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Step 28: Turn Your Urine Purple or Red by Eating Too Many Beets

Picture of Turn Your Urine Purple or Red by Eating Too Many Beets
Beets contain a number of antioxidant red pigments called betains. Betains can also be yellow, and, in addition to beets, are found in chard, amaranth, and prickly pear. The body has only a limited ability to metabolize the molecules, so a double dose of beets on purple day resulted in a variety of harmless urine colors ranging from pink to red to purple.

Did one of us really pee in a jar and post a picture on the internet, or is this image just some beet-dyed water? We're not sayin'...
Christo7 years ago
Curse my inquisitive nature. My curiosity couldn't handle it, so I checked the page source. The smaller box's caption in the second picture on step 28 reads "Urine." Regardless, this is a really funny idea and well presented. I am now resolved to pester a couple of friends until they agree to do this.
How do you do that?
Right-click > View Page Source It's on line 427, around column 640.
Oh. Thanks!
LOL! I looked too. it's actually line 446, column 644. Hahaha. I wonder who's it is...
Lovinglife6 years ago
This happened to me today. I went to the ladies room and when I looked and saw while flushing, I was ready to pass out but thought I should grab a mirror 1st and check the whites of my eyes. Then, I remember I ate a number of fresh organic beets yesterday that I had cooked. Then I question it changing my urine so I thought I would check the internet. Thank you so much for this information. It looks just like the picture or I should say looked just like before I flushed. Again, many thanks.
dan7 years ago
blueberries will make your pee very bright yellow. thus i do not suggest eating them on blue-day since it will cause color violation unless you can hold it all day, or eat enough beets to overcome the problem.
there wasn't a blue day...
you are fantastic for posting this picture and being ambivalent about its nature. Thank you for the whole post. it makes me feel wonderful!