This Instructable shows how to perform a spring clean up on your lawn that looks like professionals did it. The time to complete this list of instructions is dependent on the size of the property and number of people working. It is recommended to allow three to four days to complete everything. This set of instructions is possible to complete with one person, but for the sake of time more helpers would speed things along. No task is too difficult although some of them could be potentially dangerous and protective attire is strongly advised. The following is a summary of the instructions

Step 1: Gathering necessary materials
Steps 1 - 3 : Pickup
Steps 4 - 9: Mulching
Steps 10-14: Edging
Steps 15-18: Mowing
Steps 19-22: Trimming

Step 1: Materials

1. Long Pants
2. Safety glasses
3. Hearing Protection
4. Lawnmower
5. Weed trimmer
6. Pruning tools
     A. Pruning saw
     B. Handheld pruners
     C. Loppers
7. Flat digging shovel
8. Stiff Rake
9. Spring rake
10. Wheelbarrow
11. Silage fork / scoop shovel
12. Mulch
13. Lawn Edger
14. Leaf blower/ broom
15. Refuse bags
     A. Be sure you have enough bags and tags or stickers for your bags, as you will probably use a lot.
Note: The blades for the lawnmower and the lawn edger should be sharpened at the beginning of each season. If its not possible to sharpen them at home, a local lawn and power dealer will be able to do that for a small fee.
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