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willwest2 years ago
what i do is i just eat something with a lot of colors and put my finger into my throat and puke it up
mason01903 years ago
The best way: Fake your own death and never have to go to school again, and start a new life in Iceland as a macaroni farmer!
hobbitboy3 years ago
if you say your stomach hurts you go to the nurse when they take your temp you use the termometer to poke your uvula and grab your stomach and fake gag pull it out and run to the tolite and barf WAMO you go home
King Julien4 years ago
Ketchup is not realistic enough. Make a fist in front of you and tilt your had to the side about 3 or 4 inches. Lightly smack it towards your nose repeatedly. This should cause a nose bleed on that side.
Please explain that more.
King Julien4 years ago
Drink milk, eat a hotdog, and drink orange juice before school. Barfing combo. :)
Mplinnc4 years ago
Dosent sond good.
Mplinnc4 years ago
Yeah tummy ache is diffrrent from Puke.
Fascion5 years ago
The only suggestion I see here that might actually work is the stomach ache; however, I would expect most people will over-act and ruin the whole thing.

Ketchup in the nose, fake puke and doctors note in the middle of class are only likely to make you spend more time in school after you rack up some detention hours and none will actually get you out of school unless you plan to make a break out of the front doors and risk truancy.

Pull the Fire Alarm and you risk not only disciplinary action from the school, but likely from law enforcement as well.

Your best bet is just to grin and bear it. Once you are at school, leaving can only get you into trouble. If you don't want to go to school... don't go to school.

When I was young, I had limited success exploiting my bad eyesight. On one occasion I hid my glasses in a stereo speaker and claimed to be unable to find them. To insure I would not get into trouble, I insisted I would be fine and actually left for the bus before my mom called me back to the house.
LkArio Fascion4 years ago
The only way not to go to school by your own choice, at least these days, if you can't convince your parents to home/unschool you, would be to run to the forest :)
Even not going to school is now illegal (AKA truancy).
"To insure I would not get into trouble, I insisted I would be fine and actually left for the bus before my mom called me back to the house." Those little details are what do it.
its ACTING! that is how you do it... perfect preformances like that. i applaud your childhood antics.
Soooooo; No shakespear?
Heywasup (author)  mrbob10005 years ago
Heywasup (author)  Fascion5 years ago
i no that i said i dont reccomend the fire alrm i no its the stupidest way to get out of school
No, the stupidest way would be to stab yourself in the lung
history3234 years ago
why would you want to get out of school its fun! ok well Id rather be doing something else but still,its fun!!!
Though some people like school, many hate it. Some people, like me, hate being controlled by the bell, the rules, we hate being treated as animals by the teachers and staff, though we may not necessarily hate learning. For some, it may be fun, but for others, it may be horribly boring, stressing, and irritating.
water puke... just chug a gallon of milk before class or try too, or 15 caprisuns, guaranteed to make you puke.
Wow, that chug 15 caprisuns thing made my stomach cringe...especially if they are the lemonaid kind!
Heywasup (author)  Instructi-Guy5 years ago
lol u guys have awsome iddeas
You could also drink tomato juce (enough to make you puke) and your teacher will think you have internal bleeding!
that might be a whole nother problem in itself. Another easy way to make yourself puke and more tangible to pack in a lunchbox is 2 bananas and 2 sprites as fast as you can.
oo and i love how i am his friend now :P but all the stuff i mentioned will make you puke right away, maybe even before you finish drinking/eating the stuff so lunch time would be your best bet if your gona try it. or during a class where your teacher allows snacking.
another way is to eat your lunch as fast as you can and run around in circles.
even better, drink about half a cup of lemon juice (yum!) and then a glass of milk. in about five minutes, you will be hungry form empty stomach.
Or, you could stab yourself in the lung.
Stabbing yourself in the lung induces vomiting? I am somewhat curious now lol
The only thing wrong with that is the teachers check if you have any type of carbonated beverage(they do in my school anyways) could mix clam chowder and some yellow and green food coloring combine that with some water to thin it out.
Or instead of vomiting while your trying to fake vomit, just drink a cup or two of milk and then a cup of orange juice the citric acid in the orange juice curtles the milk and upsets your stomach (drink the orange juice almost immediately after the milk, so that they make contact)
um did you hear about the science class that did that? they wanted to see what it would do to there body weight but instead they ended up in the hospital and bladder problems
make sure the caprisuns are warm as well
jon1233215 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Heywasup (author)  jon1233215 years ago
awsome ideas
What'd he say? It got removed
at my school if u pull the fire alarm it sprays some chemicals on ur hand that can be seen with a ultra violet lite, so if dere no fire u get caught. p.s.- someone at my school made a hitlist at my school, the person who made it was tracked down through their email by the FBI, so dont try that one. our pep rally was cancelled because of it :-(
you could mix washing powder and water then put it on someones hands then wear gloves to set the firealarm off and the liquid you put on someone will show up under uv light
Or block the whole that sprays the ink with a peice of cardboard or something.
don't do it with your hand use a stick or something
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