How to Leica-ify a $20 Camera


Introduction: How to Leica-ify a $20 Camera

This instructable shows how to take a cheap camera from target and make it look like a mini Leica M8 with around $27 including the camera. If you like miniature things, you will enjoy this instructable! To normal people, a Leica is basically the rolls-royce of cameras.

Step 1: Materials

A black Vivitar camera(look in the pics for the exact model)- $20
1 roll of black electrical tape- $3
1 roll of rubberized tape (look in the pictures to see what i am talking about, you can find it at home depot)- $3
1 roll of duct tape
1 dime- $0.10
A pair of scissors
Some Elmer's glue
30 minutes
Tip: Always look at the images before you start so that you don't mess up!

Step 2: The Lens

Take the rubberized tape and wrap it around the lens. Cut the tape to the same size as the circumference of the lens on the camera. Then, put two pieces of electrical tape on either side of the place where the two ends of the rubberized tape meet.

Step 3: The Silvery Meshy Part Step 1

Cut out two pieces of rubberized tape approximately the length of the camera. Then with the first piece of tape, place it on top of the camera right on top of the lens. To mark where to cut the tape, feel the border of the lens with your fingernail and make several indents on the tape outlining the lens. With the scissors, cut the tape on those indents. Then, glue the tape onto the camera with the elmers glue. Trim the edges as needed. 

Step 4: The Silvery Meshy Part Step 2

Now, take the other piece of rubberized tape and place it right below the first. Make indents with your fingernail and cut out around the lens. Glue it to the camera with the elmers glue. Trim as needed and as always, look at the pictures below. 

Step 5: The Rim

Next, take the black electrical tape and wrap it around the perimeter of the camera, holding down the rubberized tape, and giving the edges a nice matte black look. When you put the tape on the top of the camera, rub extra hard so that you can see the outline of the shutter button. Then, cut a small piece of black electrical tape and attach the "lens" to the camera. 

Step 6: The Shutter Button

Cut a square of silver duct tape. Place the dime on the center of the square and fold the square over, enveloping the dime in duct tape. Then, cut the dime out. Cut a small strip of black electrical tape and fold it on top of itself, forming a small piece of double sided tape. Place the double sided tape on top of the outline of the shutter button and place the dime on top of that. This step is kind of hard to understand so take a look below for good measure.

Step 7: The Leica Logo

Now, print out the picture below at 80% size. Cut it out and glue it on directly left of the flash. 

Step 8: The Finished Product

Hooray! You're done! Pat yourself on the back and go show your friends your brand new "Leica"!

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    does it just make it look like a leica? Cool instructable either way, I dont get why leicas are so expensive I think they are ugly and overpriced. xD

    3 replies

    The Leica M9 cost's $7999 AUD (Australian Dollars) because of the quality of parts that it uses. It's a full frame camera (35mm film equiv.) It is also put together by hand in Germany. When you buy a Leica you pay for the quality of the camera. Nothing can beat it. I reckon it is one of the most iconic and best looking camera of all time.

    I think this one is better...
    Leica M9 titanium edition, designed by walter d'sivia. $26000. Nothing can beat it. I reckon it is the most iconic and best looking camera of all time.


    yep! Thanks for the comment!

    So clever! I voted and shared it too~

    dude i totally voted for this !!
    to normal people it's liek the rolls royce of instructables

    3 replies

    dude thanks for voting!

    hahaha. you're right!! im a normal person and this was totally
    the Rolls-Royce of intrsuctables !!!!

    wow! ive always wanted a leica camera.

    Hi! I voted for this!

    Cool! You got my vote!