How to Light a Fire With a Magnesium Flint





Introduction: How to Light a Fire With a Magnesium Flint

1. Find yourself easy lighting, dry material like dead leaves, dry wood, or pine needles.

2. Make a nest and surround the nest with slightly larger pieces of dry material.

3. Scape some magnesium into the nest with either a knife, sharp rock, or as provided in this video a metal stick.

4. Hit the flint with your metal stick and/or make a scraping motion so you can make sparks.

- try to make the sparks hit the magnesium dust, when the sparks hit the magnesium dust it will ignite the nest.

5. Blow slightly onto the nest to give the flames oxygen when it starts to smoke and add more twigs or larger wood pieces on top of the nest

6. As the flames grow, add harder wood to the top, be careful not to smother the fire.

7. You have a fire!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:

- Magnesium Flint




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    If you use any Magnesium flint /ferro rod / ... with a chain like the one on the photo, try a little mod: Replace the chain with some jute cord (preferably waxed) or something similar - it gives you some nice, dry tinder if you can't easiely find some around your fireplace.

    Great tool for a survival kit!