How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week


Step 29: Brown Day - We just couldn't take it anymore

Picture of Brown Day - We just couldn't take it anymore
Brown day breakfast and lunch were both failures. We just couldn't take it anymore.
We were tired of cooking without being able to eat leftovers, and had visitors to entertain.

We were scheduled to have chocolate smoothies for breakfast, but skipped breakfast altogether due to apathy and oversleeping.

Peanut sauce with chicken and mushrooms was planned for lunch, but since Christy's aunt was in town from Miami we went out to eat Ethiopian food at Cafe Colucci instead. Lots of the meat and sauces were brown, though, and the injera could be brown if you're colorblind... we'll ignore the rest. And no, you don't get a picture!

We did manage to at least dress in brown. Having brown hair helps.
EmmettO5 years ago
I would have been to this point on day two! I'm not sure if I should say "way to go!" or "you must have some kind of compulsive disorder!" for getting this far.