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Hi there! This Instructable shows you how to "download" any song you want to your computer, absolutely free.

From this Instructable, you'll be able to save to your hard drive your favorite music, expanding your music library.

Note: this system requires no outside reworking of your computer: no cables, no amps, nothing.

Step 1: How it Works

This system is called "internal recording." It's legal, free, and it's impossible to get a virus from it. (Then again, you are on a Mac, so this shouldn't be an issue.)

This system is the equivalent of plugging in a microphone and recording the music as it comes out of your speakers. However, this way, no quality is lost, because the audio being recorded has never actually left the sound card.

Legality: internal recording is legal under the DMCA, because it's essentially the equivalent of recording radio. (Note: I might be wrong, so don't sue me.)
 Errrm, the first computer viruis wasnt exactly for a mac, but an Apple II. Just goes to show.
Just remember that this is recording a compressed sound file from the digital to analog convertor and then the analog to digital convertor. The sound is going to be really bad quality. If that doesn't concern you, have at it. If it does, pay for the music at amazon.com (they sell MP3s the way they should be sold, DRM free).<br />
Hi, thanks so much for this, I actually was able to record a song! Now what I'm wondering is whether there might be a way of recording that would be of higher quality, as right now it is using the built-in microphone, and so the sound of the recording is a bit weak (it would probably be better if I had external speakers though) Thanks again! Caro
You shouldn't have to use external speakers with this system. DidSoundFlowerBed install OK?<br />
Well that just answered my question, I just hadn't gotten that far!
For PC users, there is a software called <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.polderbits.com/">http://www.polderbits.com/</a>.<br/>You only get a 30 day free trial, but it does the same thing: record the sound from your desktop! <br/><br/>Great instructable though!<br/>I'm off to test it on the girlfriend's imac!<br/>

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