Hi, I know that many of you will be familiar with the various ways of lining wooden boxes. For the most part, lining involves gluing fabric to the sides of a box in order to protect it's contents and enhance the appearance.

There are many people who make wooden ring boxes using similar methods to us, where you bore a hole into the solid wood, using a forstner bit.

The trouble is, too often people do not know how to line a round hole properly, so that it not only looks great, but so that it can adequately protect the valuable contents inside.

In my video, I explain the materials I used, along with the simple method of creating 2 beautifully simple cushions that fit the box perfectly. The lid of the box we make is also lined, but only with good quality card, with fabric adhered and cut to size, then attached to the lid using glue.

I hope this provides you with a solution to lining your ring box, please comment with any questions, tips or advice.

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