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The DMS 5-axis router is quite a beast in the CNC shop and can reduce a piece of hardwood to a pile of chips in a matter of minutes. However, it's also quite a fickle machine and routinely throws random errors for no reason at all. In order to keep the DMS happy and cutting as expected, sometimes it is necessary to give it a hug. This can prove difficult since you must first lure the DMS away from it's safe home position. Here's how to go about that process.

Step 1: Gaze lovingly and press a few buttons

Picture of Gaze lovingly and press a few buttons

Take a good look at the beautiful machine that is the DMS. Admire it's expansive work bed, high speed, and amazing Z throw.

The DMS likes having it's buttons pressed. Walk around and test all the E-stops. Throw the giant power contactor lever. Twiddle some rotary knobs on the Fagor controller.

It is rumored that executing the Spindle Warmup G-code may make the DMS easier to lure in for a hug.

pikeslayer6 months ago

o......kay awkward

Pixel_bandit8 months ago

I've got a vacuum mounting press that uses wetsuit rubber for the mat that suck up up against a glass sheet I rescued from a pool fence. The motor itself is a unit that measures in strange increments of even stranger amounts of vacuum. It too works better if I give it some affection. I found sometimes feeding the mat with a nice mixture if edible oil does wonders for it's complexion and rewards me with faster results. My engineers lathe also enjoys kind words and a blanket at night to hep it sleep. It's favourite song is a John Denver classic.

Wired_Mist9 months ago

This is a truly Special instructable; What song did you sing ? :P

joejoetheclown (author)  Wired_Mist9 months ago

It was a freeform jazz improvisation, since the loose tuning pegs on the fretless handmade banjo make it a little less than well tempered.

LynxSys1 year ago

This is excellent. I'm glad to see that you wore eye protection during this courtship. How often does one need to perform this procedure in order to keep the router happy? Also, do you find that it becomes fussier or jealous if it sees evidence of hand tools having been used?

joejoetheclown (author)  LynxSys9 months ago

It turns out that the DMS is a fairly stoic machine and doesn't need a hug very often. However I caught it at a vulnerable time that it wasn't being used much. Also, hand tools do not faze it- it realizes it is stronger than the combination of most tools and the hand wielding them. Unless it's a screwgun and you're going all "disassemble Jonny V" on it.

ChickenJo10 months ago

nice instructable! (Am I the only one who thinks it looks like GLaDOS?)

XD now that you mention it :P

GordonKirkwood11 months ago

I really want to court that router and give it lots of beautiful wood and foam and plastic to chew on.

BeforeTron12 months ago
Sniff... That's beautiful... Better than that movie "beaches"...
The Turn1 year ago

Pure gold. Amazing instructable sir!

VERY GOOD. A+, Joe Joe.

EoinM171 year ago
I am sure a classy machine such as this would appreciate a vintage pinot noir on the side if you want to make a lasting impression

this might work with my FRC team's disk sander/grinder...i call her sandy :)

OhLeita1 year ago

Thank you for the reminder. Ignore them and they do get grouchy. :)

wobbler1 year ago

This Instructable is very confusing. Is the DMS router the one on the left or the right in the top picture? I hope it's the one on the left, because, quite frankly, the one on the right scares me.

Funny :)

Oh, I'm trying (and failing) to come up with some sort of machine online dating pun...
jmdushi1 year ago
I just told my tools that there are more people loving, talking and hugging there tools and machines. They are having a little party now to celebrate you are hugging your DMS router.
CobyUnger1 year ago
VajkF1 year ago

I know I am a moron, but please please add a note about the importance of deenergizing the machine before approaching it.


joejoetheclown (author)  VajkF1 year ago

It's in there on the last step: "throw the interlock for safety". This will guarantee no movement from the machine while you're up there. Also, the spindle (likely the most dangerous part of this equipment) has a two-way interlock with the doors so there's no way that it could start up. Thanks for bringing it up!

pucksurfer1 year ago
Very funny. Good job
Verticees1 year ago

This could work to be a very interesting children's book. Love it!

muddog151 year ago
kbc21 year ago
i have had machinery work better to music..... wood working machines like country, bluegrass, and folk. metal working machines seemed to be into rock, more classic than modern. my truck how ever is moody and lets me know if it doesn't like what i have on. and some times you have to cuss and swear at the machines to get them to cooperate.
And people think I'm nuts for sweet talking cars with souls.
fozzy131 year ago

Hahha I love this! It's brilliant.

Kiteman1 year ago

And how did you explain the concept of this project to the person taking the photos??

joejoetheclown (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
It was none other than our very own digital storyteller, Charlie. And he also helped me with the amazing robot disguise. :)


Coincidentally, I'm fairly certain all of these techniques would work for luring me in for a hug as well.