How to Spy Through Frosted Glass With a Piece of Sellotape





Introduction: How to Spy Through Frosted Glass With a Piece of Sellotape

A short and simple trick to show you how to see through frosted glass with just a square of sellotape.

Step 1: Here's How

Frosting glass is created by sandblasting or acid etching a sheet glass, which distorts the light to create a blurred effect. To counter this you can stick a piece of sellotape on the frosted glass. The sellotape smooths over the sandblasting turning it back to a transparent window.


  • If the glass is frosted on both sides you will need a piece of sellotape both sides.
  • The deeper the frosting the less effective this trick will be.

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    If you do this, don't be surprised by someone watching YOU watching THEM!!

    FWIW: The effect is not so weird. The frozen part of the glass has a somewhat rough surface. The light will be broken almost randomly which will give the blurry view. The glue in the tape (or the fluid you apply) will fill the gaps and make the surface more even so the light can travel without being broken that much.

    You can achieve the same effect with a few drops of water (or saliva).

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    Dude your already peeking in some ones bathroom - - don't make it worse by licking the window - - :-)

    You can do that. I prefer to wet my finger and wipe xD