Introduction: How to Maintain and Tighten Human Hair Dreadlocks

If you or someone you know needs a lesson in keep their dreads clean and sectioned, this video is for you! In this video Doc will show you step-by-step how to keep your dread sections clean and maintained as your hair grows out.

For this tutorial you will need:

Ready? Steady? Go!!

Step 1: Clean Sections

Picture of Clean Sections

Using the tail end of your comb, clean your parting sections and find hairs that need to be reincorporated into your dreadlock.

Step 2: Microneedle

Picture of Microneedle

For loose hair sections that need to be reincorporated into the dread, backcomb the hair then use an extended microneedle to the hair into the center of the dread.

Step 3: Tie

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Bind the base of the dread with thread. Wrap one tail of thread around the base four times, then tie it into place.5.

Step 4: Cut

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Clip the excess thread away.


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