Picture of How to Knit a Minion
Everybody needs their own army of minions.... even if they are only tiny knitted stuffed ones.
If you can weild a couple of knitting needles, manage a knit and purl stitch... and have a desire to rule the world... this should be a simple task.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
You will need:

Size 4mm knitting needles
Yellow, Blue, Black, and Grey DK Yarn.
1 goggle eye
Needle to sew it up
Crochet hook to make the front of the pants.

You won't need a lot of each yarn.  The most is the yellow, and less than 50gm is needed.

Terms used:
stst - Stocking Stitch.  Alternating rows of Knit and Purl Stitches
k - knit
p - purl
k2tog - Knit 2 Together

Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs
Legs - make 2

Cast on 10
Stst 4 rows in black
Stst 6 rows in blue

Slide 2 legs together

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body
K1, k1 front and back, repeat over whole row
Stst 9 rows blue

Stst 22 rows yellow

Stst 3 rows black

Stst 9 rows yellow
K2 tog over whole row
Purl whole row
K2 tog over row. Cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn, pull tight.

Step 4: Overall Front

Picture of Overall Front
Overall front
Using a crochet hook, pick up 9 stitches on the front of the minion, in the last row of blue.

Stst 9 rows
Cast off.

Step 5: Eye Surround, Arms, and Straps

Picture of Eye Surround, Arms, and Straps
Eye surround
Cast on 4 stitches in grey.
Stst 23 rows
Cast off
(You can use icord for this.  You may want to google how to do this, as it involved double pointed needles, and in my experience, getting caught up in your knitting and going slightly crazy)

Arms - make 2
Cast on 12 in yellow
Stst 10 rows yellow
Stst 4 black
K2 tog over row, cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn, pull to tighten.

Straps - make 2
Cast on 3 in blue
Stst 34 rows
Cast off.
LDJacobs1 year ago
Wanted to share my finished minion with you. Will be gifting it to my 7-year-old sin tomorrow for the 7th night if Hanukkah.
13, 9:24 PM.jpg
How long did yours turn out to be?
alexbrig201 month ago
So when you stst does it come up with 40 rows since you are alternating (1 stst =1 knit and 1 pearl?) I just normal knitted it and it is turning out to be very small in the yellow part of the torso.
glennevis8 months ago

Hi, what size eye do I need to buy for the minion? Thanks.

mattbuick1 year ago
How much would you charge for this little guy??
Juanamac (author)  mattbuick1 year ago
​I now have them listed on etsy -

But conning a knitter into making one for you is always a good option.

hi, could someone tell me were to buy the goggle eye please, my wife has knitted the doll but cant find anywhere to buy one,,

Juanamac (author)  william freeman1 year ago

I get mine from a local craft store. But there is also a wide selection on
This is adorbs! So well done and in knitting too! I always feel knitting critters is so much harder than crocheting them so bravo!
LDJacobs1 year ago
Sorry there! That's son (not sin)!!! Thanks so much for posting this! :-D
Maybe, I'll take this one on, after I knit an Instructables Robot.
LDJacobs1 year ago
I'm working on this now, and it seems to be awfully small. You used DK yarn ... Is that American or English DK?
Juanamac (author)  LDJacobs1 year ago
That is a good question! I'm in New Zealand, so it's probably an English DK... 8ply if that helps.

The finished minion ends up at about 20cm tall.... Ish.
carriesdiy1 year ago
that's amazing!!
xitsxmex1 year ago
I absolutely love it!! Im so trying this.... minions rock! x
bigbowz1 year ago
so cute!
Kiteman1 year ago
Minions rock!