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Step 11: Salmon with Capelin Roe, Sea Scallops, and Pumpkin Pie - Orange Day Dinner

Picture of Salmon with Capelin Roe, Sea Scallops, and Pumpkin Pie - Orange Day Dinner
For dinner we had Pan Fried Scallops and poached salmon with orange sauce and capelin roe.

Again, there were many orange options that didn't make it:
Orange smoothies (OJ, carrot juice, ginger juice)
Spicy salmon sashimi salad
Orange peppers
Mango lassi

Dinner Prep:
- Use this scallop recipe with red pepper, chili powder, or paprika as the primary ingredient in the seasoning mix.
- Deglaze the pan with lemon or lime juice, and use this as the base for your orange sauce. Add coconut milk for body, red curry paste for color and flavor, and some sriracha (rooster sauce) for kick. Add salt, and adjust seasonings to taste and for proper orange color.
- Meanwhile, poach a salmon fillet in white wine. Remove it when almost cooked through, as it will continue cooking on the plate.
- Cover salmon in orange sauce, and top in capelin roe. Dot the scallops with capelin roe, and settle them in on top of the orange sauce.

Turn on your orange playlist, wear your orange clothes, and eat your orange food.
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