How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week


Step 33: White Gazpacho and Onion and Mushroom Frittata - Black and White Day Breakfast

Having hit the emotional and color low on Brown Day, and with the end in sight, and with a refrigerator full of colorful leftovers that might not last much longer, we were energized and ready to hit Black and White Day with everything we had.

Breakfast started with
White Gazpacho (made from almonds, cucumbers, and asian pears)
Onion and White Mushroom Frittata
Black Olives

Eric wore a black-and-white houndstooth check shirt, while Christy just wore black, figuring she's white enough. Mitch wore his favorite creative commons sweatshirt and keffiyeh.

Onion and White Mushroom Frittata:
Finely chop a white onion, a handful of garlic, and white mushrooms.
Saute onion with garlic until soft, then add the mushrooms. (Of course, we forgot how brown the mushrooms can turn - removing the gills would keep them whiter.)
Turn the pan down to low, add the egg whites, and go take your shower. Come back in 15-25 minutes, and when the center has just solidified put the pan under the broiler for a few seconds to finish the top.
Serve immediately.

Turn on your black-and-white playlist (who knew there were so many versions of that Michael Jackson song in our archives?), wear your black-and-white gear, and eat your matching breakfast. Read the news, and revel in your new-found clarity on complex issues. Consider joining W's administration for a day.
hedghawg715 years ago
Ya'll really need to join a fashion school.
Punkergal7 years ago
Yesss...Your plates are cool...That must freak out dinner guests every once in awhile...
That was what I noticed also. I thought they were eating bugs for a moment! Makes me wonder what other people would think of if they saw random pictures of my house/things. No, no, wait I already know what they think. Everyone knows I'm nuts. . .
"...consider joining W's administration for a day." ROFLOL!