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Step 23: Chicken Chili Verde, Spinach Salad, Guacamole, Sesame Broccoli, and Sauted Zucchini - Green Day Dinner

Picture of Chicken Chili Verde, Spinach Salad, Guacamole, Sesame Broccoli, and Sauted Zucchini - Green Day Dinner
zachninme and his dad joined us for an all green dinner. Imagine flying across the country to spend a week working for some weirdos you met on the internet, joining them for some ridiculous monochromatic-based eating disorder dinner, and then remarking on how delicious it was. What good sports!

Chicken Chili Verde
Sauteed zucchini
sesame broccoli
spinach salad
kiwi fruit (for dessert; halved and eaten with a spoon)

Things we didn't get to today:
Green beans
Kiwi/grape smoothies
Vegetable juice
Seaweed salad
Lime anything
All those other green veggies

Sauteed zucchini:
one onion, chopped
6 cloves garlic, chopped
5 small zucchini, cut into ~1cm cubes
two handfuls shiitake mushrooms, cut into ~1cm cubes

- Saute onion with garlic until translucent
- Add rosemary, salt, and pepper
- Add mushrooms and zucchini by handful, stirring to warm and incorporate
- Cook until both veggies are cooked through and soft, but before they go mushy.
- Adjust seasonings and serve

Sesame broccoli:
~3 cups chopped broccoli florets
handful garlic, coarsely chopped
2T sesame oil + 1T canola oil
sesame seeds
1/2 lemon or one lime, juiced
salt & pepper

- Saute garlic in sesame/canola oil mix over med-high heat until it browns at the edges and starts to soften.
- Add broccoli florets, and stir quickly to coat with oil.
- Add salt and pepper, stir again, and cover for one or two minutes to let broccoli steam.
- Stir, add sesame seeds, and cook until broccoli is just cooked through.
- Add lemon or lime juice, adjust seasonings, and serve immediately.

Spinach salad:
Start with this recipe for inspiration.
We used only green toppings (cucumber, oxalis, chives, scallions) and made a basic lime vinaigrette.
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Klebz4 years ago
The addition of Yuengling Lager or Rolling Rock beer would also be appropriate, green bottles.

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