Picture of How to Liven up a Boring Print
I came across this glicee canvas print and loved it at first, but then grew to feel that a little pizzazz couldn't hurt.  If you're like me and become bored of you're decor from time to time, don't trash it up... flash it up! There is always a quick, simple way to quickly add new life and depth to a piece.  You only need a couple things...

-A painting or print you'd like to amend
-Spray Paint
-Painter's Tape
-Well Ventilated Area

Step 1: Choose a Piece

Picture of Choose a Piece
City scenes are really quick and easy to revamp thanks to all the straight lines, and the fact that there is usually sky.  It's always refreshing to modify the background. 
kazmataz4 years ago
What a simple and great idea!
dewrell (author)  kazmataz4 years ago
i know, i loved the simplicity.. thank you!
sunshiine4 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
dewrell (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
sure thing
splazem4 years ago
Cool beans!
dewrell (author)  splazem4 years ago
Like frozen limas!
splazem dewrell4 years ago
I love it!! Ty for the great idea!
dewrell (author)  Scarlettred418164 years ago
Glad you like it, hope you can use it sometime
mikeasaurus4 years ago
looks great!
dewrell (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
Thank you