Picture of How to Legally "Download" Music for Free (Mac)
This Instructable is for a Mac. If you're on a PC, click here.

Hi there! This Instructable shows you how to "download" any song you want to your computer, absolutely free.

From this Instructable, you'll be able to save to your hard drive your favorite music, expanding your music library.

Note: this system requires no outside reworking of your computer: no cables, no amps, nothing.

Step 1: How it Works

This system is called "internal recording." It's legal, free, and it's impossible to get a virus from it. (Then again, you are on a Mac, so this shouldn't be an issue.)

This system is the equivalent of plugging in a microphone and recording the music as it comes out of your speakers. However, this way, no quality is lost, because the audio being recorded has never actually left the sound card.

Legality: internal recording is legal under the DMCA, because it's essentially the equivalent of recording radio. (Note: I might be wrong, so don't sue me.)
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peterfan27 days ago

You can use YouTube Music Downloader,here is the coupon:

MihailB3 months ago

You can download legal mp3 from http://ivave.com. ivave.com is the online mp3 and FLAC (lossless) music store. Register today and receive $0.50 to your account for free to try our service!

abhay.bajaj6 months ago

The easiest way is to download from http://getsa.ga. Ad-free, no pop ups, and the widest library.

Do let me know how your experience was!

abhay.bajaj6 months ago

The easiest way is to download from http://getsa.ga. Ad-free, no pop ups, and the widest library.

Do let me know how your experience was!

IamRV.7 months ago

Want to download latest music ? Checkout this video. Download your favourite songs for FREE


PamC210 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Another way of downloading free music on mac is using apps like Any MP3 Downloader (http://any-mp3-downloader.en.softonic.com/mac), Youtube to MP3 downloader to download music!

bdettering4 years ago
It's a lot easier with Jaksta for Mac. http://jaksta.com

Jaksta for Mac will even tag the songs for you with artist, title, album etc. Incredibly slick.

Yes, Jaksta is a great option, and Audio Recorder for Mac is also very nice. It records music unlimited and identify ID3 effectively. Check here to find the guide: http://www.apowersoft.com/mac-audio-recorder

rickharris2 years ago
Sorry to rain on your parade but the legality of recording music depends on your country. In the UK as it stands at present it is even technically illegal to rerecord an album/CD/from the web any thing even if you ALREADY OWN it.

your copyright licence only covers the actual thing you bought.

If your strict you should pay a licence fee to allow anyone else outside your family to listen to your music.

There are similar laws in most other countries. with the exception that many are moving toward allowing you to rerecord an item you own but for your use only.

Recording ANYTHING from the web is almost certainly breaking copyright.


PS Audacity is great and works well on PCs too although can get confused if you have more then 1 sound card fitted.
Go to http://www.downloadmusicfrom-youtube.com They have a TON of info there that will help you understand the process.
What's 'LAME'
horsegal4 years ago
So trying this - set it up exactly as you said..... and its working (records & playsback) but i get no sound DURING the recording.... am i overlooking something obvious...?
can you explain step by step how to get the lame thing? cuz everything worked perfectly until i tried to export what i recorded it and it said I didn't have the lame library dingy :(
MacG5User6 years ago
How to Legally "Download" Music for Free (Mac) " it's impossible to get a virus from it" DID YOU USE THE WORDS MAC AND VIRUS. Everyone knows macs' don't get them!
actually, macs are just as vulnerable, however, nobody bothers hijacking them, they just steal 'em :p
not so much, no. A well admin'd mac is UNIX grade bomb proof. They've been wargaming BSD for decades now & most of the entry points are plugged.

The core of OSX is as secure as a bank.

There are of course app-specific exploits, some of the OSX apps such as ichat & safari are notorious for swiss-cheese. Flash player is also full of holes. But there's ways to keep these apps in secure prisons so they don't get naughty on you.

I can honestly say that when it comes to OSX, you've got a strong chance of admin keeping the nasties at bay. When it comes to windows, Microsoft have left a lot more doors wide open.

Given enough time & effort anything can be broken into.
true..but you are also talking about say a school campus or University/workplace type setup where there is an admin.. In most cases, i would assume the end user would just setup an account, maybe install a firewall because of paranoia, and off they go, so it is possible, and is on the rise..
scikidus (author)  fwjs286 years ago
This argument makes no sense, for three reasons: 1. Mac OS X makes up something between 2-10% of the computing market share. If we say there are about 250 million computers globally (that's really conservative), that's 5-25 million Mac users. That's more than enough users to want to hack their computers. 2. You'd think someone would write a Mac virus by this point just to prove this point, a la Everest argument. 3. The writer of the first Mac virus would achieve international hacker fame. Isn't that a motive?
fwjs28 scikidus6 years ago
WRONG! i can't remember exactly where i read this, but at a hackerfest somewhere, the mac was the first out of three computers to be hacked (it was a mac windows and then ubuntu) so no i am right, and yes you are for the most part right....
Yeah, they cracked open a macbook air with a default setup (ie: firewall off etc.) If a mac is set up properly I don't think it'll go.
scikidus (author)  fwjs286 years ago
That was a live hack: the competitors have local access.. I'm talking about viruses, as in "download this TOTALLY SAFE program and start having your computer overrun by pop-ups.
fwjs28 scikidus6 years ago
true, however, safari isn't a very safe browser, so don't expect Mac's to be safe forever...
well excuse me while i go back to debian
Fedora is better.
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slax, 'nuff said
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Woah...what happened here...i replied to REA and i got a notificationthat you posted a reply...O_O
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ya, it does that. i just got 6 emails about the KDE 4 argument below.
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dont know 
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