How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week


Step 18: Chicken Garbanzo Curry and Coconut Corn Soup - Yellow Day Dinner

For all the golden sunshine that yellow day was, we were still feeling behind on our work and in addition to slumping in front of our computers for breakfast, we slumped in front of our computers for dinner.

Dinner was chicken garbanzo curry and coconut corn soup with capelin roe and chili oil.

Again, we skipped a number of great options:
Yellow squash
Yellow peppers
Curried cauliflower with red lentils (red lentils turn yellow when cooked)
Egg custard

Coconut Corn Soup:
Finely chop two onions and a handful of garlic, and saute in canola oil until soft. Add two boullion cubes, two cans of sweet corn, and a dash of spicy paprika. Stir, and just when it's starting to stick add a can of coconut milk and a bit of water to dilute as necessary. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the mixture has thickened/reduced slightly. Adjust seasonings for flavor and color, and serve hot with a scoop of capelin roe and dash of chili oil.

Chicken Garbanzo Curry:
You can start with this chicken curry recipe, just be sure to only use yellow-compatible veggies. I used two onions, a handful of garlic, curry, three cans of garbanzo beans, 1.5 lbs chicken, a chicken boullion cube, spicy paprika, and some water. Saute the onions, add the curry for a minute, then the chicken for a minute before the rest of the ingredients. Simmer until thick, and adjust seasonings.

Start up that yellow playlist again, and keep your yellow gear on for the meal.