If anyone who is still breathing has not seen the movie Tombstone this may come as a surprise, but you can, indeed, roll a coin down the knuckles of your hand. It's very simple to learn, but takes a bit of patience and practice.  This instructable will teach you how to do it.

Okay, so I really don't know if the real Doc Holliday ever actually rolled a coin across his knuckles while playing high-stakes poker, but it could have happened, right?  Frankly, who cares?  Val Kilmer did it while portraying Mr. Holliday in the movie and it has been cool ever since.  It may have been cool before, but things only get cooler after a movie star portraying a quick-drawing, intelligent, articulate, irreverent, hard-drinking, heavy gambling, and yet very sick gun fighter does it on the silver screen. 

This is not a terribly easy thing to describe in the written word alone so I have included a brief video of me performing the feat somewhat poorly, though passably.  But don't forget the Tombstone video either, as Val does a great job!  I apologize in advance for my ineptitude.  In my defense, however, I used to do this much better, but simply fell out of practice.  So now I can't do it well.  Add that to a growing list of things I used to be able to do and let's start!

(And yes, I know I need lotion.  It's cold in Indiana right now.)

Step 1: Choosing a Coin

The first step is choosing a coin.  The coin size is important, as you will find out.  Too big or too small of a coin will not roll the correct way over your knuckles.  This is going to be an individual decision as we don't all have the same size fingers.  I find that an American half dollar works for me.  You may need something a little smaller or a little larger.  Experiment.  If you can't find something in your own nation's currency you can always try something from a different country.  Coin value makes no difference as people will be mesmerized more by your technique than the fact that you are in possession of a Golden dollar or whatever else you may procure (unless you are spending time with numismatics).
<p>I find a half dollar works for me as well. I have watched tombstone so many times and always wondered how he did that.... Now I know!! thanks for posting!</p>
Thought I'd point out another factor that can make this easier. A coin that has a ridged exterior (such as a quarter) that is not worn down will stick better while rolling. It acts like tread on a shoe.
Sweet. I've always wanted to learn this
I can do it, but VERY slowly. I'm getting better, though!
i now someone who can do it with both hands, at the same time<br>
Wow! that's amazing
This was helpful and awesome Thanks a lot. <br>PS: I reccomend Burt's Bees lotion.
i have sort of big hands for a chick but the gold dollar works well for me. thanks!
I used to be able to do this, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
I think my reflexes have gotten better since trying this, as I'm using them constantly, trying to catch the coin haha.
its very complicated with a quarter
This is a pretty cool trick! Also, you're very good at it. And my hands get dry in the winter too, much worse than yours. Anyways, cool 'ible!
I knew how to do this before the instructable, but this shows me another technique and now I can do it faster!
&pound;5 coin works well for me
Ps:I'm using this:
Man Jack sparrow is really good at this I mean its like he can do it 120 times in a minute but I can do the roll but not the pinky thing.
Ive got a ton of silver dollars and like coins... i definetely want to do this.
sweet instructable dude! i have always wanted to learn how to do that.&nbsp;
huh. i used to be able to (kinda) do this. (also inspired by tombstone) just never could quite figure out why i couldn't quite get it. now i know... coin size! thank you
Glad this helped you out! It takes a LOT of practice to get good at this. I wish you well.
Must be Val Kilmer's thing... he did this in Top Gun, Real Genius, and several other movies as well.
In Top Gun wasn't he flipping around a pen?
Nice instructable! I've always wanted to know how to do this trick.<br>Thanks!
Thank you, and you're very welcome. I've been wanting to make this for quite some time. Finally got around to it.

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