Step 4: Post Kiss

Picture of Post Kiss
The post kiss is a lot like the pre kiss state, but more warm and gooey.

If you enjoyed the kiss show your partner that you liked it by smiling and/or holding their hand.

If you are going to kiss again keep things energized by maintaining physical contact with your partner even though you have pulled your lips away. For multiple kisses its ok to do the same thing over and over, but it's better to change things up a little bit. Here are some variables to think about modifying:

  • angle of approach
  • speed of kiss
  • length of kiss
  • kiss firmness/intensity
  • lip positioning (The first kiss is often a dead on approach, but offsetting one set of lips either up, or down can lead to a nice interlocking kiss where one partner's lips are nestled within the "lip valley" of the other partner's lips.)
  • hand placement
  • body placement

If you are done kissing for a little while just stare into your partners eyes and enjoy what the two of you just shared. Hopefully it will be the first of many and the twinkle in your eye as well as the smile on your face should make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Image credits: English106
Saturn V5 years ago
About as warm and gooey as a good Cinnamon Bun?
bubbles=D5 years ago
this crap doesnt work i tried it with my beau and he smacked forheads, i was so embarrassed
i just want to kiss a boy so bad! ive never had a boyfriend cause im sooo ugly and my cat told me im a bad kisser. i dont know what to do. but these tips have helped me my cat is all over me now so thank you so much im moving on to french kissing now! woooooo! :D
You have just inspired me so much! i totally know what you are going through! i hate being this way but i think i will give up my cat and go on to better things! maybe a man but we don't want to rush things! you know we should meet up sometime! where do you live?
under your bed ;) come meet me sometime
you are creepy but ok i will see you soon! ;)
yesssssssssssss im ugly too!
dsavi6 years ago
Haha, this is like an engineer's approach to kissing. :D Especially that bulleted list up there, "Angle of approach", "kiss firmness/intensity". :P Thanks for writing this, I see you had fun in the process.