How to Make 5 Emergency Candles





Introduction: How to Make 5 Emergency Candles

This video guide shows you how to make 5 different emergency candles from household items.

Candles include:

Cheese Wax and Newspaper
Tin of Tuna in Sunflower Oil
Wax Crayon
Olive Oil in Orange Peel



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    Boys boys your candles are both lovely and helpful now stop fighting over wax

    You avoided answering my question and it has mysteriously disappeared from the comments section on your video. So I can only I assume the inspiration for this video was my article, which you would have seen on this very site about a month ago. Would it have killed you to tell your 100k subscribers where you got your "inspiration" from?

    6 replies

    I haven't removed any comments from anywhere, so I'm not really sure what you're talking about. The inspiration for my video did not come from you sorry no, as I'm sure you know, all these candles have been made and done before, some a long long time ago. I didn't come up with the ideas, I just put together a video of my favorite ones to share with people, because thats what I enjoy doing. Sorry if that offends you. I've just had a look at your page and see you did something similar recently, hence you assume I was copying you (even though all these ideas have been done before). Well I wasn't copying you, its the 1st time I've seen your page. Bad timing I guess, sorry to annoy you.

    Your right some of these ideas have been around awhile, that I won't dispute. But all those videos were single examples, mine was the only one showing more than one type. Three of my examples are even in your video. Then the name, you could have called it DIY, survival or homemade candles - but you chose emergency. Then there is the fact it was shared a month ago on this site by me - a site you use. My annoyance isn't that you did a similar video, it's that a channel your size could be inspired to make a similar video and not give credit. I can understand you not giving credit to HouseHoldHacker or Atomic Shrimp, as they did single candles - and such a long time ago.

    Look at my last 3 videos, they and are videos which show multiple tips on 1 subject. I saw some cool candles a while ago and have been planning on making a video since. All my videos are titled "How to Make" not DIY. They're called emergency candles because that's exactly what they are, and its not a phrase which you've coined, it's just how they're referred as. Yes this is a site I use but only really to promote my work, I dont go scouting through it looking at much else really, and I certainly don't go looking at new releases which I'll then copy. I didn't look at your video and think I'm going to copy that, I've seen all these candle tips long before you made your video. There's countless "Emergency Candles" videos on youtube, long before you released yours, my last 3 videos show multiple tips on 1 subject, and I hadn't seen your page until now. What is it you want credit for?
    I can understand you being a bit annoyed as a larger channel made a video similar to one of yours which got more views, but I truly hadn't seen your channel before. A similar thing happened to me last year, the Slowmo Guys released a slow mo Molotov Cocktail video the day after I did (Check out the videos and dates) I was really annoyed (obviously they got loads of views and I didn't) but that just the way it goes sometimes. Keep making good videos and your channel will grow.

    It's obvious your not going to agree. I in no way suggested I coined the phrase "Emergency Candles". I just said mine was the only video in that category showing multiple tips. Maybe it was a coincidence that you decided to make a video similar to mine, a month after I posted it on a sites we both use. Maybe it is a coincidence you decided to call candles you make yourself, "Emergency Candles". I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    (I've noticed someone has been using your videos on YouTube - you should look into that).

    It really is just a coincidence, and the reason I called the video "Emergency Candles" is because thats exactly what they are, if I was making a video called "Home Made Candles" I'd have been melting down wax in a pan and pouring it in molds etc. These are quick fixes for when you need light asap, hence emergency candles. I can actually prove to you that I filmed this 2 days before you even launched your video if you like? (then you dont have to give me the benefit of the doubt, you can actually have the proof that I'm telling the truth) I've still got the files dated on my camera, and transfer dates on my PC. I got delayed with launching it because of time schedules for other videos I did. Anyways, apologies if it narked you. Yes thanks I'm aware people have copied my videos, I need to clean it up, cheers.

    I think you know the points I was trying to make, without trying to draw me into an argument about semantics. As for you providing proof it's not necessary, like I said I've already give you the benefit of the doubt. I think we should draw a line under this. Good luck with your videos.