How to Learn the First 100 Digits of Pi


Introduction: How to Learn the First 100 Digits of Pi

About: Mary Beth is a middle school math teacher in Putney, Vermont. Besides contemplating Pi and eating pie, she likes to do just about anything outdoors, including backpacking, bike riding, and rock climbing. Mar...

In this Instructable, you will use the Major Method to learn the first 100 digits of Pi.

Step 1: Decide You Want to Learn the First 100 Digits of Pi

Step 2: Choose a Method- We Will Use the Major System

Step 3: Create Words With the Sounds That Correspond to the Digits of Pi

Step 4: Continue This Process, Creating Sentences With About 20 Digits at a Time

Step 5: We Now Have Five Sentences That Correspond to the First 100 Digits of Pi

Step 6: Congratulations- You Now Know a Method That Is Sure to Impress!



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    Very nice graphics, Mary Beth. Looks rather professional.....I'm sure there is a way to use this system to remember the groceries when I forget the list....Hm.....what numbers would I use for the broccoli.....Mike B. or 28193815?

    Never mind Pi, tell us how you created those images!

    1 reply

    I used GoAnimate For Schools to create the images.

    Very interesting. I wonder if similar methods could also be used for increasing general memory? Anyways thanks for sharing!