Picture of How to Load a Cartridge into a Deltec Cosmo Pump
This instructable demonstrates something I had to learn by trial and error for my son who has Type 1 diabetes and uses a Deltec Cosmo pump.

Note: This instructable requires prior knowledge of needed amount of insulin in the cartridge.

Caution: The top of the insulin vial must be cleaned with an alcohol swab before beginning. Care must also be taken while handling the needle.


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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials
Gather materials: the pump with cap, the cartridge, the infusion set, and the tubing 

Step 2: Filling the cartridge

Picture of Filling the cartridge

       Attach the needle to the cartridge by twisting into place clockwise and remove lid Do not throw lid away.

Step 3:

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Pull air into the cartridge to the desired setting, creating as precise a measurement as possible. The air will compensate for the insulin to be removed from the vial and prevent the creation of a vacuum. A vacuum may cause the vial to break, causing injury.

Step 4:

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   Insert the needle into the spongy center of the top of the vial as shown

Step 5:

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    Push the air into the vial

Step 6:

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 Pull the insulin from the vial into the cartridge as shown, farther down than the setting in step 1

Step 7:

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    Thump the vial with your finger to bring the air bubbles to the top of the cartridge

Step 8:

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   Push the plunger up to remove air bubbles, thumping again if necessary

Step 9:

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   Return plunger to setting in step 1

Step 10:

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  Remove needle from vial

Step 11:

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     Replace the lid to the needle

Step 12:

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  Twist off the needle with its lid

Step 13:

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  Put the white cap on, twisting it clockwise a half turn until firm

Step 14:

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  Turn the plunger a quarter turn until it loosens and can be removed

Step 15: Loading the cartridge

Picture of Loading the cartridge

 Insert the cartridge into the pump, twisting it clockwise a half turn until firm

Step 16:

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  Place the pump cap over the white cap. Do not attempt to twist on.

Step 17:

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 Press the right oval button

Step 18:

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 Press the down arrow button until Load is highlighted

Step 19:

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  Press the right oval button again 3 more times until the pump begins to draw the cartridge down

nicely documented! how often does it need to be refilled?
secretsister (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
I refill it every two days, but some do it every three. Thanks for the comment!