Step 3: Load the Projectile.

Picture of Load the Projectile.
Make sure you have the appropriate projectile (bullet) for your type of weapon. We use pre-lubricated conical bullets. A round ball requires a lubricated patch to make a good fit and seal. Saboted slugs are also a good projectile, and require no type of lubrication.

1)Place the projectile (nose pointing outward), on the tip of your

2)Use a ball-starter or similar tool to press the bullet a little
way (an inch or so) into the barrel. You may have to tap on the
starter several times if the projectile is a particularly tight
fitting one.

3)Use your ramrod to push the projectile all the way into the
barrel, until it fits snugly up against your powder charge.
This is no time to use brute-force, and definitely NEVER hammer
on the ramrod to make the fit super-tight!