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This step by step guide will teach you how to make SIX pointed paper snowflakes. Most people make (and most how-tos teach) snowflakes with four or eight points. Real snowflakes in nature form with six points (or occasionally three if they formed weird) so I choose to make my own with six points. I taught myself this technique in high school and have been making paper snowflakes around Christmas time ever since.

All you will need for this is paper and scissors. Some people like to use fancy paper, but I use plain white copy paper because somehow the simplicity of white is more beautiful to me.

If you want to view a gallery of my snowflakes, see me on Flickr: Paper Snowflake Gallery.

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Step 1: Step 1

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First, begin with a square piece of copy paper. I usually make two snowflakes for every 8.5"x11" piece of paper, so I first cut the paper in half, and then make a square from each half. This makes a snowflake about 5" across. If you're just learning to make snowflakes, using a full piece of paper for each snowflake may be easier to practice with.

You can make a square from a rectangular piece of paper simply by folding one corner down to form an isosceles triangle (like the one in the next step) and trimming off the excess paper.

Tomorrow151 month ago

Hi Tomorrow 15 I will be showing my grand daughter tomorrow she love art I have been helping her with darwing

Your instructable brings so much memories!

elliotnash1 month ago

These slowflakes look really good. I guess you can say they're for the advanced paper crafters.

seirvine1 month ago

Was looking for some ideas for the grandchildren to decorate our cabin at family camp this week. They will love making snowflakes in summer.

ekelkar2 months ago

Thanks for this Instructable. Making these snowflakes helped my figure out how to tie-dye a snowflake bandana.


suzysmith244 months ago
Makes me laugh 2 see mine
cutiepie115 months ago

these are hard my friend know how to make them

leelee.susie6 months ago

how is everyone getting a square from the copy paper mine keeps coming up with rectangle and so i cant make a triangle and my daughters frozen bday is tomorrow im having such bad luck i guess im being dumb from lack of sleep lol

ReadsInTrees (author)  leelee.susie6 months ago
Fold one corner of the paper all the way down to one side. Like, if you're holding the paper upright (like you're reading a letter), fold the upper left hand corner all the way down so that it touches the right side of the paper. The edge of the paper that used to be at the top going horizontally should line up evenly with the right hand vertical side of the paper. What you'll have is a large triangle with a narrow piece of rectangular paper along the bottom. Cut off that rectangle, and you'll have a square already folded into the first triangle.
LiamR26 months ago

Mine was cut into two pieces... I Guess I'll have to retry.

So these instructions are Awesome!!! Thank you!!!
I'm doing a Frozen theme for my daughters 1st birthday
Going to find some glittery blue craft paper today (hopefully) and do some more to hang up on a white tablecloth.
There is a Frozen PDF on Google with Frozen theme templates, going to give them a go next, but they cut the bottom straight.. So that might be different :)
Thanks again!! Great instructions :)
kaylah19 months ago

hellllppppp!!!! at number 6 step i end up cutting the snowflake in half! what am i doing wrong?????

your cutting the middle part be sure to start cutting a little at first until you get the hang of it then u can get a little more creative with it once you can kind of see which side goes to what hope this helps

NancyG3 kaylah18 months ago

Kaylah1, I'm not sure what is happening to you. But maybe this will help. Think of each fold as the radius/spoke of the snowflake. The point of the triangle is the center. The end with the 2 "bunny ears" is the outside edge. You may want to skip step 4C (I don't see a step labeled 6) and see if that helps.

I might also recommend making a partial cut then unfolding your snowflake and see what the effect is. Then refold. It might help you map the whole process into you head.

Hang in there. This particular project was simple for me. But I have struggled with this type of thing in the past. Typically it's a matter of one simple step that I just didn't get at first. Then once I got it - BAM! Don't give up.

ReadsInTrees (author)  NancyG38 months ago
Step 6 and beyond is on the next page (hit the orange button at the bottom). Instructables wants to split up the steps into pages.
nwaordu kaylah19 months ago

did you figure out what you was doing wrong because i'm in your boat

amyabrigo nwaordu8 months ago

You're skipping step 3. (Folding the triangle over into another trangle a 2nd time)

I was doing the same thing. Turns out I was folding it one too many times.
amyabrigo kaylah18 months ago

I did this. You're skipping step 3.

wendys1 kaylah18 months ago

haha omg thats funny

ReadsInTrees (author)  kaylah19 months ago
You may be cutting too low? This is a step where you do chop off a big chunk, but only the top. If you folded correctly to this point, you'll see that the top of the snowflake has those two paper corners making a V shape at the top. You'll be cutting those off. We need to even out the layers of folds so that everything is symmetrical, and by making the cut at an angle, that makes the final points of the snowflake.
NancyG38 months ago

Simple and easy. Great instructions. One additional hint - sharp scissors make this easier. Smaller scissors will give you more control over intricate details.

LarryJ18 months ago

I made a few of these to use as name tags on gifts, adds a personal touch I think. Thank you I forgot how to do these.

Anna CG8 months ago


Amazing...my snowflake is amazing

MaitreyiS made it!8 months ago

This is really useful

zakra8 months ago

Daniela made it

IraP9 months ago

I did it today!

ReadsInTrees (author)  IraP8 months ago
Those look great!
dsantil71 IraP8 months ago
WOW!!! Can I hire u to make me some, lol
ReadsInTrees (author)  IraP9 months ago
Fightwinconquer made it!8 months ago

Yaaay. Thanks for posting!

KatrinaC28 months ago

my snowflake came out in a reactangle shape

ReadsInTrees (author)  KatrinaC28 months ago
Give it another go, and try to follow the steps very carefully so that you don't miss any folds.

I love making snowflakes and this is the best way!!! (I would put a picture but I've got an old iPad so I can't take pics) :(

JaNieceW8 months ago

Very easy seemed as if it would be hard bu turns out to be fine! i made it i just did not have a photo

MattN3 made it!8 months ago

here's what I made

ReadsInTrees (author)  MattN38 months ago

Hmm, looks like you skipped a few steps of my tutorial. :)

MattN3 made it!8 months ago

here's what I made


Thank you very much for the step by step directions, they are easy to follow. The only trouble I had at first was figuring out which side you should cut off once you have it folded in thirds. I had to try it twice, but once I figured it out, it made really awesome snowflakes. I'm going to making snowflakes this afternoon for Christmas decorations with my 7 year old, which will be a blast. Thank you again! :) Happy Holidays!!!

loomergirl8 months ago

THANKS SO MUCH! I am making a lot of snowflakes for Christmas decor. Thx!

DanaA18 months ago

Thank you! Your steps and pictures were easy to follow.

genny.ward.798 months ago

I'm sorry to bother you, but did you get the first 6 steps from making a star? I was just wondering because I have been doing those steps for over 10 years to make perfect 6 point stars like the star of David.

ReadsInTrees (author)  genny.ward.798 months ago
Well, since a snowflake has six points, you'd use the same steps to make a star of David. I didn't "get" them from there when I figured out these folds 15+ years ago in high school. I just worked it out after realizing that folding in half again and again would only make multiples of 4 points (4, 8, 12). So yes, if you know how to make a 6-pointed star, then it's just the same folds.
grannyjones8 months ago

Before I retired, I had access to an awesome computer drafting program. I wrote a macro to draw snowflakes by drawing the first 30 degree segment freehand, then using mirror, rotate, and copy commands to complete each intricate design.

susan.vukici8 months ago

Your instructions were so helpful, i am now obsessed with making these!! Thank you sooo much ;)

ReadsInTrees (author)  susan.vukici8 months ago

I'm glad you're having fun!

nroybal made it!8 months ago

Great directions and addictive on a rainy/soggy day! Here are my first six.

ReadsInTrees (author)  nroybal8 months ago

Nicely done!

Papel y lapíz made it!8 months ago


LirikKS8 months ago

It's not so easy as it looks on first sight, but it is wonderful!

susan.vukici8 months ago

Your instructions were so helpful, I am now obsessed with making these!! thank you so much ;)

arlod28 months ago
it's good to see someone else who knows that snow flakes don't have 8 sides... Join the movement for anatomically correct snowflakes!
3of58 months ago
You made my thinker hurt reading all the copying instructions, sure helps alot. Thanks!
gabsmith45 made it!8 months ago

Ta Da!

gabsmith458 months ago

This is amazing! I LOVE how they all turn out different!

Thank you so much. You have done such a tremendous job on this tutorial. What a treasure!

THIS goes out to my on-line "grand-daughter" and Princess, Emerald!!! She loves Frozen and she is super smart and pretty.

nwaordu9 months ago

ok wen i open up before cutting out shapes i got 4 semi circles back to back

i dont understand

ReadsInTrees (author)  sarah.mawson.1659 months ago

If you could be more specific about which part you don't understand, I might be able to help.

IraP9 months ago

Thank you very much for the clear and communicative instructions! For the first time it worked for me!

davidbarcomb9 months ago

Great intructable! Thanks

Cicharisse9 months ago

Amazing! I did it. Thank you. Can't wait to share with my sons.

AngelinexA9 months ago

Wow, these instructions are great. I am a very clumsy person, but I still managed to do this..

ReadsInTrees (author)  AngelinexA9 months ago
I'm glad that my instructions were helpful!
oldroselace9 months ago

This brings me back to my youth, and my son's, and my grand-son's. I'm sure they will always be in style. It's a good way to unwind as well.

oldroselace9 months ago

This brings me back to my youth, and my son's, and my grand-son's. I'm sure they will always be in style. It's a good way to unwind as well.

CaseyB29 months ago

I love making paper snowflakes! They make wonderful wall decor!

sindy.vega9 months ago

thank you very much for this imfo. my granddaughters b-day is frozen theme so i decided to use the snowflakes

Dejaykomm3 years ago
My first attempts at the 6 point snowflake. :-) comments appreciated. :-)

I like the tree looking one on the top right, looks really cool!

Nicely done!! Pretty impressive for a first attempt, too.....
They are so beautiful!!!!
:-) Thankyou!!
:-) Thankyou.
ReadsInTrees (author)  Dejaykomm3 years ago
Nice job! I hope my instructions and tips were helpful.
it was your tutoring and design styles that led the way. :-)
julie.a.houston made it!11 months ago

I sat down and made over 30 this morning! Had such a great time and they came out amazing! Thanks for the instructions.

ReadsInTrees (author)  julie.a.houston9 months ago

Look at those beauties!

nstg8tr10 months ago
AlbertD1 made it!1 year ago

My first attempt. Thanks for the great instructions! Looking forward to making more paper snowflakes :)

ReadsInTrees (author)  AlbertD111 months ago

Yay! I'm glad my instructions were helpful for you!

lbronkema1 year ago

We use this method, but we use coffee filters instead of regular paper. The paper is easier to cut, especially for the kids.

esprit15d1 year ago

Thanks! Great instructions. I used them to make snowflakes for my friend's party.

AllieBrighton made it!1 year ago

I loved this!

Photo on 8-13-14 at 2.59 PM.jpg
ReadsInTrees (author)  AllieBrighton1 year ago

Well done!

AllieBrighton made it!1 year ago

I loved this!

Photo on 8-13-14 at 2.59 PM.jpg
Jo Flandez1 year ago

Thank you for a very good instructable on snowflakes. This comes very handy as my niece is celebrating her 7th birthday with "Frozen" movie motif. I'll use the snowflakes to decorate my brother's costume. Many many thanks!

very clean and easy to follow instructions. good job.

Very nice Instructible! We could some snow around here.

jmarschel1 year ago
This is fantastic! Thank you. It had been so long since I made a paper snowflake. My 8 year old loved this. We found another link from Martha Stewart. I followed the instructions exactly and it ended up cutting the snowflake in half.
bakunin1 year ago
I've been doing mine this way since I was a kid.
A few years back I was showing my nieces how to do it and one asked me to make one with hearts.
Hmm, I haven't tried to cut that many tight curves in so many layers of paper before, I thought.
It came out awesome!
You can make very lacy loopy snowflakes by cutting like this:
- Hold the folded-up paper firmly without bending it.
- Keep the scissors stationary as you cut.
- Rotate the paper slowly into the blades as you smoothly squeeze the scissors.
- It's easier to keep the layers together if you make smaller cuts. Look for flat parts of your curves where you can join up two cuts invisibly.
- Keep your fingertips out of the way of the scissors!
stormys1 year ago
WOW!, excelente!!!
jtmcdole1 year ago
These are awesome!
Gorgeous! Edward Scissors Hands has nothing on you!
AnyaAnya1 year ago
I don't get step 5 and 6. How?
So I am doing this for my family. I am the oldest of my siblings and I am 15. I think it would help others if you explained steps 4-6 a little better, but other than that this was a very helpful project.
ReadsInTrees (author)  BubbaGump1231 year ago
Steps 4-6 are the hardest to explain and learn. I'm not sure how else to explain them better....If you figured it out, do you have any ideas on how to explain those steps better?
I guess you could try showing more images for that step. I would have an image for each part of steps 4-6.
ReadsInTrees (author)  BubbaGump1231 year ago
Hmm...there is an image for each part of those steps. I included a drawn instruction as well in Step 4 for those steps, but each step does have an image.
Thanks fr the instructions on these beautiful snowflakes. They look great on my wall!
ReadsInTrees (author)  123creation1 year ago
You're welcome! If you used white paper, try hanging them on your windows. They look great against the black of night!
WUVIE1 year ago
Oh, I love these! Great Instructable!

Somewhere in all the paper files in this house, I have some patterns. Thanks for reminding me! I'll have to find them, and use some of yours, too.
ReadsInTrees (author)  WUVIE1 year ago
Thank you! I hope my guide to "Analyzing a Snowflake" can help you imitate snowflakes that you see when there's no template available.
How do you make the points super sharp?
dcms41 year ago
This was very cool and provided some great tips. But I would have really liked to see the folded cut out version of all of the designs you showed. Technique is great, but actually making something beautiful takes talent. Not all of us are talented, but most of us can follow directions. :)
ReadsInTrees (author)  dcms41 year ago
Hi, thanks for visiting my page!

I don't provide templates because I believe this stifles creativity. Part of the technique is figuring out which sort of cuts are going to make which sorts of designs. If you're only copying someone else's design, you're not learning. There are plenty of tutorials out there that will just tell someone how to make some basic designs while including some templates to copy....I wanted my tutorial to be different, to actually teach the technique itself instead of coddling. Steps 10 and 11 delve into how to look at a snowflake you like and envision the "template" for that snowflake....Trust me, many of the snowflakes don't look like anything when they're folded up...just a little squiggly piece of paper scrap. Only when it's unfolded can you see the overall design, and by analyzing the snowflake, as in step 10, you can see how the "template" relates to the overall design.

Happy scissoring!
wow 1.6 million views in about 11 days, good for you!! Great instructable, I learned how to make these in 6th grade and forgot over the years, nice to have a refresher, Thank you :).
ReadsInTrees (author)  Matt2 Silver1 year ago
Oh goodness, no, it's been more than 11 days. This was posted in 2009.
Oh well color me embarrassed. In any case it's still a really good instructable thank you for sharing it.
Mielameri1 year ago
These are simply fabulous! Thank you!
ReadsInTrees (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoy them!
entropy8881 year ago
excellent instructable
ReadsInTrees (author)  entropy8881 year ago
Thank you!
Annabeth doesn't get confused. Just saying. ;)
how do you imagine a triangle in thirds i am very confused.
I have added a second picture to hopefully make this step easier to understand.
tphillips142 years ago
Thank you so much for posting and sharing this!! We are making these as a Girl Scout project to send to the children at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
ReadsInTrees (author)  tphillips142 years ago
I also hosted a paper snowflake workshop at my local library to make snowflakes to send to Sandy Hook. It was very last minute, but we still had over 50 people show up (lots of kids), we made 160 snowflakes, and I think a few people left with a new skill up their sleeve.
Great instructions and beautiful scissor work!! Spent Christmas eve making these with nieces and nephews. Thank you, my windows now look spectacular at almost no cost, and we had so much fun. : )
ReadsInTrees (author)  Throckmorzog2 years ago
Glad that everyone had fun! I'd love to see pictures of your windows!
sturner182 years ago
Thanks so much for this, just putting finishing touches on a Santa Sack and wanted to add snowflakes, couldnt quite remember how to do this. Worked Fab, great instructions and used White Fabric filling to give a a realistic feel. Thanks Again.
yongeeks2 years ago
Thank you. I really enjoyed making these!
mhudson112 years ago
Awesome! Thank you!
PaganRaven2 years ago
I have to tell you that your snowflakes are gorgeous! I've tried all my life to do this and they never look quite as good. I know you posted this a year ago, and I'm a late starter on Instructables (totally addicted now) but I hope at some point you do read this. Merry Yule and a warm winter Solstice!!
ReadsInTrees (author)  PaganRaven2 years ago
Thank you! I hope my instructions and tips help you make beautiful snowflakes of your own! Happy Solstice!
reganbella3 years ago
I think I folded mine wrong. Instead of turning out circular, like a snowflake would be, mine turned out rectangular. Yours are great though!!! They look so intricate!
karmar224 years ago
I must be really stupid because mine turned out completely hollow and looked nothing like a snowflake!
karmar22 - I did exactly the same thing. I found out I was cutting the wrong piece. I thought I was supposed to cut the top part, because that's what it looks like in the picture, but if you cut the bottom plain triangle that is cut off, it comes out really nice.
Dr.Bill3 years ago
Thank You Thank You My Wife Loves Me Again !
Mele Kalikimaka and Houoli Maka Hiki Hou !
Aloha !
Good job on the directions! I teach art and include both this method (which my mom shared when I was five or six years old) and one that uses a circle. I love sharing the patterns with kids and letting them feel superior that their flakes are *correct* multiples of three.
Imjetta3 years ago
Ohhhhh dreamy! These are so much prettier than Martha Stewarts! Thank you!
ReadsInTrees (author)  Imjetta3 years ago
Haha, thanks! You know it does irk me a little that when you Google "How To Make Paper Snowflakes" my how-to shows up at #3 and HERS is at #2. Argh.
dangjena3 years ago
This was amazing! Super instructions and beautiful work. Well done, friend.
jbrecken3 years ago
I decorated my cubicle one year with Post-It notes transformed into snowflakes using more or less this technique. The only difference is that with the smaller paper there wasn't room for too many cuts.
maggieelrod3 years ago
just wanted to thank you for your time to go into such detail to explain how to do this. Merry Christmas!
Maggie Elrod
ReadsInTrees (author)  maggieelrod3 years ago
You're welcome! I hope you're having fun making snowflakes!
designteach3 years ago
Excellent instructions! Enjoyed making these in class today!
picklet5 years ago
I just wonder, have you found any kind of scissors that cut well for fine work like this? Can you sharpen scissors? -
Thanks for the lovely instructable! The generosity of people like you sharing on this site helps to put things in perspective. Bless.
ReadsInTrees (author)  picklet5 years ago
I use regular scissors like you'd get at any office supply store. If you scroll further down in the comments here, I wrote a long explanation about which scissors I've used. I think it's a matter of experimenting to find what works for you.

As for sharpening scissors....I've never actually sharpened a pair, but I've heard that you can sharpen them easily by scissoring through several layers of aluminum foil. I just tried this, but it didn't seem to make a huge difference...maybe I needed to do it for longer. I believe there are scissor sharpening devices that you can purchase in craft stores.
Hi. I was told cutting foil blunts your scissors! You can have them sharpened at some hardware stores tho sometimes the cost of doing so isnt really economic when scissors can be bought so cheaply. love the snowflakes and shall be making a window load tonight :) thank you
Much appreciated, Ms ReadsIntTees. May you have wonderful trees and inspiring reading material!  :)
LaBeasy picklet4 years ago
if you want to be extremely accurate, i would suggest using an exacto knife, if its brand new, itll be razor sharp and super precise.
I love this - so does my 9 year-old. Our window is well on it's way to a winter wonderland! Thank you for taking the time to instruct!
Swirlysmile3 years ago
This is a GREAT instructable. thank you! I'd forgotten how to fold. Now I just need to be more adventurous in my cuts. I predict a snow day in my house during winter school break for my daughter. :D
daguilar43 years ago
Made mine thanks for this I loved it , posted on my facebook

Dejaykomm3 years ago
Best snowflake ins'ble I have seen! Made 6 already! Think I am gonna need more paper!! :-)
dwirsz3 years ago
First attempt
ReadsInTrees (author)  dwirsz3 years ago
Excellent for a first attempt. Must've had a good teacher!
dwirsz3 years ago
Very nice instruction guide. Very easy to follow. I have been making other kinds of snow flakes for years, but this is my first attempt at a 6 pointer. Thought I would upload a pic of my first attempt at your six point style... Let me know what you think.
lgrochowsky3 years ago
I love your directions and that is a beautiful snowflake.
ReadsInTrees (author) 3 years ago
If you guys liked this one, feel free to browse my gallery of snowflakes on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmdsnowflakes/sets/
wow that is an amazing collection!
Thanks for this instructable. I learnt to make these in grade school, back in the fifties. I forgot how to fold the paper.
anke-art3 years ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you ! And did I say THANK YOU?

These are gorgeous, every single one looks great. I can't wait to make some, and I'd even have an idea for using them for a nice wreath.

Greetings from not-yet-snowy Germany :D
cakmak103 years ago
this is awesome.
hotwingz233 years ago
this is the most beautiful snowflake ever!!!!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
This is the most epic snowflake ever!
Lori043 years ago
you are a genius! haha :D this is amazing! i like it! i'm totally doing this right now :)
jhill123 years ago
Just found this 'ible and I LOVE IT! I've been looking for something my daughter (5) and I can do together and this is perfect. Thank you for going into such detail about each step, it makes it easier for me to think about and therefor translate into something my girly can do.

I just had a thought that may make it easier to preserve your snowflakes and make it easier to hang them: Press them between sheets of wax paper. If you're going to press them with an iron anyway, you can do it between the wax paper to give it strength! I've done this with some of the more delicate paper projects my daughter has brought home from school and it works well.

I think I'm going to do it with scraps of wrapping paper to have a colored side and a blank side to have more dimension in my windows.

Thank you again!
yoshi14 years ago
Can you PLEASE make a video for one of your snowflakes?
if i copied the cutting i did on the website would it turn out the same on the piece of paper?
libbydvb4 years ago
Have been spreading the gospel of paper snowflakes all season! Very easy (folding bit, that is!) and even if ours don't look like the pix, we've had fun cutting all together in front of the fire - even our 5 year old! LOOOOVE IT!
starsmag4 years ago
I'm gonna do it a different way. this looks alittle to hard for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Izzie_x4 years ago
I LOVE the 5th one in the first row its absolutely beautiful!!
ReadsInTrees (author)  Izzie_x4 years ago
If you liked that one, you'll probably like this one too:
I LOVE the 5th one, too!
leslie5554 years ago
I really like step 10. It allows me to make snowflakes that I'm not disappointed in. :) Could you make up some templates that show where cuts can be made on the triangle to make some of your beautiful designs.
yoshi14 years ago
They are so cool! I want to make some like yours.
skyheart yoshi14 years ago
its like too hard maybe you can post a video so i can understand it ok.
ReadsInTrees (author)  yoshi14 years ago
I'm glad you like them! And I hope you do make some like mine, that's why I made this Instructable! Good luck!
hi maybe you can post a video cause i cannot understand it ok but its cool
yoshi1 skyheart4 years ago
What can't you understand?
you make a good paper snowflake
drseuss5 years ago
 Great. Great. Great instructable. Nice clear pictures and instructions. My students were thrilled to read about Snowflake Bentley and then make real six sided snowflakes. We laminated them and hung them up all over the classroom.Thanks so much!
ReadsInTrees (author)  drseuss5 years ago
You're welcome! Mr. Bentley is my hero, and I often peruse his book to try and imitate real snowflakes. Something you might want to consider purchasing for your class room is the snowflake thermometer poster. It's a long poster with dozens of Bentley's snowflakes arranged on it by the temperature the air was when the pictures were taken. Higher up on the poster are more branched snowflakes, and lower down as it gets colder the snowflakes are more plate like. Cool poster. I have one in my bedroom!

I tried to access the https://vermontsnowflakes.com address. It came up as a dangerous site and google chrome advised me not to go further. Whatsa up with this? Also who is Mr. Bentley? Is there a book or site for him? Thanks. Triumphman.
ReadsInTrees (author)  triumphman4 years ago
it's possible that that link has expired.

Wilson A Bentley (aka Snowflake Bentley) was the first person to photograph a single snowflake back in 1885. He eventually photographed over 5000 snowflakes, no two exactly the same.

A website dedicated to him is:

 Thanks so much, I'll do that!
triumphman4 years ago
Last year, I made some snowflakes from discarded foam food trays. I made a DC hot wire cutter for the foam cutting. It worked great. The wire is nickel cadmium. I got from a craft hobby shop. I used a small DC 12 volt transformer. Simple to make. Thicker foam sheets can be used too. They came out really nice. There was an instructable on this. I can't remember the name. Have to search my archives in the basement. Maybe I'll post some pics. Yours was great, thanks again! Triumphman.
smith3694 years ago
nice picture
fashion paper into a cone then flaten.
Thank you!
Phenominal! This will definitely help with the Christmas decorations! The direction are so easy to understand, and it's really simple! Thank you! :D
sashadistan4 years ago
You have just upgraded my year 9 (12-13 yeas old) graphics lesson extra session. They're not a top set and this will make a really nice pre Christmas filler for them to practice they're accuracy and paper crafting skills. lovely and so ingenious. Thankyou.
CarolAE4 years ago
Superb! I just had a great afternoon making snowflakes with my grandkids. Now the windows are covered with winter beauty. The directions are excellent.
tbvb054 years ago
I just made my first one and I have to say this: when you are following the step by step it might be best to be home alone so when you talk to yourself (or to the pictures and instructions) no one is there thinking you are a lunatic!!!
I love these and want to try more tomorrow.
Thanks SO much for giving us the instructions!
Shany1204 years ago
I love how you explained EVERY step in stead of only just saying "fold" "cut" "blah blah blah"
sdbigguy5 years ago
 We make these every year at the Veterinary clinic that I work at. I am a 52 year old retired Navy man working at the clinic and all the girls call me Martha (after  Martha Stewart). They can't seem to get a handle on the folding it into thirds and keep coming up with four or eight pointed snowflakes so it is just easier for me to fold the paper and mark a main spine and they just enjoy cutting and taping the finished flakes in the window. After 4 years of doing this they are getting much better at removing more paper for a much more delicate finished flake. Thanks again, now maybe they will be able to figure out the folds... but knowing them... well, I still think I will be stuck folding the paper.

I have made hundreds of these. I use spray starch on white coffee filters (the round flat kind)....these come in 3 sizes and use a really strong paper .  I iron the folds, and makes cuts with Fiskars micro tip scissors.  Each fold is ironed, and then ironed flat .  The results are beautifully crisp, and can be hung with thread across a ceiling year after year, and stored easily in a box.

I have created roomfulls -- nature center and a classroom. The classromm teacher (my sister) actually laminated them and this way they will last for ever, and endure much handling.  Some years she tapes them on the school windows too. 

redcanary25 years ago
What a fab instructable! A few years ago, when I decided I wanted to hang decorations from my ceiling, I spent a lot of time cutting paper snowflakes. These I hung up, to the applause of friends and family. This instuctable has given us a clear, precise set of instructions, along with a large helping of creativity and flair and was just what I wanted in the way of extra inspiration for new and improved decorations for this Christmas. I particularly praise the visualisation of the section of a snowflake that needs to be studied in order to cut the design successfully. Thanks!
zineb5 years ago
great stuff!!
poppe17755 years ago
these are so easy yet so pretty, I am always trying to make snowflakes and they look so blah!  These look so intricate and were easier than my blah! ones. Great idea and easy instructions, Thanks.
coodec5 years ago
perfect and very nice thanks....
AMac425 years ago
sorry but how you get from 4 to 5 don't make any sens
ReadsInTrees (author)  AMac425 years ago
Hmm...I don't know how to make it any more clear. No one else has had a problem with this step (aside from having difficulty making exact thirds).
 I found with my students that they didn't always get the fold exactly perfect and 90% of the snowflakes came out perfectly. They just tried again with a fresh sheet of paper. It's a great lesson for following directions and fine motor skills. Thanks again.
I have a dreadful time with that fold as well.   

Something I've done this year is 'square, square, triangle'.  Fold your square in half squarewise two times, then into a triangle.  You may not get a technically correct six-sided shape, but it's a lot easier to fold ;o)
Your snowflakes are very beautiful.  I especially like the ones with animals.  Is there a way you could divide them intio a subcategory?  I would like to add a link to your designs from www.snowflakestencils.com and www.colorbooksnowflakes.com  for great examples of animal snowflakes.

SugarTeen525 years ago
 Congrats on getting in the top ten in the art division! =)
depotdevoid5 years ago
I can't remember if I thanked you for this or not, but it's a great instructable and I used it to make snowflakes with my daughter.  Thanks so much!
chuck_295 years ago
that is awesome
At Liberty5 years ago
Gorgeous patterns.

I am turning green.
bavb5 years ago
My mother taught us how to make these when I was little. (I'm now 65!) We ALWAYS had (and still do) beautiful snowflakes in our front windows. I taught my children and now my grandchildren how to make them.
Besides the paper snowflakes, I now crochet 3-dimensional snowflakes with really fine thread which are very pretty too. A green tree with the white crocheted snowflakes and blue lights is spectacular!
bluenebe5 years ago
 Wonderful. Your snowflakes look simply beautiful. Very close to the real ones. And thanks for your clear instructable. I am going to try it today!
mjursic5 years ago
Superb!  I made the example you showed how to make but haven't been able to figure out how to make the rest!  Is there any way you could post pictures of the cutting patterns for some of the other snowflakes.  I can't quite figure it out.  Thanks!
ReadsInTrees (author)  mjursic5 years ago
Hey Mike,

I actually don't use patterns when I make my snowflakes. I just cut them. In step 10 I did try to show how you could look at a snowflake and work out how to make one similar.  Did you try that?
I actually read through Step 10 a little closer and fgured it out.  Thanks, I got excellent results.  I am a Grade 7 and 8 art teacher in Toronto, Canada, and the few of my students who did this with me today got excellent results too. It's a bit of a leap of understanding, though, and I had to sleep on it before it made full sense to me.  So thanks!  Yes, all is well and my snowflakes are coming out just peachy!
0jack5 years ago
 I love this!  What kind of scissors are you using?  I have such a trouble cutting through paper when making snowflakes!  Or, are you using a craft knife like Exacto?

I am so impressed by the delicacy of your samples that you show.
ReadsInTrees (author)  0jack5 years ago
I only use an x-acto knife when I'm trying to make a snowflake with a silhouette of something on it that has to be super detailed. I hate using one though, because a knife doesn't cut through twelve layers of paper very well. There are people that use x-acto knives and thin tracing paper, but I don't like this because using a knife takes longer and tracing paper is so see-through that they don't show up very well when you tape them up.

I just use regular paper scissors like you can get at Staples, such as the ones shown in Step 1. I get nicer-quality ones that are more likely to be sharp. You can usually tell which ones are going to be better because they'll have a handle that is at least partly rubber, usually inside the finger loops. The ones with hard plastic (usually orange) handles tend to be kind of flimsy.  Compare scissors at the store and try to get ones that have a regular sized grip, but shorter blades, which will help you maneuver better. The ones I'm using right now have gray handles with yellow rubber inside the finger holes, they say Westcott on them. The ones pictured in Step 1 say Acme Soft Handle on them. I also have a new pair of scissors made by Scotch (as in Scotch tape). These ones seem a little tight to open and close, so I'll take a regular #2 pencil and scribble around the hinge of the scissors to try and work a little graphite into the hinge. Graphite works as a better lubricant than oil, but sometimes oil is easier to get into the hinge. Scissors that don't open and close easily can also make cutting more difficult.

Hope this helps. Get a good pair of scissors and see if that makes a difference. I will admit that my hands get tired after a while, which was my main motivator to first buy scissors with rubber grips.
SugarTeen525 years ago
 I agree, this is a fantastic tutorial.  Very clear and patient-sounding.  I can't wait to make some now.  If there is a Christmas contest, Sign Up!!!!
ReadsInTrees (author)  SugarTeen525 years ago
Ah, unfortunately you can't sign up already published Instructables to the Homemade Holidays Contest....can you?
Actually, as far as I know, you can!  If you go to the page for the contest, I think somewhere is a submit button.  But it's been a while since I did it.  Hope this helps!  If not maybe you can look it up.
ReadsInTrees (author)  SugarTeen525 years ago
Nope, it says that this Instructable is not eligible because it was published before the start day for the contest. My other less-interesting Instructable was, however, so that one is fine. I tried "unpublishing" this one and then republishing it, but that didn't seem to help any. Oh well.
 Ohh, that's a shame... I suppose they made that into a rule since I last entered something.  Sorry it didn't work out.  Good luck with your other instructable!
sheepborg5 years ago
Thanks so much for this instructable!
im in high school so i made one in study hall and now people are practicly hanging off of me asking for them
now i pick my favourite people and give them the snowflakes

i also make 2 six pointeed flakes out of one sheet of paper, but then i take the leftovers and get 4 more 4 pointed flakes.
ReadsInTrees (author)  sheepborg5 years ago
You can make 6 pointed ones from the leftovers, not just 4 pointed ones. Same folds, just smaller. I too save the leftover "end" pieces to make mini snowflakes, which I use to accent the regular flakes. They help make it seem like the snowflakes are just sprinkled across a window.
i can make more 6 pointed ones, but it gets all crooked since it is smaller.
i am still working on getting better
(we will have to see how the ones i cut peoples names into turn out)
Lintballoon5 years ago
Wow, those are really beautiful! Striking variety and delicacy! I wonder if your could dip them in something like plaster or clay to make them stiff enough to use as tree orniments...
PKM Lintballoon5 years ago
You could try spraying them with spray glue or lightly brushing with watered-down PVA (white glue) on a non-gluable surface like a plastic shopping bag.  When they are dry, peel them off the plastic and they should be a little more rigid.
ReadsInTrees (author)  Lintballoon5 years ago
I bet laminating them would probably work, but I don't have a laminating machine so I've never tried.
haein5 years ago
I've been having so much fun cutting random shapes over 10 hours here. I'm going to double side tape all of them over the living room windows... Fun, easy, inexpensive way to add privacy! Thank you so much!!!  

CrLz5 years ago
Top notch art-  you are a master!
I thought it was impossible to trisect a angle.  Those snow flakes are beautiful.
Maryline5 years ago
Beautiful!  thank you
nasnme5 years ago
great stuff!  My kids will be excited to hang these around the house.
yngla5 years ago
Simply beautiful!
kellychap5 years ago
Very simple and easy to follow explanation - now I just needan instructable on how to get an imagination!
sadiecoons5 years ago
Those are so cute! :)
sugarfuss5 years ago
very beautiful.
makes a nice christmas-card cover :)
AALISS5 years ago
Beautiful :D
dragonflii5 years ago
this is great! i'm going to have a blast making these with the kids this year! thanks!
tfaulk265 years ago
Very artistic and creative. My grandmother taught me how to make snowflakes when I was a child, but those were not nearly as sophisticated as yours. Good job! A+
Very nice
capricorn5 years ago
 Easy, cheap, quick, beautiful.

A killer 'Ible my friend :) well done!
ANTQNUT5 years ago
ChrysN5 years ago
Those are some really nice snowflakes, nice cutting!
 I always wondered how to do the fold to get 6 points. thank you.
You're a life saver. I've been going mad trying to remember how to make these.
Jayefuu5 years ago
This is a brilliant instructable. I'll definitely revisit this at Christmas.