Picture of How to Leica-ify a $20 camera
This instructable shows how to take a cheap camera from target and make it look like a mini Leica M8 with around $27 including the camera. If you like miniature things, you will enjoy this instructable! To normal people, a Leica is basically the rolls-royce of cameras.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
A black Vivitar camera(look in the pics for the exact model)- $20
1 roll of black electrical tape- $3
1 roll of rubberized tape (look in the pictures to see what i am talking about, you can find it at home depot)- $3
1 roll of duct tape
1 dime- $0.10
A pair of scissors
Some Elmer's glue
30 minutes
Tip: Always look at the images before you start so that you don't mess up!
Iam4NUru4 years ago
does it just make it look like a leica? Cool instructable either way, I dont get why leicas are so expensive I think they are ugly and overpriced. xD
The Leica M9 cost's $7999 AUD (Australian Dollars) because of the quality of parts that it uses. It's a full frame camera (35mm film equiv.) It is also put together by hand in Germany. When you buy a Leica you pay for the quality of the camera. Nothing can beat it. I reckon it is one of the most iconic and best looking camera of all time.
wkortum (author)  eagle14234 years ago
I think this one is better...
Leica M9 titanium edition, designed by walter d'sivia. $26000. Nothing can beat it. I reckon it is the most iconic and best looking camera of all time.
wkortum (author)  Iam4NUru4 years ago
yep! Thanks for the comment!
sohnLA4 years ago
So clever! I voted and shared it too~
dude i totally voted for this !!
to normal people it's liek the rolls royce of instructables
dude thanks for voting!
no problem
hahaha. you're right!! im a normal person and this was totally
the Rolls-Royce of intrsuctables !!!!
wingaling4 years ago
wow! ive always wanted a leica camera.
ggrace4 years ago
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Im impressed! I voted.
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