How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week


Step 38: Rainbow-colored conclusions

This is what we learned.

1) Matching clothes and food means spills go unnoticed.
2) Leftovers are awesome! We missed being able to eat leftovers.
3) Cooking new food for every meal, every day is hard work. See #2.
4) Theme days at work are fun!
5) Rachel has some pretty insane clothes. And yes, she made most of them.
6) The SF bay area has pretty awesome fresh food and ingredients available. We like eating local.
7) Blue foods turn purple when cooked, and you can't eat raw blueberries all day.

We'd been talking about doing this for a few months, and it was awesome to execute and do it. Even better was the enthusiasm of the people around us who said "that sounds kinda cool - I'm in for a day!"
RockmanAU7 years ago
Haha What a wicked Idea! Great Instructable TY! I reckon you should try it again just using the more primary colours but for longer periods (even if only for a few days) and report back on how the diff colors made you FEEL! Color Therapy! OR At least report on how you felt on any given day of your Instructable compared to other days. Top Effort!
This is only normally possible if you live in the opulent, lush SF bay area, not in the Suburbs of hot, dry, flat, brown phoenix- unless everyday is to be brown day.