Step 11: Replicating a Real Snowflake

From time to time I try and copy a real snowflake that I see in a book or online. It's impossible to copy an actual snow crystal exactly because they're simply too intricate, they're 3-D, and some parts of the snowflake are attached with a layer of ice so thin that it looks invisible.....if you tried to copy one exactly, it would fall apart. However, you can still try to mimic the form of a real snowflake.

Real snowflakes often have large areas of "blank space" that don't look very good when rendered in paper. A flip through a snowflake photography book shows that quite a few snowflakes form as just a simple hexagon with few details. If the snowflake you're copying has a lot of blank space, embellish it anyway. Since it can't be an exact replica, it might as well be pretty!

Basically, just use the technique from step 10. Imagine the how a real snowflake would look if it were a slice of a pie. Think of the clock hands at 1 o'clock.

Above are two examples of snowflakes that I've tried to replicate. I've added a second view of each with the "slice" highlighted.
It's so much fun making snowflakes and wound up being a great stress reliever! These are great instructions for fun, creative and easy snowflakes that are addictive to make and try new designs and easy fun with my son:).
<p>I'm glad my tutorial helped you find some stress relief!</p>
<p>Smh. Why does this only have one step.</p>
<p>Never mind my tigga helped me figure it out no longer smh</p>
<p>Smh. Why does this only have one step.</p>
<p>should have found it before we did our christmas tree</p>
<p>Found this on the bus to work today when I had the last minute idea to make snowflakes with young English students. Not only do older kids appreciate this better than candy, it actually helped me to break the ice with a prepubescent class I've been struggling to communicate with. Thanks!</p>
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<p>ghatiya THANKYOU</p>
<p>i can't believe i somehow managed to forget these!!! i'm going to make one RIGHT NOW. i used to make them from the plain old white paper then get them wet in water and stick them to the windows all over the place as a kid :D </p>
<p>and another one!</p>
<p>i can't believe i somehow managed to forget these!!! i'm going to make one RIGHT NOW. i used to make them from the plain old white paper then get them wet in water and stick them to the windows all over the place as a kid :D </p>
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<p>Thanks for the instructable! So pretty!</p>
<p>Awesome instructions!! I just decorated my lab. 100% better now!</p>
<p>Used your instructions to make snowflakes for the St. Nicholas baskets for our neighborhood, hope to see snowflakes on doors all over our neighborhood. Thank you so much for your all the care you put into this.</p>
<p>I used this to teach my landlady's grandson how to make these. Thanks a lot it helped!</p>
<p>Thanks for this clear tutorial!</p>
<p>Great tutorial, and it is very easy to make other patterns. Now my work cubicle is decorated with paper snowflakes. Thank you.</p>
<p>I clicked on a link at yakidee.org/how-to-make-paper-snowflakes.html which showed what looked like 3-D snowflakes made from strips of paper. That is what I was wanting to learn but it brought me here instead. Where are they? I learned how to do these simple folded ones in kindergarten over 50 years ago!</p>
<p>Just Google &quot;how to make 3-D paper snowflakes&quot; to find what you're looking for.</p>
<p>You missed the point of my query. I know I can google it. How do you think I found this page? I said I clicked on the picture of what I wanted but it did not take me to the item I clicked on! I was hoping somebody could post the correct link to save me hours of more searching!</p>
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<p>You're sour. Grow up. You didn't ask kindly or even say thank you. These are free tutorials that people take time out of their own day to create for anyone to use. No one owes you anything. Do your own work next time.</p>
<p>I'm sorry that someone linked my tutorial to a wrong description. It really has nothing to do with me....but here's a link anyway to a 3D snowflake tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/3-D-Snowflake/</p>
<p>I'm really happy to make these beautiful flakes by myself! and it is very easy to make other patterns. Thank you!</p>
<p>it's a great tutorial. thank you so much</p>
<p>My oldest daughter and I made these. The instructions were so easy to follow. Now they are taped up in the windows of our house. :)</p>
<p>Nice instructable! Thank you for sharing this with us. I used it to make my Christmas cards this year.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for this great, EASY instructable! I decorated a bulletin board at the library where I work, and I needed to add some snowflakes to it, but was never very good at them... This has helped IMMENSELY!!! :)</p>
<p>thanks! grreat comments!!</p>
<p>Super proud of myself! I really like this method and good, clear instructions. :) 10/10</p>
<p>Great job, but now I want to see your own designs!</p>
<p>I created an account just to thank you for this awesome tutorial! I needed to make a snowflake or two for a work bulletin board, and I was <strong>not </strong>having luck understanding the steps that correlate to steps 4-5 in your instructable. I've done plenty of origami, and I was having a really hard time understanding why I couldn't figure this out. Your clear images and explanations were such a resource, and I appreciate them so much!</p>
Wow! So glad I could help! Always good to hear positive feedback!
<p>Great instructable, especially where you analyze the snowflakes. That really is inspiring, thanks!</p>
fun activity to do with my 6 and 4 year old girls. they had fun making these. they even did one using a paper towel!
<p>Bravo! </p>
<p>I'd seriously recommend people check out youtube for a much quicker and better version. Your step 4 is incomprehensible gibberish!!</p>
This is shawsome
<p>wow nice!</p>
great instructable<br>
This is the best! It really helps a lot. Thank you for the inspiration
<p>Glad to help!</p>
<p>I made it!!!! I really like my metallic one!</p>

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