Or girl, if you're into that sort of thing. Especially not RIGHT AFTER HIS FATHER DIES. I worry about kids in this generation. Every generation of kids gets less common sense than the last. Where is it going? I don't know. I don't even think middle schoolers should be in real relationship ships. When you date a person, you're looking for a future spouse. Not someone to just pass the time. Dating a person ALWAYS ends in either heartbreak or mairrage, and young relationships are no doubtedly going to end badly. You will save yourself lots of drama and stress by just waiting until AT THE VERY LEAST 8th grade. I'm in 9th and I think I'm not mentally mature enough to be in a committed relationship. I mean, I'll try things out with different people, I'll go on a few group dates maybe. Possibly even by ourselves. But I'm probably not going to even kiss anyone yet. Okay? Just..grow up a little bit first..please.

Aww i hope he can get help about that....become his friend and maybe if you guys know each other long enough you can MAYBE get a kiss

i still have gotten mine and im going into 7th next year

Don't worry about getting your kiss at an early age. Wait until you meet someone you really like and wait for the right time.
I'm going into eighth grade and I dated my boyfriend for 7 months. We didn't kiss on the lips until 3 months of us dating. He used to kiss me on the lips and cheek all the time and always hold my hand. It was a cute relationship and even though we broke up we don't regret it and we are still friends! He never tried to do anything or in any way try to push the limit. People should try and look for that. Also personality counts just as much as looks okay? :)
dasha rindia4 months ago
I am in grade 7 and i am in a relationship, my boyfreind and i text allot but we are to shy to talk in school, we have been dating for 4 weeks now, i hugged him twice but he didnt do anything yet, how to i get him to kiss me or i kiss him?
Hello I'm in 8th grade and I had my first kiss in 7th once you have one girlfriend who kisses then you'll be okay for all the others ( I asked out this girl first day first kiss).
I had the same problem, usually my friends would just push us to kiss or something so we would. Just ask him if he is ready, maybe he is a little insecure. Give him some closure maybe.

well try to meet him somewhere like maybe the park or somewhere romantic and try to get him to talk to you and not just text......get him to maybe hold your hand or maybe just walk areound and hold hand and get used to it.

I felt a rush of mixxed emotions..

I like when that happens
Kenziethomas2 months ago
Im a freshmab and i havent had my first kiss. Like idk what to do
Your not gonna die if you don't have your first kiss at a young age, don't rush it, it'll happen when your ready and you meet the right person.
How_2_Kiss2 months ago
There is some really great advice here. The whole build up to a kiss and the psychology behind a kiss is very important to know to allow you to read the situation correctly. We have put together a free EBook you can download here http://how-2-kiss.com which will take you from the build up to a kiss to taking it to the next level. We also tell you how to read the situation to save yourself embarrassment. Check out!
Izzy Sykes2 months ago
Becoming a freshmen you feel like you gotta know this cuz when you this good looking you gotta do these gurls right lol jk but foreals to those moving into high school good luck and remamber guys do most the work just like anything else
Hawktalon3 months ago
I just graduated 8th grade and I am going into my freshman year and my boyfriend is moving in two days. He won't talk to me because he said it would make things easier for him. I however really really miss him and I want to talk to him and skype him but he is avoiding me. What should I do?
goodbye_4 months ago
Age does mean a little since the brain aint developed yet and you cant make right decisions and that part of the brain develops when you are older plus not knowing how to kiss doesnt make you looser just means you havent experience kissing and just need to try it out
goodbye_4 months ago
Wow look at all these comments but hey. Im in 8th grade and there is nothing wrong in being single ive kissed and all but there is many who havent kissed not bad plus dating and all that at a young age is not real and true love i have a gf and the same one ever since 5 since we have known each other ever since im not hatin or anything but just saying my opinion
Age means nothing and is just something made up by man. A scale. Because we cant accept infinity.
So i have been dating a guy and its almost been a year...but its a long distance relationship and im afraid that when he moves here i wont know how to kiss...we've both never kisses anyone yet (we're both kinda losers but we dont care) but this wasnt enough my friend showed me on her hand but i dunno..

soo im in 6th grade and im dating this guy and we both really love each other but we still havent kiss.....let me tell you a story.....so i was walking home with my boyfriend and our friend we split off of our friend and now we were alone.....so we were about to split our ways and he says let me tell you a secrete and he puts his hands around my ears and kisses me (on the cheek) and takes off. A couple days later we are now still walking home togther and i was the first kiss.....i not to young and we have been dating for almost 4 weeks is this too sudden.

P.S.-guys i just gave you a good way to kiss a girl

no, this isn't sudden. you are very lucky. nobody likes me at school and my parents dont like me either.

Do you have an email because i dont want to give my name out loud to EVERY BODY that goes on here

ya i got facebook now

hey lonely short guy do you have kik

no. but i have facebook

i dont have facebook do you have skype

its fine we broke up

lol, so many kids on here looking for tips, ive got a few good tips for you kids alright n im being serious. if your a young kid in elementary or early middle school yrs, and you like or love someone. The best thing you can do is wait, what i mean is if you try n date that person at such a young age you will ruin the relationship forever because your both young and inexperienced, so what you wanna do is take those yrs as a child on up till your a late teen and use them to better yourself so that when your both ready to settle down with someone, there you go. Now im not saying dont date because you have to learne someway, but if you find a boy/girl that you love so much it keeps you up all night thinking bout them then you should be patient. Because you both still have many yrs ahead of you.

i want our first kiss im not to young

i am in year 7 and there is a girl i like called amy. i went to primary school with her. i hung out with her friends . that was before i started liking her. i only realised how much i liked her today. i am also quite short. what do i do?

HELP ME!!!!!!

ok calm down just become her friend and then see if she likes anybody but dont be so sudden just say hi and start a conversation

arjun20224 months ago

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5th grade and down y do u guyz care about dating so quickly i am in 6th grade and a girl is like hey you should get a boyfriend then i like say back oh no i am to young and i want to focus on my studies not romantic relationships

well some people can focus more now that they are in a relationship and maybe make you happy and good

make sure you can find that special someone when your ready

but UR only one year older than us and yea

MonikaC15 months ago

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Ok now thats just sad

raul.debnath15 months ago

well,,,,,after so many girls,,,, i had to read it coz nw i m wid som1 who doesnt know how to kiss,,,,,the first girl younger than me,,,,,well she is an angel,,,,dats why i want it to be special for her........

arjun20226 months ago



SukhpreetG6 months ago
SukhpreetG6 months ago


EmitN6 months ago

nice tutorial for a kiss but if u kiss a person whom u truly luvs then there is no need to learn or see any tutorial

LexiM6 months ago

I read some funny comments below lol.

skumar2256 months ago

i started dating younger then that lol but I'm in a committed relationship right now we've been together for almost 2 years now :) www.howtokissright.com

suzyb17 months ago

how old are you when you're in sixth grade

Miriam139 months ago

What am I supposed to do when i'm in love with a guy and he's about to get married

well are you going to wait, or are you going to speak now?


kudzu638 months ago

For anyone that might have sen it, I made a stupid and insensitive comment about this instructable. I've since deleted it and just would like to say, I AM SORRY!

I made it! http://www.curatedquotes.com/kissing-quotes/

Vanseith2 years ago
This weirdo of a bf is a stalker you know that, but if I tell her she will not believe me. Any gut would have been better than him, but I don't know what she was thinking. Many times I wish that I was him, holding her in my arms, cuddling. They kiss too. I am so freakin tired of him luring her into kissing him like a teddy bear. Also, that guy picks on me even though I am way stronger than him and I am a red belt in taekwondo. If that guy messes with me he will get more than a stern talking to. If you're reading this please read my bottom comment too! Please help me before I get to angry at him for picking me and can't do anything about it because she will get mad at me for breaking his nose even though it didn't happen yet. One of these days I will get him but not any day close. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it's not too late yet! I just read your comments today and I have to say that I have been in your position. I was always the smart one but not as confident as I looked and had many emotions that made me explode one day. You should really let her know how you feel by writing a note or better yet talking to her that way you won't explode. Even if she giggles or something that is not important, it is only important that you don't carry all of these excess emotions around with you all the time they can really mess up your groove. And if you keep all of these emotions inside of you YOU WILL EXPLODE AND YOU WILL BE EMBARRASSED!

eriig9 months ago

my boyfriend and i have be dating for a month and we have kissed before i mean we talk about kissiing but people are always in are way like gosh!!

tungsten_rings10 months ago

The page has the one video where everybody watches it till the end.

JoshuaD111 months ago

I wan't to kiss a girl, but we are still to shy with each other! This is hard and I don't want anything to happen that will make her hate me! Help me out here!

nwangsness11 months ago
There were 2 of us in eighth grade. But anyway - why is this being discussed on an instructible on kissing? ._.
KelvinA111 months ago

I'm in 6 grade and today in school on the bus this 8 the grader ask me if she wanted to hook up don't why they ask for some reason they want my picture also everything I say that is funny they think it's hot I don't care that much ????:)

RileyK11 year ago

yay I'm not the only forever alone!

sazagirl1 year ago

my friend dated someone in year 3!!!!! BOOOM!!!

I wonder how many people have clicked on the "I made it" here. :-)

Animerocker2 years ago
Well I'm 13 and dating
Well people enjoy yall love life as yall can cause life is short so enjoy!
Vanseith2 years ago
I have a crush with a girl in the same grade as me ( grade eight). I really really like her, but she has a bad boy boyfriend that gets in trouble all the time. I am just shy, but I am smart and I know that one day her bf will go to jail. Even though she has a bf, she is so beautiful and smart and can't risk my dignity to ask her out. I was her friend in grade 7 and we talked a lot but now she has that delinquent bf in her arms, I couldn't wish to think that if she did want him, she would have done that a long time ago. By the way her bf is one grade ahead of her. I skipped a grade because I passed a test, but this guy comes around in a stupid gas bike showing off to her that "he" is the one. I want to do something about it but I might end up losing our friendship. Please reply and help me in my relationship before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
san197772 years ago
can somebody please help me I'm 15 and i never kissed before or even had a girlfriend .But all my friends have smart, beautiful girls ALL OF THEM I am a little bit jelaous
Awe that's cute. Lemme tell you what. I'm three years younger than you and have a boyfriend. But we never talk in person, and we're really shy to each other. A lot of my friends have boyfriends and are always affectionate and stuff... But I came to realize that I don't get to hang with my bf very much because I don't go up and TALK to him. You go talk to girls and maybe you'll end up liking a special one and she might accept a date. Good luck.
children go on this site
I will be honest. To all you kids who are 12-13-14 and are in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, you are WAY too young to be in a serious relationship and to be trying to kiss someone so young and early. You need to get into a relationship with someone you have gotten to know for a while, became really good friends, have stuff in common, share the same interests, etc. But really, if you do all that and meet a guy/girl you like, don't automatically ask them out. Be friends for a while, and especially when you're older. Just wait until you're older. Trust me, you guys/girls who are about 12,13,14 etc, you don't know how to deal with a serious relationship yet. You may have to sacrifice a lot but if you really love them you will wait. Don't rush to get kissed, me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 years, still going on strong, I'm in my senior year of High School. and I didn't ever kiss him until about 10 months into the relationship. We're planning on getting engaged right after High School. It's because, he was my childhood best friend, we'd always play together and have each other around. We have similar interests and so many things in common. And I love him so much. Anyways, back to what I was saying. It's not a contest to see who's a great kisser, who's cute, who's not, etc. It's about finding someone you love to be around and enjoy having. I hope my advice helped you! c:
clo119002 years ago
hay im in 7th grade and i've just broke up with my 7th bf... but honest to god in hindsight none of them really meant anything... but i've had some spark with guys that weren't exactly a "boyfriend" i have had a french kiss with a guy that i thought i liked and that i asked to kiss me but i by no means am a popular...but i dont know how to say ni can help but what other questions do u have?...
tink994 years ago
omg! i want to be kissed so bad!
Join the club! i haven't even been on a date yet. :'( 13 yrs.
Oh my god get over it you're 13
i went on a dateand kissed her but she didnt want anyone to know is that bad
If she's embarassed about you two, i suggest you confront her to fnd out what's up.
well not really she just might not be ready 4 people 2 know yet she might be shy about it.
18 here and I'm still holding out. The sad thing? I found the right girl and I've told her how I feel, but I can't bring myself to asking her out. Gotta love that Long Unresolved Sexual Tension.
Dude, all you need to do is ask her out. your problems will be completely resolved, as long as she likes you too. if you are a little nerd asking out a cheerleader, than maybe not, but if you're both at about the same height on the social ladder, you'll do great.
That's not the problem. She actually asked me out a while back (to her school's Homecoming dance) and I said yes, but we're so perfect as friends that at the time I felt any more intimacy would ruin it, and I told her. I have since realized that I was wrong, but saying so would make me look like a jerk. THAT is the issue, it is something that I plan to deal with on my own.
Getting over our concern of 'looking bad' AKA 'not looking good', is the key to moving forward. Too many missed opportunities and a change of this mindset really set me free.
*When I was a youngster I never asked a girl out for fear of rejection (not looking good). I was almost out of my teens before I kissed a girl.
okay then, good luck!
(And yes, we did still go to her Homecoming and it was amazing.)
Don't worry about it one day you will.
RheaWright3 years ago
Me and my boyfriend have been going out 4 two and a haf months, and he still hasn't kissed me. Hell, we were at the movies and he acted like i had freaking cooties or someting! I need tips, pleaseee!
My boyfriend and I had sex a week into when we were dating and our first kiss caused the sex. We didn't say we loved each other until we actually knew and that was 8 months into when we were dating. It worked for us because we've been together 3 years now. He was very aggressive with me even though he is shy. Guys are really forward when they want something and even if they're shy they will let you know. So, your boyfriend either doesn't like you or he just doesn't find you attractive.
maybe sometings wrong with him maybe he's shy or someting.just dont make the first move
Im 15 (in ninth grade) i have never had a boyfriend and never been kissed. yea some guys asked me out but either i dont like them, they are pervs, or they are creppers. Two of the boys that actually liked me wanted to keep it a secret because they dont want anyone to know about it.Which probably means they are embarrest of me:( but theres this guy that i really like who goes to a different school then me but we see each other every morning on the bus (but he dosent talk to me) and every other thursday for a club. he's more popular then me but i am friends with some of his friends. And i started texting him last year alot but i think i made myself look like a creeper and he probably thinks that i am annoying so i stopped.now i only text him when i absolutly need to. i really want to know if he likes me and i really want to have my first kiss!! (all my friends already did!!) what should i do????? please help
If he ignores you and you're somewhat in the same group of friends it means he doesn't like you. If he did like you he would have kept texting you. Don't pursue him, you'll just get rejected. Go for someone in your league because he's obviously WAY too good for you.
ok im only 13 but i aready had my first kiss. im a guy by the way .all you have to do iz text him do u want to go out thats what i did
It's different When a guy dose that but anyways I already know he dosent like me in that way because he apparently told everyone that he new that I liked him and now these people won't stop bothering me about it
He's a jerk I don't know why he told everyone
To embarrass me? Whatever I don't like him anymore anyways
OMG it's the same with me :/ some guys are just jerks and the guy I have a crush on doesn't even like me have me in the friend zone... I just dont know what to do anymore.... :(
im sixteen in the tenth grade if anything if he really likes you he wouldnt mind you texting him even the littlest things..its best to get all of youre feelings off of your chest if you dont let him know that you like him i guess he'll think that youre a creeper.. youre beginning the height of your maturity..when its your time your kiss will come
girrl! he thinks he is too good for you, so in your mind; he is! be too good for him. Walk by him and look at him, but dont wwave, and walk away! do not, whatever you do, do not make him think that you will do anything for him, because guys want what they cant have.

and about the kiss thinng, it will come! give it time. it will happen in time girl! hope i helped:)
Before jumping to conclusions, TALK to this guy you like! Ask him if you've offended him or freaked him out at all; odds are you haven't, but it can't hurt to check. Such a conversation might also be a good lead-up to telling him how you feel about him. And as for the other guys, many might have been acting pervy or creepy because they don't know how to act around a girl, and as for the two guys that liked you, they weren't embarrassed of you; more likely, they were embarrassed of themselves.
jiyeon943 years ago
lol i'm turning 18 this year and I just had my first kiss.
at first I didn't really planned to do a passionate kiss but it just turned out like that and I regret nothing..
BTW that happened last January 02, 2011

before all the scenarios happened. . .there was this cuddling,holding hands,etc.so it kinda fLt comfformtable..

and oh yeah..

things just happened, umm like I haven't kissed somebody else before but it seemed like i've kissed alot of guys..that's what my guy said. kind of awkward but his fist question when we got out of that staircase was "are you sure this is your first kiss?? where did you learned that??"

well you're still young at the age of 13,
yeah sure I've wanted to kiss someone before..
but enjoy your youth, and there's no rule stating that a person should have kissed someone at the age of 13..

and yeah.,just wanted to share^^
>if you're gonna get one, make sure you enjoy it^^
~>no regrets :D
I had sex at 13 so okay.
i love your story it is like a fairytale now you have the right not to sleep cause reality is way better than dreams
I love your story so much cos im in a very similar situation, im in high school and have never kissed ANYONE. im awkward HUGGING people, and my boyfriend is wicked shy and i just hope it ends well like your story did :]
Thank you for sharing!
i kissed my boyfriend last month and realise i dnt love him.what should i do
Break up with him. It was just a kiss who cares.
Zach02272 years ago
ok so im 13 and have a girlfriend we have been going out for a while but it is always realy awkward cause were with friends or her ex is staring at us so should i just do at like iceskating or in private ps she is shy
Who cares about her ex. You're 13 and its not going to matter in the long run anyways. get some balls and kiss her and don't care about what anyone else thinks. It's your life so don't live it worrying about what others think. Do what you want because you only have one chance so take it before its gone
weezygirl2 years ago
wow i'm only 15 and I still haven't had my first kiss. I've always thought it's because i'm unattractive, or not skinny or pretty enough, or maybe even too nerdy or the people I hang out with (well i've basically considered everything). And there are probably a lot of you who feel this way. I feel that i'm not up to society's standards so i am deemed unattractive, but in reality, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so don't starve yourself or drench yourself in makeup because you are beautiful and if you truely believe that then guys will find you attractive. You may have standards like me, and that may be why you haven't had a real relationship or a first kiss. I only consider a guy if he gets astonishing grades and has a bright future. I once dumped a guy because he had a C average. Ruthless you say? I know, but I can't be with someone like that. And I am considered a nerd (weezer, doctor who, SNL, the office, 4.0 GPA) but im proud of it. It's hard to find someone who is not self- centered or materialistic in high school. But when I do, i'm scared becasue i think im not good enough for them or i'm going to be a bad kisser or up to THEIR standards. i guess my point is, i've always thought that the right guy will find me but i'm really tired of WAITING (if you know what i mean- teenagers have so many hormones rushing through thier bodies). ANY COMMENTS?
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Let's be honest, there are people who are pretty and people who are ugly. Everyone is destined to be either one. I am considered the hottest girl at my school and I am the valedictorian as well. I have a 4.8 GPA and I am graduating this year at the age of 15 and I have been pre-accepted to Princeton as well as UVA and Harvard. I had my first kiss when I was 11 and I lost my virginity to my one and only boyfriend and the age of 13. I am 5'10" and 120 pounds as well as considered to be attractive so yes I am extremely picky and it shows since I have only had one boyfriend and we have been together for 3 years. You have to work for everything in your life. If you want to be successful you have to work hard. If you want to be skinny then you have to work hard too. Not everyone is pretty but you can't accept everything to just fall in your lap.
dani love3 years ago
i am in the 5th grade and i met a girl and i liked her but how do i tell her that i don't want to kiss her i just want to ask to go on a date

(please help !)
kiss her yolo
ok im mike and im in 6th grade and i got a girl freind and we kissed . so if u want to KISS this girl u first must ask her out if your to scared to do that ask her with a note if she wants to be with you u should hug her every day and give her a kiss on the cheek . the best way to have a relationship with her is to notify her parents including your own or you could be sneecky with the relationship .
im in 7th grade and i have 12 girl friends last mounth no really quality but fun
i think you should tell her u r not ready maybe in a few years or u like her too but it is not the time for that

good luck

i know it is too late to tell u but i just wanted to reply
Ok, your in fifth grade. You shouldnt be dating, let alone kissing! Just tell her!
what grade are you in
im a girl and i know that all you have to do is tell her im in 5th grade and i had lots of boys tell me they like me so i went on a date with them
simple tell her your not ready for a serious relationship and you just want to go on a date with her.who knows maybe she'll feel the same way
brek dani love3 years ago
Hon you're in the fifth grade there's no rush...i'm in the tenth grade and just had my first kiss in september! believe it or not when its your time,it'll come. besides don't you think girls still have cooties??

just talk to her a lot and then see if she seems to like having a conversation with you. btw i'm 14 and in eighth grade but i've had 3 girlfriends
Okay kid do you talk to any friends of hers if not do so become friends with one of hers then open up to the friend ask her to help like advice their you go bro

Stay young! Enjoy your youth!!!
Go play with toy trucks or something! Don't grow up too fast! You'll miss being a kid.
dont show the "signs" hahaha
your only in the 5th grade enjoy being a kid
I am also in 5th grade and I have a girlfriend all you have to do is depending on your style I wrote my girlfriend a note and put it in her locker either that or if you guys are together alone just ask her ive alreadly been on a date with her dont worry about kissing yet we havent hugged yet but thats comming soon
thekid893 years ago
hey guys i was wonderg if anyone or anything would help me with my problem please.ok thers this girl in year twelve that i have a huge massive out of this world crush on but thers just one BIG PROBLEM shes 3 yeasrs older then me inever talk to her before because idont have the strengh to or iam too nervous and even if icould talk to her ill never have the chance because shes always with her friends in a group so i think it will be awkward if i just go and talk to her right? she doesnt have aboyfriend or anything so thats always good to know i oh i almost forgot theres one MAASIVE problem shes living the school in for weeks look guys pease help ive only got four weeks and i cant stop thinking about her i really really really like her please please please help me
I don't really know what to say here, she's in 12th grade you said? That means if ur three years younger, your like 14 right? I think, you should break the ice and try talking to her. Make small talk, like if you need help with homework or about school or the weather. Just don't freeze up and make eye contact. If u freeze up or do anything weird, she will think your weird. Just try to find her at a time, when she's alone. Or face your fear, and go up to her when she's with her friends. It will be easy once you start talking to her. Just don't worry and you can do it!
iwanna ask her out straight away becouse i only have one week left
gee thanks im gonna talk to her tommorw wish me luck just have to find a time were shes alone p.s should i ask her out straight away or should i let her to get to know me first?
SGT. Desert3 years ago
explane how to do a french kiss
...before i start, i won't be watchinh my spelling/grammar because im on my mobile aka nokia n97...

So... Im 13,got a solid relationship for a month now - weve been going out for around a month. Were talking like were in a relat
ionship and stuff but yet we didnt kiss. Honestly my minds all about her. Shes extremely physically attractIve. Anyways weve been in these situatioons where a kiss was like totally normal but none of us made the move... So its worrying me that im the problem. Perhaps she thinks i should go for the kiss - i dont know. Im shy too when i get the balls to kiss her to not screw something up or shell think that i want to seduce her which is completely wrong... I dont know what should i do. I just want it to work out. She said that she never kissed snyone before neither did i. So could anyone help me out please? Thanks

You are 13 so calm down.
ok this is a very late reply but talk to me via inbox
i think u should ask her out on a romantic movie like titanic or a scary movie so u can make your move when she is scared and then look deeply into her eyes and kiss her .........

it would be the best kiss ever

p.s i am a girl and i am sorry if it is late

you said she never has kissed either so most likely she won't care if you're good or not because she hasn't had her first kiss either. What if she's worse than you? If she knows it's your first time, things should be smooth sailing on the kissing part.

The right time is when you know she's most comfotable.If she likes Italian food, take her to an Italian restaurant and while you're waiting for your food compliment her on her outfit. Ask her what she did last night. While she's telling you, look her in the eyes and slowly move forward. She should get the hint. This could be at halftime at a sports show. But if you're at a restaurant, avoid booths. At sports games, sit near the top of the bleachers so other people don't have to watch you kiss.

Good Luck
i just kissed my boyfriend day before yesterday ;) and yea. just hold hands or something and walk to someplace a bit more....empty....and it would be nice to have a wall (i had a wall to lean on and it helped so much since i was so nervous). then just kind of stare into her eyes a bit, have moment, lean in for a kiss ;) and its fine if you or her screws up. it makes it cuter :D and i know so cuz it took my boyfriend 4 tries just to try to kiss me :P hope this helped!
My Best Guyfriend and I were talking. I have a secret crush on him and from what I can tell, it's pretty hidden. So while he ws talking, I looked over his shoulder and I spotted this crazy girl who has a HUGE open crush on him. She hates all the girls he hangs out with, me especially, so it's fun to mess with her. I cut him off mid-sentence and hissed "Don't overthink this and play along." He was clueless. I just all of the sudden kiss him. He was REALLY surprised but soon as he saw the crazy girl walk near us he immediately caught on. It was AMAZING! And we were class couple in the yearbook :)
fracture2223 years ago
hi all lol :D
Can you explain how old you all really are?I am from brighton, in the UK! and we dont have grades at school.
I am 12 years old. I am in year 7 in the UK. What grade am I in America?
thanks lol
if you turned 12 this year then your in 6th grade but if your turning 13 this year then you are in 7th grade
jalawashere3 years ago
there is two guys one i had a crush on him but .....eh he is ...........a relative of mine but now i like another guy but the other one likes me and a lot of girls including my cousin that is the sister of the other boy so i don't know what to go with which one , i am not sure of the first one although i held his hand but he is clueless and i won't wait for forever

plz help!!!!!!!!
I'm 15 and I refuse to call my last two kisses, kisses lol

They were bad, so those kisses don't count, so in my mind, I've still never kissed a girl. Anyway, how do I keep my eyes closed when kissing? I can never bring myself to close my eyes, I'm afraid i'll miss XD
well u can open your eyes until u get so close then u can't miss after that u can close your eyes

gd luck
I haven't had my first kiss yet, and i havent even ever gone out with anybody. All the guys at my school are either jerks or decent and all the decent ones are taken or totally out of my league :(
I really want to go out with someone and i really want to kiss someone, but I just cant even find someone i like. i must be picky cuz there r like 200 guys in my grade and i cant seem to like any of them!
Somebody help me!
p.s. I am 13 and going into 8th grade :)
Well you and me are alot alike! (except in age lol Im 15 but I am in 8th grade) :D Hiya, its nice to meet you ^-^ I can tell you that I havent had my first kiss either. I have a boyfriend right now and we've been going out for 6-7 months now :3 He's a very sweet guy and I'd love to kiss him, but Im too much of a chicken to do it. Its either that or I just dont want to make any mistakes... Anyway, I know how you feel. Lots of guys at my school are either total jerks or decent ones that are taken or out of my league. I was fortunate enough to have a second chance at a relationship with the guy I should have dated all along. And your definately not picky. Its just difficult to find that one guy you share a special connection with, you know? If you have any guy friends, it makes it a tad bit easier to create a special bond with them and become more than friends. But if you dont, heres what you can do: I advise trying to find a decent guy that you kind of like and you know that he is single. Get to know him alittle and see if he shares some similar intrests with you. And when the time comes, you can decide for yourself whether you like him more than a friend or just as a friend and if you like him more than a friend, dont be afraid to ask him if he'd like to be your boyfriend. More than likely, he'd say yes :) And when you feel the moment is right, you can suggest going on a special date and ask him if he'd like to kiss. It may kill the moment, but it'll definately save you from totally embarrassing yourself ^^'' And then you can go on from there :)

Ive never kissed anyone before either, so I hope the guy Im with will either kiss me or I'll find the courage to kiss him. I wish you the best of luck and if you got anymore questions about things like dating, just ask me :D I'd be more than willing to help a fellow girl out ^-^ I hope this helps you!


Twisted Fairy Tale
plz answer me !!!!!!!!
i hope this fact will help you ; michelle

in this case from what you said. my advice is to just wait until you finally find the right person. and you think that person would give you the things you want and will be able to make you happy and ever. dont be in a rush to be in a relationship at this time. ps ur 13. things takes time. especially finding a realtionship.when finding a relationship it really doesnt mean oy have to find one at school. it can beout of school as well. LOL you understand. when i was in your age, i was thinking the same way as you did right now. but again, take some time, and im sure you can meet the right person very very soon. yeah ? i hope this message can really help you . ??
no offense, but you sound like an eharmony commercial
It all starts in highschool! Trust me ~ tons of more options... I have been in two different scenes for dating. A HUGE school with TONS and TONS of cute boys, and a small catholic school with a few cuties, a few ugly jocks, and a LOT of straight up jerks. So you know what I am going to tell you? That you have an entire life ahead of you! Don't worry about the crappy guys at your school now - enjoy your friends! Stay single and be a social butterfly. It sounds stupid, I know. But if you meet more people now to be your friend, you can hang out with them, and get to know them better so you have options later. Stay friends at first. But when you get to highschool, and if you are popular. You will have LOADS of options. Trust me on this! :D
dont worry dude i am 27 and i haven't had my first kiss yet. so dont be upset.
look at my condition and be positive. if you are too nervous see some kissing videos here
omg 50 year old virgin right here, im 13 and got laid loads already xD
Wow. You've had alot of 5 Seconds experience... .... Sorry, but the quickie you give her on your bed when your parents are home, isnt really much to brag about.
hehehehehehehehe same ( is it normal for a 14 y/o girl to like getting laid??) XD
Uhh.....you really shouldn't be worried about kissing someone. You should worry about finding a nice boyfriend at first.
It's not that bad. I'm in 8th grade and I've been single forever. Never even slow danced or anything. But I come from a small school and only have 9 guys to choose from.
yeah i know what your talking about im 13 to and all the guys in school are all jerks but i met the best guy ever but i have never dated befor so i dont know how to tell him i like him its just so hard to knoe who likes you
im a guy and have been dating a very nice girl for around 2 years i am 15 (around ur age) and if u want to know if a guy likes u then dont try to get his attention to hard it never works u need to just tell him how u feel even if u think he will turn u downif we know some one likes us..we kinda get attracted to them..most ppl say different but it is true but i was 13 wen i had my first REAL kiss so ur not alone just try wat i told u and if he reacts negatively then he isnt the one for u
i am 13 i need help
thnx im 13 to
where do u live again. im 13 and average but not ugly. ive had some practice with lipworks and im free. (im not desperate just all the girls in my school are, perverted. its kinda weird.)
Me too, but i was 13 in march, i am totally desperate to actually have romance. I'm home schooled, so the only time i see other teens is at CSAPS, (sometimes week-long testing) is it possible to woe a girl into my first kiss in 3-5 days? I really hope so, because last year a weird dude told me that a hot girl across the table wanted to date me, so i looked at her, and she acted like this was true. I literally went "what?" "you talking to me?" " I thought i was the nerdy little dude that's a total recluse and is home schooled" so ya. I want to at least do that, before i hang myself from total social depriving. long comment.
WOW!Really!?Im only 10 and ive kissed someone before.But it took a while...
We were dateing for mounth maybe.But its ok if you havent kissed someone yet!
(: it takes a long time trust me...P.S,im 10 and im in the fifth grade...o im a boy if you didnt know lol :p P.S.S,keep trying ok?ok...cool...i guess well bye bye sucka
<3 :P :D
how did you approach her and how did you make your move
Just look at her and shell look at you and just stare and trust me both of you will walk towreds each other and BOOM! KISS

P.s,If your a male make sure tour arms on there body (from neck to butt to back to
hips to sholders)
Well thats sucks. I haven't got my first kiss yet but i have gone out with a guy. But at my skool all the guys are jerks. But they are fun to go out. You got to trust them not all of them can't be that bad. dftba ^_^
jalawashere3 years ago
well i just finished the 6th grade 5 days ago so i guess i am in 7th anyways there is this boy that i am chatting with on the phone we got to the point that he liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend but i told him i was to young to be in a relationship but i actually like and i wished if i said yes and now he is telling me he likes my cousin and he wants her to be his girlfriend but he still didn't ask her and he also told me he likes a lot of girls so i told him i liked people to but i didn't tell u to not get upset so what shall i do ????

PLZ ANSWER P.S the place we live , there is gf/bf but there are not a lot of people kissing under 18 so i am not worried about that just yet .
jiyeon943 years ago
okay just for an update.,my guy is more of an aggressive type of person and since the day we kissed there isn't a day we won't Like make-out or whatever.,umm I'm think it's more we got comfortabLe with it...
most of the time he's the one to do the 1st move 'cause...heLLo. . .it's really awkward for girls to do it.,
GUYS if you're on a date and if you Like want to kiss..
consider EVERYTHING first before doing the move.,
you don't want rejections or anything...
I think its better if. . .you Like hold hand or cuddLe or something before doing any kissing.,just to get comfy^^
and not get awkward and bye bye Girl I first kissed.,
umm soo there^^
sooner or Later.,haha :')
just in a matter of time~~~

>> purposely used the word KIDS
i had boyfriends that are just to scard to kiss but i want to kiss but he doesn't and girls dont like that what should i do if my boy friend right now is scard to kiss should i do brake up with him or what

please tell me what i should do
kristina-na3 years ago
yea maybe she's shy cause if it was me i would have been afraid too
Pyrotect3 years ago
Thanks for the reality check. Its a little wierd getting kissing advice from a guy buy good job.
jade_23 years ago
okay, me and my boyfriend are ready to have our first kiss. we are both nervous and we've been dating for 5 months. he says he's gonna do it but he never does..what do i do? i need helpppp!
Bbg123 jade_23 years ago
meet boys. girl what you gotta do is make the first move. he will fallow and it will be great.
im in 6th grade and There's this girl in my class and her cousin is my best friend he's asked her out for me she said no but i have a feeling she likes me.What should I do?
6th grade huh? i remember that, i used to date around too and really like people.. and people tell you that you are too young. Honestly, if you really like her than you need to talk to her and not have your friend do that buisness. 6Th grade relationships are fun but you will like plenty of other people so dont get too upsett if it doesnt work out, even when it seems like the end of the world. Also, talk to her and if you can, text her and compliment her! make her know that you care for her with out being over protective
sweetlipz3 years ago
havent had my first one yet but its coming and ik it will b wonderful i have sum1 in mind but that train has left now im at the train station wait on that next train
norshay3 years ago
i just started dating this really hot boy named hakeen and he is the light of my day he never gets upset with me or accuses me of cheating no matter if im sad or not he always makes me smile my last relationship was hard because he didnt break up with me he just moved away but i broke up with him.
never trust a man i learned that when my uncle touched me in places i wasnt ok with i didnt tell anyone and dont plan on it
today my boyfriend and i had our first kiss and trust me it was phenominal i would not change this day at all
i hope we can do it again tomorrow
pjkona213 years ago
okay so my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months almost 5 and we dont talk that much in person he is really shy so am i.....we both want to kiss yet its awkward and i feel like he is losing interest
brianj8 years ago
just smudged up my screen practicing. ok no time to waste. back to work.
LOL!!! ME TOO!!!!
And one more DON"T
Try not to burp or sneeze in your partner's mouth, my boyfriend sneezed in my mouth and it was NASTY!!!!! So, just a little heads up to make sure your sneezes, burps, and any other thing that might be repelling to your partner is out of your system. And if you feel something coming, definitely back away!!! I promise they will be grateful.
My boyfriend and I have already (kinda awkwardly) talked about how we both are totally cool with kissing and are just really nervous about it since finding alone time is hard. But goddammit it drives me crazy to look into his eyes and then someone walks in the room
you just have to find the write moment. i have a bf and weve dated 4 like a month and a half and my parents still dont know that im dating him, i want 2 kiss him and he told me he wants 2 kiss me but im 2 shy and i dont think hes ever had his first kiss even though he says so, what should i do?
Jozef_143 years ago
Alright so, I've got these girls that like me and I like one of them too. And we always start these conversations but they never seem to last?
well ask the girl you like out and see if you 2 hit it off if the conversation thing happens well do your best to keep going and to have fun!
g10tto8 years ago
Wow. Very sweet, but at the same time kind of awkward. You two did it very maturely though, and...hey, you're both pretty hot AND kissable. Cool beans!
My bf really wants to kiss. I really want to kiss him but im so scared and worried! Im scared about my parents. They r very strict. And they dont know that im dating someone. He and i hav been going out for 3weeks. But weve gone out before. Itll be 4 on tuesday. And im scared becuz im sure ill mess up and i dont how its going to happen. I just want lip to lip but idk wat he wants. Please help!!!!
If it feels right then go for it! And i think youll know if the moment is right.
Thanx. Hopefully i get alone time with him tomorrow or some other time.... Im just super nervous and worried that, like i mentioned before, that my parents will find out. I really care for my bf. Sometimes i cant help thinking about him being "Mr.Right." -sigh- Y r things so complicated? But all i really want to know is how to approach the kiss and how to kiss. Thxx for replying though :)
wow i have the same problem. its not that i dont want to kiss him or i havent kissed anyone b4, its that im to shy and iv tried everything to show him that i wanted to kiss him i even told, what should i do now?
No prob
Kaileyann3 years ago
Im in the 7th grade and im dating an 8th grader, I have never kissed anyone before and he has kissed a lot of girls. He really wants to kiss me but im really nervous about it!! Im really scared that i will do something wrong like mess up or something! I dont want to tell him that i dont wanna kiss him because then he might think i dont like him that much. What do I do??? D:
first you have to try to tell him off in a nice way by saying that you are still not ready to kiss him.....
if he likes u and wants to kiss u that bad then he want care if u do mess up. just try again if it is ur first kiss then he wil understand that u may mess up .
If you like him, just go for it. He'll understand that you haven't kissed before and you never know you might be really good at it naturally. You won't mess up and if you do, just laugh it off, because it'll make for a better first kiss story. :)
Mkay! Thanx!
KyrieNova3 years ago
Im 17 and I feel like my first kiss was weird... because it was after the first time I had sex with my girlfriend :l
cgrayl3 years ago
Hi! Im 13 and in 7th grade. I know this might be to young for my first kiss but I really like this guy A LOT. I have a problem me and this guy arent really a "couple" yet we are just dating. He just asked me on a date to the movies. And he says he wants to kiss me. But I told him ive kissed somebody before and i really havent! and this guy is a big jock and im sure has kissed many girls and im afraid i will mess up or chicken out! Please HELP!(:
dont worry im 14 if the guy really lkes u he wont care if you do mes up u guys can just try again till yall get it right and you r so not to young im only 14
Who cares if you're 13 and haven't had a kiss? I'm almost 13 and I haven't kissed anyone either! I've had boyfriends, but no kisses. I really don't care.

By the way, nice article(: {thing hehe} :]
pgm7244 years ago
im a 15 year old boy im a 9th gradergoing 10th and i was a big dater through middle school but now i found one girl i actully want to stick with but shes already had her first kiss i havent :( ontop of that im really shy i can talk to them and get them to like me but after that i freeze any suggestons
Just be yourself! You say you were a big dater ~ means you're a natural!! Don't worry about a thing - stay calm and keep a mint or two around! ;) Good luck!
ghjkl238 pgm7243 years ago
I thought you were a big dater?
iiGoRawr pgm7243 years ago
yeah. If your shy find out why and try to break out of it. It like the only thing you can really do. Trust me i was the same way.And dont be afraid of being you it not going to kill you.
iloveu13114 years ago
omg!!! guys i have a bf and weve been goin out on and off since october 15th 2010 and were going back out now since january 3rd 2011 and im in middle school and im 13 in 7th grade and i havnt had my first kiss yet i need help and suggestions and he rlly want to kiss me!!!!
im trying ask out a girl but im afraid to get rejected cuz last time i got rejected my friends sucked and made fun of me for weeks!!!!! help a brother out!! :-)
Just write a sweet little note and slip it in her locker. Write something like "Join me for lunch today? ~ Jason". If you guys have the same lunch hour or something. But you can just tell her flat out if that's easier. But have confidence, and make sure if she rejects you just say I understand and don't make it awkward. If you do make it awkward that's when you are going to get made fun of. Also, if you know she is way out of your league, don't bother asking.
Wow...I can't believe you guys started to early. I am about to be 19, and I still haven't had my first kiss. I want it to be the most special, most memorable moment up until my wedding day or something.

Haha, well....good luck with that on-again off-again relationship! Hope it works out!
I agree that it's special but not kissing EVER is boring!!
Lol! I bet it is, but I guess you can't miss what you haven't experienced :D

(Still haven't)
lol same condition only it was about 3 weeks ago and i did happen 7th grade and im 12 soooo just go for it not a big deal
hey i had my first kiss in 5th but i just gave my new girlfriend a kiss a few days ago... and im in 7th... you should
1. just go up and kiss him
2. ask him if he wants to be kissed
3. like make sure your shoulders are touching the whole day untill he makes the move

as a guy i like to do number 1 and have a girl do number 1 to me

ypur choice, have a good time and dont get too nervous
jets21james3 years ago
I am in 7th grade im 13 i need help. Idk what to do my girlfriend is asking for a kiss for christmas! we have been together for 3 months. I want to but theres two problems.
1. She is the baseball varsity coaches daughter. I play Baseball!!!
2. We are never alone

Please help me and tell me what to do. I really want to kiss her and shes asked me twice for that.

Baseball Varsity? Honey, you've got a long way to go from that. But don't worry, if you really like her you'll be able to pull thru and give her what she really wants! I know this is after Christmas... and almost after new years... BUT ~ if you haven't already kissed her. Then do it. This is coming from an older "woman". I know she would really appreciate it!
Plz read my Q & A question on "13 and 14 year old romance". I need all the help I can get. My user name is Instructable04.
PS you may need to wait a little for it to come up on there.
Nun-ya!4 years ago
I kissed someone when I was in Kindergarten or 1st grade or 2nd grade. Trust me!, it's easy to kiss! If u don't know how to kiss, simply kiss on the cheek. Then if u feeel comforterble to kiss on the lips then go for it. I kissed his cheek. He kissed mine. Then i kissed him on the lips. He did too. We started dating. It was simple!!!! :) His name was Drew Garon and we met up in 5th grade and we remembered each other, but he probably did not the kiss,but I did cuz it was a moment in a life time kiss and a lot of boys like me!!!! Boys, no pictures please!!!! And, um call me! Oh forgot u don't have my number. Well too bad. :)
Huh when i was in first grade and seven i got my first kiss. Yeah since we were kids we were playing a game like truth or dare except it was call would you rather. se would say stuff like would you rather try to climb up a tree or would you rather try to run as fast as you can? stuff like that and the thing you say is what you have to do. well my friend (remember i'm a boy shes a girl) said would you rather kiss me or eat dog poop? so i of course said kiss her and it just kept going we would just keep saying the same question. to bad i had to leave that year i never got to see her again. sigh.
nouta Nun-ya!4 years ago
nqt!.. funny
Im in desperate need to know how 2 kiss i have a date next week! I look at this course called how to kiss however it seems pretty stupid to pay money for dat! any advice plz sum1?? Where can I get more info free?
lol XD im 11 years old and my first kiss was with a girl
Are you a girl?
taylorsteed3 years ago
I am 13 years old and have kissed heaps of guys its not that scary
I've had my first kiss before but it was just a little peck :o and me and my boyfriend were'nt that serious... and now i have an older bf and we're gunna kiss... and im like, flipping out.... iunno what to do D:
leilala4 years ago
haha. this is what happened in my kiss :) i like just had my first kiss the day before yesterday with my boyfriend (who is so sweet) and i should have read this first cuz i totally did not know what to do :P but yea. now we kissed yesterday and today, too. and today was first french kiss :o omg! and its only been a week and a half at most since we started going out....is that going a bit too fast??? :X
hahahaha u all have girl and boy freinds but i dont have any girl freind hahahahahaha what a bad luck of mine bcz feel nervous when i see a girl coming closer and i m of 17 yrs.:-)

umm thats kind of weird. im not trying to be mean but thats just kind of weird

DRainbowolf3 years ago
You guys are lucky, haha. I'm fourteen I'v had my first kiss but it was by complete accident. Be great-full, you don't want to accidentally have your first kiss do you?
ur lucky i have never kissed anyone and i have had two boyfriends well now i have had two boyfriends.
it's better than never kissing at all.
RamyOmar3 years ago
I wish I can kiss a girl some day, I have never done :'( Yet, I will try a tempur policy.. it might make a difference xD
Thanks :)
uobilivion3 years ago
hey these tips really do work i hav been kissing my gf for minutes i think jus now i finished.......the 1 who made these is awsum.........THX for the tips man.....
rshareef3 years ago
verry gooooooooooooooooooood instructions really it is good!!!!!!!!!!
leecopp103 years ago

Nice Post Thanks for the advice, i also gained alot from this!
leecopp103 years ago
Thanks for the how-to, I used this, but then i moved on to the link below which helped me to become a great kisser and be able sto seduce poeple. Check the link below if you want to know how to kiss.

Click here for more info!
gverma14 years ago
a lot of thanks to you and many thanks to google.
i have confidence that i am kiss ready now. i referred many site like kiss guide . but they help little and i was at very low confidence. again thanks a lot to you.
anne194 years ago
thanx for the instruction tutorial im 19 and i still havent had my first kiss im saving it for someone special i have a date next week and im trying to fit it into my time schedule but ive been so busy with my klonopin side effects uni project im reading up on kissing all over the internet coz im really nervous and am scared i wont know what to do!!! this will add up to helping me thanx again!
a have to kiss a guy tomorrow but im scared becuase its my first kiss Helppp<3
pamee4 years ago
hahah i had my first kiss when i was 12 playing spin the bottle with my friends. Worst experience of my life, he was a terrible kisser. So if you haven't had your first kiss yet and want it to be special don't do it that way cause you never know who you'll get.
cdobinson4 years ago
LOOVE the picture of him kissing the plastic sheet! Now that's a view you don't get every day. You should go into more detail about WHY you should kiss! My friend sent me this ( http://www.wwwdatingguide.com/2011/06/log-on-and-pucker-up/ ) which is basically kissing science, and i kind of want to kiss more now..? haha. I didn't know my lips could feel more than my fingers.. :s !
Heyy :) Me and this guy just got together (he was like my best friend). Hes my 4th bf, He has gone out with like a MILLION girls, and has kissed before.
I...Havn't :( Im so nervous! I have told him all this agers ago, and he sez hes fine with it
Our first day together was soo awkward, I dont know what to do :(
I dont know how to kiss lol im scared, help me? any tips? xo
taybaby094 years ago
hey :) me and my guy friend were at the movies along with my two other friends who were girls. my other 2 friends kept txting my guy friend right, so i asked them who they were txting, and it ended up they were txting my guy friend and they said he wants to kiss me. i was really nervous! when he was about to do it, i freaked out and headed out to the bathroom. after the movie was over we all went home and such.... now hes txting me asking me out to the movies,,, was if he tries to "make a move" again? what do i do????!!!
Just let it come naturally?? x
you kiss him, then ask for 50$ or threaten to sue for sexual harassment.

lol, I bet u'll be 50$ richer at the end of the day :P
hey guys, ive been on a MASSIVE learning curve since primary school since there were so few girls in the yr (the most in our year ever was 5) and last year there was only one who i just happened to fancy... anyway, im on 2nd gf in my first yr at middle school and everyone is naggin me and pressurising me to kiss her but i just dont hav the guts to do it (i should probably mention im 12 btw) ive got a bit of confidence but i just dont know what to do pls can some1 help?
Hey im 12 2 but im a girl lol I haven't had my first kiss well only a peck but I don't have a clue either what to do apparently it comes naturally. If they are pressuring you and if you have the guts say if you want me 2 kiss her so bad why dont you or you could say P*** off ill do it in my own time?? x
wait, ur gonna wanna make that first kiss special and 12 is not the age to do it.
Ha, my new boyfriend kissed me yesterday :) I had absolutely no idea what to do, I kinda just froze and told him I didn't know how. The whole situation was embarrassing... o- o;
kyonako4 years ago
i had my first kiss just the other day, .. i was so unprepared..
im so embarrassed..really.I thought it would only be a smack or a short kiss..gosh, i didn't expect that it would be a FRENCH KISS..whew..it was my first and I didn't have the slightest idea how to do it..I just stared at him in surprised,for a moment I tried to copy what he's doing but I stopped afterwards ..I really felt awkward and kinda disgusted with his saliva all over my mouth..
(i know its normal but im not yet used to it). I pushed him away.Good thing my boyfriend wasn't mad or something..But in total, I love it and hoping I can do it right next time..:D
ytashi4 years ago
while reading this.. i could hear the song 'Irresistable' by Jessica Simpson playing.. "..i know i meant to say no..." :)
Neveah4 years ago
i cant really remember when i had ma first kiss and wat it woz like, all i can recall is that i did not really know the concepts of kissing....my mind was very childish at that time :( ...
buh now, i see a lot of procedures from this blog...nice to see that everyone is open minded to share their thots and lifetime experience...wish i could turn back time ( oh im 20 yrs old)...

jah bless!!
Addi974 years ago
Hey, I am in middle school and I still haven't had my first kiss. I know a lot of people may think I'm a little too young. But, all of my friends have had theirs. Here's my problem, I have tried to have my first kiss. And there was definately some contact between our lips. But, it only lasted .3 seconds. So, I don't think it counts. I kind of just think about to much. It's hard to just do something naturally when you're thinking about it. And I'm super scared that I'm going to be bad at it or something. :/
leilala Addi974 years ago
omg. i just had my first kiss and i am in high school (and none of my friends have had kisses yet and they are absolutely gorgeous!) so dont worry :D it will make the moment more special ;) and some guys think its cute when you havent had your first kiss (makes them happy to think they were the first) and my boyfriend thought it was cute that i didnt know how to kiss XP
Hey don't feel like that I'm in middle school 2 and a lot of my friends hav had their first kiss so I feel like that and if u read above on my comment I haven't even had a "kiss" for three seconds and I over think things a little if somone wants to kiss me my mind jumps straight to the "what if's" so don't feel bad about it because there are tons of people boys and girls alike who are in the same position as you don't freak =)
Oh my my my how much this sounds like me! Overthinking things. Im in highschool, I had my first kiss a few months ago. I was scared as hell that I would screw up real bad but my boyfriend said he wasnt gonna judge me because he loves me more than a kiss. You need to find that person who will not judge you. And dont feel pressured into kissing anybody, even if everybody has already had their first kiss. Oh, and by the way, my first kiss didnt even go for 3 seconds, it was short shiny and sweet :)
jamesjolt174 years ago
can you guys help me out i have gone through 2 gf's that went for 4 months and one month and a half but i still have not had my first kiss can you guys help me out?
Hey Jamesjolt17. It doesnt matter how many girlfriends you have gone through, and how long you have gone out with them for. Not having had your first kiss yet is not really that big a deal. Wait for that special girl and then when you are both ready, and comfortable with each other, go on a romantic date, and at the end, lean in and kiss her, that way if it isnt great (which you cant expect it to be since it is your first time) you dont have to put up with the embarrassment of it being a bad first kiss. My first kiss was horrible! It was with a guy I didnt have feelings for, I wasnt ready, and I ended up kissing somewhere between his lip and nose (how embarrassing!!!). I guess the point is, now I have become more comfortable with kissing, and consider myself quite good at it. The art of kissing will come with time and practice, so dont worry if yours isnt like it is seen in the movies!
lol. it took my boyfriend like 3 or 4 tries to actually kiss me :p i kept turning my face away cuz i was so embarrassed :D i didnt know how to kiss :p lol
annietrojan4 years ago
i had my first kiss yesterday but the guy i kissed he is a reali close friend and all and i do like him and he told me he liked me too but like he has a gf and has been dating her for 6 mounths now and cares for her alot but has cheated on her b4 like 3 times already. well anyways heres how the kiss went: well i went home with my friend and he comes and hangs out with us and like he took my lip gloss(i should metion im 13 too i think) and hes like if u want it back youll hav to kiss me and im all shy and just like turning red smileing leaning against the wall and like my friends behind him like making hand movemnet say "kiss him" and like well i did eventually kiss him. but also my friend went inside(we were on her fount door way. and we end up kissing again and then she comes outside again and goes down stairs(she lives in apartment upstairs) and we kiss again but like i toatlly messed up and i feel bad cuz just a few days b4 that i had been giving him gf advice and all and idk wat to do cuz we treated each other like bro and sis b4 this but now in a week after spring break is ova im scared itll b a lil akward and all idk wat to do help ple :/
just talk to him like you normally would :) im going out with my like best friend (and ive told him everything. guys ive liked, what to do about it, my terrible personality of flirting WAY too much :/ haha) and its been about a week and a half (you can read my comment above ;)) but yea. you may want to let him know that you want to be the one and only and you aint gonna be his little "affair" ;) gotta add some control in there :D
Very enjoyable and educational article.I was impressed with the majority of comments.Keep up the good work and I will be back to Blog in the near future.
Eirwyn4 years ago
This is the sweetest instructable I've ever seen <3 huzzah kissing!
2hot2hack4 years ago
four all you noobs out their (like me) this is your guide
vincent75204 years ago

ALWAYS !!!!…

Simply express your feelings with it ! …
That's all ! …

And if you feel there is something awkward but you know you share the same feelings just have a laugh, chuckle, give a big hug, and let you emotions go.

Remember a well learned kiss with no intention behind will always be A BAD KISS !…

So there is nothing to learn about.

I'm telling you from experience : I'm 63 and have been kissing passionately since I was 14… and not a single one was a miss, except when it a was bound to be, because there was nothing to share … 

Trust me : i'm French !…
this is really interesting to me. i always thought that first kisses would just come easy. (<--- has not had first kiss, lol). idk, i guess i've been reading too many books and fanfictions X) i'm fourteen and haven't kissed anyone- mostly just because I really don't know anyone I'd actually want to date (I blame the romance books)- but I always assumed that……idk, there wouldn't be this much thought or technique into it.

i also never really thought kissing was sucking solely on a persons lip, but hey, what the hell do i know? apparently nothing -.-
I have just got a boyfriend and i've not had my first kiss, we have been going out for 2 days and y friends are pressureing us to kiss cos they dont know i've never been kissed or kissed anybody, I want to but im scared I will do it wrong and with them watching I feel weird, he went to take my hand and make a move but I didnt realise and turned away and went off to my next lesson! i havent seen him since and and im worried I will mess up!! any ideas?? xxxx
umm thats hard to say umm win i had my first kiss (not long wat-so-ever ago) i was reali shy and like hiding my face away (u can read the comment below to c wat happened) but um next time u see ur bf just b urself and act how u normally do win ur around him u could even put a few signals out there that u wanna b kissed(that is if ur ready for it at the paticular time) and if ur scared of messeing up ur could always practice i queses? and plus if ur shy of doing it in frount of ur friends try to get somewhere where u to r alone and hanging out and all and like i quess dont try to force the kiss let it come natually win the moments right i quess thats all i can reali think off specaialy considering im not experinsed at all on this kinda stuff (even tho i give my friends gf/bf advise all the time)
Thank you for commenting but dw he tryed it the other day, he had his mates with him egging him on and then he just walked up and did it lol so its sorted, now gotta deal with meeting the parents ! lol jokes :) x
An Villain4 years ago
Why is this the most viewed Instructable?
eden butler4 years ago
I am dating a really nice boy and I'm pretty sure he wants 2 kiss me and I want 2 kiss him bak but I'm nervous ill screw up or he will think I'm strange 4 kissing him b cuz he's never had a kiss b 4 can some 1 help me plz?
i can help
okey , 1 ... stop writing with numbers , u only do that when ur gaming ;d 2 .. kiss him ... if he wants to than dont wait , go for it !
Lol, I don't even do that when I'm gaming. That's what headsets are for! ;D

Good luck to Butler!
Ok thanx sry
Yeh go for it! Dont be nervouse, if he judges you on the kiss, sorry to say, but he probably likes you for all the wrong reasons! Dont stress over guys, they usually arnt worth it... Apart from the occasional few haah
ramuravi4 years ago
i am 21 i completed one kiss
ARJOON4 years ago
omg lol, first kiss for me was very embarassing
just tell him, and he will, r just wait for it to happen, no harm in that
Sandra884 years ago
Ok thanx sry
My girlfriend's dad has just died and I want to show her that I care but flowers and chocolate won't do it. Any suggestions?
Just be there for her and her family, flowers and chocolate are just small comical things that wont matter. Simply listening and holding her close will mean the world to her. Good luck :(
Hi I'm new.
Anways, first of all do you like her? If so find a time that's right and just think of you gf.
Alzeido5 years ago
I'm 17, never had a girlfriend and never had my first kiss (if you think i'm sad, i honestly dont care) I've spent countless hours, days even a month or two, researching and looking up kissing+ beyond and since i've never talked about it i figured who not here, i've wanted to kiss someone for a long time now, and everywhere i look everything says practice on your arm/mirror/back of hand etc. and to me hnest, i have too much self respect for that. it may seem like i've made up my mind about this but i really couldn't be more lost on the subject. for those of you who still dont understand me, (i'm English get a dictionary.) i want to know how to kiss well, and not mess up first time. i plan in giving all my firsts, to one girl and one girl only. in short, i want to fine "The One" and have her as my first, my last and my everything. and to be honest, i think i'm close, hence why i'm researching this again. Any tips? 1 liners? 4 page essays?
oww (: i like your lines boy.. dont worry im 18 and i never ever had a boyfriend,, i could have to but i didnt like them :/ Also want the first with a person who i heart. i dont want to make faster. u know, everything has perfect time.. furthermore i live in country which is not my hometown.. its not important to be the boy from the same culture.. rather have to be honest, unselfish and clever.. okey.. ill write later ( :
wow, really? i never thought there'd be girls out there that are older than... well, 12 and havn't has a boyfirend/kisses/lost their virginity. i'm in england so yeah.. im a crime against nature here i guess haha. whats even more suprising is you have roughly the same idea about this as i do lol, i think.
I really admire your high standards! (I'm not joking) and yes, there are girls out here who are not little sluts and have integrity. I understand you problem because i recently moved to the UK and tons of my friends are literally asking me how many guys I've slept with, no kidding. Don't worry about your first kiss cuz if you are really into that person, it will come naturally! Practicing is overrated; you're not trying out for a movie. And whatever you do, don't settle for anything less then what your heart tells you & don't base your relationship on physical attraction. It's better if they have the same interests as you i.e. traveling, volunteering, arts, music...whatever! Cheers and good luck!
why can't more prople be as agreeing and normal as you instead of "oh look boobs/penis Lets have sex!" people with self respect are awesome!
I agree completely! It really annoys me how teenagers just throw away their virginity like it doesnt mean anything and at rediculous ages! Most of the time they dont an inch of self respect and they give the rest of us decent teenagers a bad name.
Good to see at least 3 out of the thousands of people on this site think the same.
can i get your msn? anyone who thinks this say i have to add ^^
jane91 Alzeido4 years ago
First of all I think you're putting a lot of focus on kissing technique. Don't get me wrong, knowing how to kiss is important, but you should concentrate on being the type of person she wants to kiss. If she likes you and wants to kiss you, then even if the first kiss is not perfect, she'll be willing to practice until it gets better. I would guess that the first kiss with anyone is never perfect and it goes from good to better as you get more comfortable with each other. Another good source of info is
which has more tips on kissing at how to kiss.
my first real kiss was with someone who had kissed before its a bad idea for your first kiss to be your everything most girls you age have gone alot farther then kissing. the way i did my first kiss was i hugged her (she was upset about something) put my head on the side of hers i put my head up i looked into her eyes tilted my head and kissed her it worked perfectly... she grabbed my tie and pulled me in for another kiss. hopefully that helps but its not so much the technique, its about your timing for your first kiss. dont over think it keep it simple.
believe it or not man your comment was exactally what i was looking for. thanks for the advice.
youre welcome. if you need anymore help on this subject, just ask.
heh, i can never get too much help on any subject. anything you can say i'll appreciate.
to be honest just go with what you think will be the best there is no perfect way to kiss i mean your first one could just be fast but there is no teling what will hapen what i mean is just go with it and your mind will lead the way trust me...
Dude i think that's wierd that i have the exact same situation with my gf. my first kiss w/her was soooo freaking awkward :( but i hope this ible will help!
Shut up and wing it! Scripts are no fun because you want to stick to them. Make like MacGyver and Improvise!
but that way i wont be able to make her feel good, and that's what i want to do.
You guys are really over thinking all of this. To be honest you are going to botch it the first time most likely anyway, but that is what makes it special. Just, relax trust your instincts, and enjoy the moment. It only happens once :-)
kissing should be a natural thing if u dont know how to kiss. dear gracious robots.. you should probably get some help. like... promptly
or you should just start dating someone that actually knows how to kiss.
SoLenn4 years ago
I think this is kinda awkward to say but I'm 20 and I never had my first kiss. Though I had two boyfriends in the past. There were attempts but I felt like not kissing them. Maybe I never really loved them, I just don't know. I feel like giving it to someone deserving, like a husband material perhaps. Anyways, this site amuses me. *wink*
Meh meh4 years ago
im … nd iv been rejected by my friend(girl obviously) a few times all ready nd im really annoyed… wat shud i do
elelelel5 years ago
hay, ahh i could really use some help! well there is this new guy at school and his from England and he is like super cute! he is in the year above me and the other day i walked past hi and gave him a kind of i'm interestested smile and he checked me out!!! and then that night he was talking to me on facebook... and whenever i see him i just smile at him and he smiles back i really wanna take things to the next level any ideas?
xw239 elelelel4 years ago
Ya don't freeze up. don't clench up your lips or close your mouth completely. oh and actually turn your head. doing it another two times won't freaking change anything. practice on whateverthehell and your actual partner. you have to make it special. i totally f***d that up. you have to really like him/her.
jonecp75 years ago

Hi im Jonee I love to sing  and i never kissed a boy for two reasons my mom will not let me have a botfriend until im 25 :( .

And I live in Riverside so there is not a lot of people there.

And oh im homeschooled too at RVS aplace where u do ur hm on the cumputer.

So that is me so Peace.

jonecp7 jonecp74 years ago
Thank for the Reply.It means a lot to me. And by the way i did had a bf but he was a jerk. O and im in love with a guy name Anderew but i don't if he likes me.Were close friends and i went it to stay that way until he does tell me that he like me or not?
Billgun jonecp74 years ago
25 wtf your parents must be mental because your a adult at 21 so go kiss get a bf and have fun in life your parents can't tell you anything
I homeschool too!

Get a chatbot to date you!
Yeah who cares! just rebel!
who cares about you parents just do what you want seriously go out and meet a guy!
u no ive been going out with the same girl since 4th grade my parents just say "dont make the mistake of a lifetime and....." well u no i dont want to get a little graphic but i say screw it just find "the one" no matter what also im in the 8th grade think about it my first and only relationship has gone on since 4th grade to 8th grade and nothing has ever gotten between us and i just turned 13 yesterday. so.... yeah ^-^
yyaayy jonecp75 years ago
25? Dont let that happen. If your forced to wait then the oldest is 18 because then your an adult.
Wait - Are you kissing a mirror? I feel sorry for you....
hi everyone how are you all? i wonder if you could help me
there is this boy called brad and i have asked him out 3 or 4 times now
each time he says no
i relly love him as he is so handsom and fit but i dont think he likes me
the first time i asked him out was the 17th of dec 2009 i asked him out in a christmas card it was sooooooooo humiliating because he told my best friend who he asked out the next day agggghhhh
he is now a single pringle and so am i!!!
please can you help meeeeeeeeee!  
honey you don't need to kiss when you're 12

PS look at your username
HONEY ITS OK! im in ur position too and its soo frustrating, the best way to get his attention is by just going up and snogging the face off him!
ummm realy i wouldnt say single pringle but if thats what works down wherever you live okay then go with it and another thing dont get to clingy guys hate that or most of them do and i am not trying to b mean just to let u no
If it didnt work the first time, it probably wont work the next few times.
are you friends with him? if not get 2 know him first and if he still doesn't like youu move on or make him jelous by goin out with sum1 nse and pretend ur proper serious ;)
gladys455 years ago
OMG.... 1. I don't want to see the photos in this instructable. 2. people, if u havn't kissed an instructable WILL NOT teach you... only kissing will... get outside and kiss someone, preferably someone who wants you to kiss them
slithien5 years ago
how is this instructables most viewed thing on the whole site
Saturn V5 years ago
About as warm and gooey as a good Cinnamon Bun?
Blahblah15 years ago
Yeah my friends I love them buy some of them are straight whores but they are always talking about this kind of stuff and I wanna have my first kiss really badly but I don't wanna just throw it away like my whore friends did so idk what to do and I am really uncomfortable tlking about so that's why I came here...: /
Blahblah15 years ago
Hey, so I have never kissed anyone and it really bothers me. It's just that all of my friends go out and do stuff with all these guys and I feel left out whenever they talk about it. Maybe it's just me but it really upsets me. Lastly, I do not know if I am pretty or not but I have been told that i am by different people a handful of times. I think that I might have something wrong with me...any advice/help?
i think u better try it.now a days this kissing stuff become just like a nature thing,so we can't do any thing about that.the only choice is to try it&became familier with that.but u know wat i really like u b/c u've the same idea like had before.just believe me &do it.if u really want to get through it.
Ysh. I feel the same way. If your told by anyone that your pretty, you have to belive them. They're saying that to make you feel good about yourself. YOu have to like what you look like cause your stuck with it forever. I hope I helped. Woah. Kinda deep for me.
It is not a crime if you haven`t kiss anyone before and there is no need to feel left out or ashamed; it is always best if you take the time to learn how to appreciate your body, and emotion, these will help understand that kissing someon is not a game since it is involved a lot of emotions.People can tell that you are beautiful but you need to believe that yourself otherwise guys or girls will take advantage of you by telling you that you are special or make feel special so they can get what they want and then move on to the next one. You need to believe in yourself so you can control your emotions and know when to say " I am not going to that " because kissing can lead to other things. love yourself ...YOUR FRIENDS ARE PROBABLY LYING
LevenThumps5 years ago
Yah. I agree with all of you guys. I've never kissed anyone before. I think it's a bit soon since I'm only 12, so I want to know what you think. How old should you be to kiss? Everyone around me is 'making out' and everything, and I feel weird when they talk about it. I like this guywell, I've liked him since 4th grade and he likes me to. What dopmI do? I feel awkward.
ChantaLL5 years ago
hey guys, i wanna ask u to help me..if u could. im a bit nervous from my first kiss.. maybe im not alone.. some of u have the same prob. it funny cuz im waiting 4 it and in the same time im nervous :D i dont know. when any boy want to be closer or leaned to me my heart LL beat faster.. :D pls any think or advice u have just share with me thanks
dont be nervous....dont look nervous.....just let it happen and kiss him...it so fun haha.....one more thing JUST GO 4 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
:D :D thank you.. i ll remember this, when it ll be happened :D and iLL tell you every news what LL happen ((: have a nice summer time ;)
wer r u from?
missymo5 years ago
um hey well im 15, never had a bf, never kissed anyone i like this guy and we talk all the time online, not as much in person coz theres not much of a chance to see him :( but im not sure if he like me and i know i should tell him how i feel but i dont want things to be weird between us, and i dont want to lose our friendship. i feel like im ready for a relationship and i will se how it goes from there when im in one. im shy so its hard for me to talk to guys and i dont have many guy friends. all my friends have had boyfriends, and i dont want one just because of that, i want one because im in love. i want to see how it will go with this boy but im not to sure. plz reply bye xx
hey girl just tell him i like you and if you dont like me we can still be friends but if u really like me like love me would you want to go out thats what you should say wel something like that just dont be nervous and say thats stuff and if he says no try not to be upset and remember you will get a byfriend soon and like i have one right now and i am like really in love and we have kissed all the ways u can and like when i had my first boyfriend i was really nervous but it all came through fine then he dumped me and i was upset for days but you know what you just deal with it and it all turns out fine and you know you will get a good guy soon and if you do ask the boy u like out i hope it goes well girl
heyyy um yeah thanks for all that so yeah bad new about him found out he doesnt like me but you know i still like him i dont know what to do now do i wait for him or do i move on?
metal-child5 years ago
sooooo i am now going out with my best friend that i became really close to over the past year and a half and i plan on today having our first kiss. im nervous because its been sooo long since i had my last kiss. i was 10 and im 16 now XD. i dont remember how it happend i just remember the girl wanting more. it came natural so all the guys and girls its ok to be nervous just not shaking in ur shoes nervous
yyaayy5 years ago
and also this girl wants to kiss me and I want to kiss here but I am nervous.. and like I said I am afraid imma bad kisser
how do you know ur a bad kisser isnt she gonna be yo first kiss????? ha ha
yyaayy5 years ago
Im worried to have my first kiss because I am afraid I am a bad kisser (Im 14)
DONt be affraid dude just close in on her and make out haha...i was 12 when i made out whit a HOT chick who wanted to kiss me and i wanted 2 kiss her sooo.....just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
er34985 years ago
i'm a big fan of justin bieber i hope i can kiss him someday like on my b day
...........oh my gawd...ew.
bernaaaa er34985 years ago
good luck on that i mean it
cubanmm5 years ago
Ok, im 13, I have been close to having my first kiss with many girls but I told myself I wanted to save it for the one girl I love, she talks to me every once in a while and we text alot, but I dont see a sign of a real relationship between me and her. She has been my friend since 1st grade and she doesn't want to ruin our friendship, what should I do?
 if u are 13 and haven't kissed anyone yet then that is kind of sad. I am 11 and have kissed many times, but with your friend you should not date her because you cant date anyone in the friends zone. If you date them then it gets awkward all the time and when you break up then you guys don't stay as friends any more and then you ignore each other or look at each other then go away without saying a word. My advice is to find someone else because you have your whole life ahead of you to find the right girl and you will date many girls during that time. Don't go out with her and just hang out unless both of you feel the same way then give it a try.
Um, Heeey 
thats not actually true me and myy friend went out now we r best mates and it's just like it was before we went out and i'm just like you when i was 11 i had been out with loads of ppl and kissed quite a lot too but that doesn't mean every1 has to they have their own time, it will come and when it does it'll be worth it :)
ok really, i dont get how its so sad if you havent kissed anyone by the age of 13. oooh your 11 and you've kissed! BIG DEAL! doesnt make you cool! and you shouldnt be too proud either. now days 13 year olds are getting pregnant so i think its better to save your first kiss until your older and know what your doing. (without this stupid guideline thing) so italiankid77 i think your being a little harsh here and cubanmm i think its nice that you want to save it for the girl you love. MY OPINION!
Dude, it is not sad if he has not had his first kiss yet if he is only 13, it just means you happen to be very kissable in the eyes of many girls, therefore you have kissed many girls at the age of 11. It's not bad to not have had your first kiss even if you are 23, everyone is different, learn that. I'm 14 and I haven't had my first kiss yet, but I will soon.
Notice I said I "could" have kissed many girls, but I decided not to.
ok i have had a boyfriend and we have known eachother for a while and we were friends at first but our relatonship grew over the years. i think you just need to wait a little longer and get to know eachother a little more and see where it takes you good luck and i hope you 2 will get together and if not dont let this ruin your friendship.
hey look i know u are hearing alot of this "your young" speach. But look at it, its the truth. Everything will fall into place. Im 18 right now and i have only had 2 boyfriends my whole life. I had my first one when i was 16. I didnt have my first kiss untill then either. Its ok. No big deal. And as for you liking your best friend. If you have feelings for her, just tell her. Take her for a walk or something, or write her a letter ( not a whole lot of things that i can think of that you can do at 13, im just a few years older than that and have the memory span of a gold fish =]) and seriouly tell her your feelings. You wont be considered a wimp, or anything like that, girls in general like it when you tell them how you feel, we generaly feel as though we can tell you anything and everything and guys will understand. Just try that and if she makes fun of you then she's not really a good friend because good friends wont do that. And if she dose not feel the same about you, then just take a step back to regain your pride and move on, maybe you were ment to just be friends, and there are bigger and better things out there for you.
bennett0126 years ago
ive never foundt kissing all that complicated
dude im 13 and i kiss my girlfirend like average 30 -40 times a day and not just peck or butterfly i mean like deep throut the tongue man... its great XD
i have kissed like that lots of times dude and it is fun aye
sup kearan
lol nice,check out my gun ible.. its my BIG one
same i find it quite easy actually and the guys i kiss seem 2 like it so i must be doin it right
Some people like you or me, may be gifted with what some people call, BORN TALENT. lol. I'm jk, but I don't find it hard either.
Yes, as long as you don't try to imitate the BIG SCREEN kissing (in movies).....most of that is just awkward. ;-)
lol. Goodhart you are awesome....
Thanks :-) I did hear some actress once say that movie kissing is not very, um, pleasant....much of the time :-)
hah. That stinks. You still get paid for it, though...
..thats what she said... =P ...or he...
 lol.. me neither
hell yea its easy az 123
Loganltl15 years ago
hey guys im really nervous about my first kiss and i know my girlfriend wants to kiss me and i want to kiss her butt i dont know when the time is right to do it i mean her b day is coming up soon and i want her b day to be perfect 4 her need advice please ):
Best time for a first kiss is when the two of you are alone I think. You can tell her you're nervous before you kiss too, she'll be feeling the same and it will probably help to relax you both! I don't know if this is your first kiss but I would say it doesn't have to be long or with tongues or anything! Not like in Hollywood :) Just a few soft kisses on the lips and take it from there! Ah the memories lol You'll do great!
pancakemix when i had my first kiss it was with a boy named justin and he cheated on me and he was like my first ever boyfriend and he was the first person to ever break my heart and it has been a year since then and i have a new boyfriend now me and him go in my room and kiss all day sometime soft kisses on the lips and sometimes tongue and it was mine and his anniversary today and he got me a teddy and i got him a card and a stuffed love heart and people say when u give each other gifts it means you really love them dosent it
well I was nervous about my first kiss... Just remember that once you do it you will be glad that you did!!!!! GO FOR IT! kiss her brains out... just don't do it in front of people haha i learned that the hard way! anyway hope this helps!
eggster35 years ago
wired advice but if it works 4 ppl i dont argue im 15 and never kissed a girl and never had a gf
dont worry u'll find some one...im the same except opposite....15, never kissed a guy and no bf and 15...anyway u'll find some1 every1 does
Hi trust me waiting is worth it don't become a girl who is just added to a guys score sheet, you're special and deserve to be kissed by someone who really loves and cares about you. So give yourself a couple more years before getting emotionally and physically involved with a guy.
ja i agree once there was a kid and he loved me soo much that on our first "date" (i didn't date him he smokes) he tied to have sex with me , i only love justin bieber huge fan not obsessed
emomarzy er34985 years ago
lol ik but i now hav a bf and i am taking it slow
ik but it doesnt help that a friend thats younger then me isnt virgin anymore
good good good good good good good good 100% ur not weird it might be that you are not ready for a relationship yet give it time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea i went to a nightclub like last week and a guy kissed me, i thought it was really weird at first but then i liked it :) x
Is it normal to feel a bit weird after your first game of tonsil hockey, like it was somehow not quite right?
Of course it's normal. It was a new experience and this can often lead to many unexpected feelings. The more often you do it the more comfortable you'll get with it.
I have a problem. I'm 14 and never been kissed, or been in any form of intimacy (heck, I'll be honest.) I really have liked my best friend for a good number of years, I am pretty sure its love, not lust, as I am always having these dreams about him. Not sexual dreams, just dreams where he could hold me in his embrace, and its wonderful.
Anyway, him and I where playing the Nintendo, and he was playing. I was sitting at his side, not touching. He was holding the Nintendo over his crotch area and I thought, "Well that's odd" until I realized he was having a huge boner. He caught my eye, and he looked like he may have gone for a kiss, but I looked away suddenly, and carried on life as normal. Was that sad? Or should I have taken advantage of the situation? (Also, does the erection suggest that he was having sexual thoughts about me? Because that look in his eye... I hope not.)
Presumably the boy was 14 aswell, prepubescent boys experience 15-20 erections a day. These are usually caused by the penis growth more so than the person they're with. No it isn't sad you didn't take your chance. You'll probably get another chance if you wait. Kissing easy, just don't be too forceful when you go for it.
l96470fps5 years ago

coulda done with this a long time ago xD on rare occasion i forget to close my eyes lol, but no probs with kissing, thanks for the tips,great ible

sexyhayes6 years ago
i lik dis guy but i dnt no if he liks me bac hhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllpppppppppppp lik we hang out nd r relly good friends but if it doesnt work out wat wil happen lik he flirted wit me 1ce please help me?????????????????????
hay all you guys i have some news i have had more than sex with my  bf

ther is no more than sex whats wrong with you are u mad?
Hi don't know how old you are but, hope you're not a teen and that this person truly loves you and is not just using you you're worth more that that.
how do u av mor dan sex????
w3ll tAke a riSk aNd fiNd Out iF h3 lykSz yOuy baq!!! iF it dOs3nt wOrk Out d3n O well th3r3sz alOt mOre fiSh iN d33 sea!!!! th3r3sz sumOne fOr evryOne if itSz meant tO be it wiLL be!!! ;) if yOu need mOre helP juSz aSk me iLL be hAppty tO help ive qOne thru sO muCh with quySz!!
how old are yuu
shygirl1175 years ago
 hey ppl. im only 13, and i need some advise. 
i have an ex bf and he is mad at me for some reason, i dont know why, but after i broke up with him, he kept telling ppl i didnt know that we went out and he dont like me. but he wont tell ppl why he dont like me. the bad side of this is that we have alot of class together and we dont even look at each other. but sometimes ive caught him looking at me then i roll my eyes at him( lol). but now that i look back on it, i still have feelings for him, and almost the whole school knows wats going on between us(Bcuz of him). idk wat to do now, remember i am the shyest person in the world, and i want him to say something to me so that i can tlk to him. wat should i do?!?!?!

you are still young to concentrate on boys pass your matric and then you'll decide on bfs and having sex.

mercy20126 years ago
im 15 and i like this boy but we never kissed what should we do
well u should be friends with the guy before u kiss him :).
well aree yu guys even foingg out or do yu guys talkk o wat??
Pfff Ask Him Out?
have a baby
ask him if he has ever kissed b4 and maybe try to kiss
zascecs5 years ago
People are really desperate to know how to kiss....

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mlcclm095 years ago
it's true tell, her. I liked a girl in 4 grade, and her friend tricked me into telling her i like her. She just said okay and were still friends.
gamasand6 years ago
im 13 years old and i have a crush on this girl for a long time ,we are friends but i think she only wants to be friends shes very nice and funny and im a nervous reck around her and i could never be myself

go to her and say are u want to be girlfriend with me and say very nice but never ask her front of her friends!

this is a option for guys who wants girls!
justt relaxx try to actt like shes justt any other friendd and be yourself make it a little obvious that yu like her but nott to muchh thenn just waitt andd see if she flirts backk or any kindd of responds youll get your answer sooner or later
awe! thats so great! i was friends with this guy, and i really liked him for a long time! i always thought about how i would ask him out and, considering im a dork, i even wrote it down and showed my sister. one day when coming home from kennywood, he asked me out. it turned out he liked me for a long time, too, but was too afraid to ask. so, you never know what she's going to say or what she wants until you actually ask. the worst she can say is no. it seems like tv, like zoey101, says if you ask it could ruin your friendship, but thats actually not true! so my advice to you would be, don't think about what she could say or what could happen. don't let striking out keep you from playing the game, and NEVER give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about.
im 13 and a girl and i think u should tell her how she makes u feel like saying that ur a nervous reck around her and u cant be urself...... she will probably laugh thinking that its cute how u feel that way...... it will make it easier to talk to her knowing that she understands how u feel cuz everyone goes through the same problem that ur goin through and it will be easier to be urself.
confused...5 years ago

Sitting in the car on the way to the store

I checked my phone as I began to get bored

Seeing a message from you made me smile

“I haven’t spoken to you in awhile”

After my agreement I tried to make talk

But all you wanted to say was “it’s time to walk”

What do I do, what do I say

I thought I did everything okay

I said alright but it wasn’t fine

I thought he would forever be mine

Recollecting myself I gathered my thoughts

What is it to my life that you brought?

Was it happiness or delightful cheer?

Was it nice in any way to have you near?

I gave you everything I gave it my all

If that’s not enough I’m glad you didn’t stall

And I know it may sound weird, it may sound strange

However there’s not one thing I would change

Cause you gave me the power, you made me strong

And therefore, you did no wrong

Although I chose you, such a ham

You helped me realize how valuable I am

lilsean5 years ago
just feel around his thigh area and things will happen and soon he will take charge of the situation