Introduction: How to Make 3D Hologram Projector for Your Tablet and Cell Phone

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Hello Guys and Girls in This Instructable i made a 3D Hologram Projector using simple materials found in and around home,It is Very Easy To Make One Please Continue Reading.... This Simple Gadjet Gives Stunning 3D Hologram Effect

Step 1: Hate Reading? Here's a Video

This Video Covers all The Steps Which are To Be Used in Building a 3D Hologram projector

Step 2: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
  • Plastic bottle(From Carbonated Beverage)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hot Glue Or SuperGlue
  • Pen
  • Thin Cardboard For Marking Measurements

  1. The Middle Portion Of Plastic Bottle is Cut
  2. According To Template Cardboard is Cut
  3. Cardboard is placed on plastic and cut as per the Dimensons of Cardboard
  4. 4x Pieces are Cut

Step 3: Building the Pyramid

Picture of Building the Pyramid
  1. Using Hot Glue The Plastic Parts are Coupled,Super Glue can also be Used
  2. The Projector is Ready

Step 4: Working

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  1. The Projector is Placed on smartphone and adjusted
  2. Hologram videos can be found on Internet
  3. This projector works with only hologram video

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