Introduction: How to Light Up a 230 V Bulb With a 1.2 V Battery

In the rows below we will show you how is possible to light up a bulb 230 V 7 W, with a charged 1.2 V battery using a 10 mm diameter neodymium sphere, a mini drone dc motor, a small iron nut, a plastic connector and a 230V led bulb

Step 1: Materials

1. mini drone dc motor

2. coil without core inside a syncronous motor 230 V (inside A 4 laminators and microwaves (turntable motor))

3. plastic conector - used to fix the sphere on the motor ax

4. neodymium sphere 10 mm

5. wires

6. 1.2 V battery or 1.5 V battery

7. E 27 socket + led bulb 7W 230 V

Step 2: Operations

Assemble all the components

1. fix the sphere to the motor ax through the plastic connector (use an iron nut on the plastic connector to fix the sphere between magnetic poles)

2. connect the wires mini drone dc motor - battery through a power switch

3. connect the bulb through E 27 socket to output coil wires.


Maker Saga (author)2017-08-03

Mind. Blown.

Maker Saga (author)2017-08-03

Mind. blown.

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