These are two basic stitches you’ll learn when first starting out knitting. They are easy and fun, and will form the foundation of all your knitting knowledge! I’ve included 2 videos below for each stitch. Practice them a few times, and you’lll be clicking those needles like you’ve been doing it for years! Knitting is such a wonderful world with endless possibilities…here’s to your journey!

You can watch the videos above to learn, or follow the photo tutorial below!

Step 1: How to Do the Knit Stitch, and a Rhyme to Remember!

Knitting is a lot like purling, only reversed! I remember a rhyme a friend told me when I first learned to knit: “Go through the front door, & around the back, peek through the window, & off jumps Jack!”
This really helped me remember all of the steps! I’m sure people in public that saw me saying this to myself, thought I looked strange! LOL

Step 2: ​You Will Create a “V” When You Knit As Shown Below

Always start with your yarn held to the back when beginning a knit stitch. Steps 1-4 will show you how to knit a stitch.

Step 3: “Go Through the Front Door”, Then Criss Cross Your Needles, With the Right Needle to the Back.

Step 4: "and Around the Back"

Step 5: Bring Right Needle Under Loop & Drop Loop Off Left Needle. “Peek Through the Window & Off Jumps Jack!”

Step 6: How to Purl, & Another Rhyme to Remember

Purling is also very simple to do, & will create a “purl bump” as shown below. Here is the fun purling rhyme to help you remember: “Under the fence, catch the sheep, back we come, off we leap!”

Step 7: “Under the Fence”

Step 8: “Catch the Sheep”

Step 9: “Back We Come”

Step 10: “Off We Leap!”

Step 11: Now You Know How to Knit and Purl!

I hope this helps you keep your needles clicking! What rhymes or tricks helped you? Let me know by commenting below.

Happy Knitting!

I have taught many to knit mover the years ... This is brilliant
That is what happens to mine. Please help
I don't get it! Whenever I Pearl there is always one row of what looks like knit in the middle of it
With your instructables everyone can learn knitting. In dutch we say: insteken, omslaan, doorhalen, af laten gaan but I prefer the English rhyme it's more fun.
<p>Oh thank you so much, I love that! :)</p>

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