Picture of How to Maintain your zippo
This will teach you how to change your flint, wick, and refill your zippo.
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Step 1: 1.Changing the Wick

Picture of 1.Changing the Wick
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Some people ( including me ) have made the mistake of changing the wick much before it is necessary, because the zippo does not light. You only change the wick when it will not absorb fluid anymore.

1. take the rayon balls out of your zippo.
2. Thread the wick through the hole shown below. ( make sure the wick is not above the chimney )
3. Weave the wick around the rayon as you put it back in, to let it absorb more fuel.

Step 2: 2.Filling the Zippo

Picture of 2.Filling the Zippo
Never do this before you change the wick,Take the insert, lift the felt pad, the pour the fluid inside of the insert.

Step 3: 3.Changing the Flint

Picture of 3.Changing the Flint
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1. Unscrew the flint spring/flint screw
2. Put flint in tube
3. Put spring back.

Step 4: 8.It lights!

Picture of 8.It lights!
You now have a working zippo.
1puddy11 year ago

I am familiar with routine Zippo maintenance, but ty

But I checked into the possible need of any lubrication ever required for the hinge or cam

Surprisingly, the only tip I found was to oil the flint screw - lotta pressure there and it makes sense

To prevent spills, when you fill, invert the insert into the lighter case. If it drips through, it gets contained in the lighter.
Sent my zippo back for service last year (lifetime warranty for the win!) and received an informational pamphlet with it. In the pamphlet they specified NOT to fill through that hole in the felt, it's for storing an extra flint in.

That being said, I have never met with tragedy using that hole to fill the lighter, AND I've lost a few flints stored in that hole when i refilled them, never lost a flint stored under the felt.

From what I've heard zippo isn't including the hole anymore, so perhaps it's all moot anyway
Ranie-K3 years ago
A tip on wick maintenance: To avoid fraying, tie a few loops of cotton sewing thread around the top of the wick and it will last longer and light easier!
Bongmaster3 years ago
i think Swan may make a lighter fluid too. cant remember. i just got zippo brand atm
and ronsonol gas (for butane soldering iron)