Step 1: Supplies

Pom Pom yarn
Knitting needles
Yarn needle
<p>Thanks for posting this. The rest of the how-to's online are all videos, and like a lot of people, I hate those. Most people prefer seeing it in text or images, NOT video. That's what I love about Instructables- simple, page to page how to's, not dumb videos</p>
<p>I've only cast on with two needle method but can u use it with pom-Pom wool too </p>
<p>hi.I found it easier to cast on and cast off, by starting the project with yarn the same colour as the pom pom yarn,.Then attach the the pom pom and continue knitting wth that, between the strands Then I join the other yarn, at the end and knit a</p><p>Row and cast off, (bind off),</p><p>I hope this may help somone</p>
<p>Please could you advise me where I could purchase this style wool.Xx</p>
This is my first instructables so sorry of it isn't the best quality :)

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