Hiring someone to lay tile in your home can cost upwards of $3,000 just for labor.  After a quick trip to a local hardware store, you can do it yourself in just one weekend.  Last week I had the opportunity to help my brother-in-law tile the bathroom in his new home.  I was amazed by how easy it was to lay tile.  By following these quick steps, you can also lay tile on your own and save on labor costs.  

Tools you will need:   pre-mixed concrete bags (amount depends on size of room), concrete mixer, hardy board, hardy board screws, tile, trowel, electric drill, 5 gallon bucket, grout float, and soft sponge.               

Step 1: Secure Hardy Board to the Floor

Lay the hardy board on the floor, then secure it to the floor using the hardy board screws and the electric drill.  

Note:  Each screw should be about 10 inches apart.  
<p>The number of mistakes, omissions and errors in this brief description makes me wonder if Instructables should employ a few professionals to limit the amount of damage that amateurs can cause. I can't believe this person claims you can tile a floor WITHOUT A TILE SAW. Idiotic.<br><br>There is a reason that professionals charge for their services, that being the obvious level of training, experience, the tools and materials they bring to the project. <br><br>Tile Doctor CA C-54 Lic. #901238</p>
of things: 1 - you only need the hardiback if your subfloor is wood, not if it is more solid (concrete, masonry). 2 - I also pur some adhesive between thehardiback and the subfloor, others don't but I like it that way :)
Well said! It is not hard at all to do. a couple o

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