Step 10: Analyzing a Snowflake

Picture of Analyzing a Snowflake
If you do want to try and copy a snowflake that you see, or at least get an idea of how to make one similar, try to visualize the slice of the snowflake that represents the completely folded paper. This is one slice out of twelve symmetrical slices. It will be a line that cuts through the middle of one point, and intersects with a line cut though the middle of the "valley" between it and the adjacent point. If it makes it easier, pretend that the snowflake is a clock and the lines you're imagining are the hands when it's one o'clock. See picture.

This slice of the snowflake shows what your cuts should look like if you want a snowflake that looks like this. It may be easier to visualize if you look at the black (cut out) spaces and think about those shapes being cut away. This is how you can make a "template", in a way, based on snowflakes that you see.

lbronkema1 year ago

We use this method, but we use coffee filters instead of regular paper. The paper is easier to cut, especially for the kids.

PaganRaven2 years ago
I have to tell you that your snowflakes are gorgeous! I've tried all my life to do this and they never look quite as good. I know you posted this a year ago, and I'm a late starter on Instructables (totally addicted now) but I hope at some point you do read this. Merry Yule and a warm winter Solstice!!
ReadsInTrees (author)  PaganRaven2 years ago
Thank you! I hope my instructions and tips help you make beautiful snowflakes of your own! Happy Solstice!
designteach3 years ago
Excellent instructions! Enjoyed making these in class today!
maggieelrod3 years ago
just wanted to thank you for your time to go into such detail to explain how to do this. Merry Christmas!
Maggie Elrod
leslie5554 years ago
I really like step 10. It allows me to make snowflakes that I'm not disappointed in. :) Could you make up some templates that show where cuts can be made on the triangle to make some of your beautiful designs.
sashadistan4 years ago
You have just upgraded my year 9 (12-13 yeas old) graphics lesson extra session. They're not a top set and this will make a really nice pre Christmas filler for them to practice they're accuracy and paper crafting skills. lovely and so ingenious. Thankyou.
tbvb054 years ago
I just made my first one and I have to say this: when you are following the step by step it might be best to be home alone so when you talk to yourself (or to the pictures and instructions) no one is there thinking you are a lunatic!!!
I love these and want to try more tomorrow.
Thanks SO much for giving us the instructions!
picklet5 years ago
I just wonder, have you found any kind of scissors that cut well for fine work like this? Can you sharpen scissors? -
Thanks for the lovely instructable! The generosity of people like you sharing on this site helps to put things in perspective. Bless.
LaBeasy picklet4 years ago
if you want to be extremely accurate, i would suggest using an exacto knife, if its brand new, itll be razor sharp and super precise.
redcanary25 years ago
What a fab instructable! A few years ago, when I decided I wanted to hang decorations from my ceiling, I spent a lot of time cutting paper snowflakes. These I hung up, to the applause of friends and family. This instuctable has given us a clear, precise set of instructions, along with a large helping of creativity and flair and was just what I wanted in the way of extra inspiration for new and improved decorations for this Christmas. I particularly praise the visualisation of the section of a snowflake that needs to be studied in order to cut the design successfully. Thanks!
coodec5 years ago
perfect and very nice thanks....
Lintballoon5 years ago
Wow, those are really beautiful! Striking variety and delicacy! I wonder if your could dip them in something like plaster or clay to make them stiff enough to use as tree orniments...
Maryline5 years ago
Beautiful!  thank you
sadiecoons5 years ago
Those are so cute! :)
sugarfuss5 years ago
very beautiful.
makes a nice christmas-card cover :)
dragonflii5 years ago
this is great! i'm going to have a blast making these with the kids this year! thanks!