Step 5: Step 5

Fold the left third over. Try to get all of the folds to line up as close as possible for the most symmetrical snowflake.
<p>These slowflakes look really good. I guess you can say they're for the advanced paper crafters.</p>
<p>Maybe. Even younger artists can make less intricate flakes. I've taught groups of kids how to make these, and they all do great. Sometimes they need help with the folding (especially the 1/3rds part), but they tend to catch on pretty quick.</p>
<p>fun!! Great instructions! Thanks!</p>
<p>Nice job!</p>
<p>It just keeps coming off as like 2 pieces. a lot of them turned into disaster. I might've made about 6 of them and the same thing keeps happening. </p>
<p>Any chance you can post your results? Maybe I can help you figure out where you're running into problems.</p>
<p>Man.....I posted this 6 years ago, using a really bad quality digital camera....Maybe it's time to update the pics.</p>
<p>Well, before this tutorial, I've always cut very crappy snowflakes.. I looked up tutorials how to cut nice ones because I have a newborn on the way and wanted to use some snowflake props for his photoshoot! my first batch (clean picture with no trash) took me 5 hours from start to finish and they're all in order from my first to my last. </p><p>Today, I did my second batch, but I worked on it throughout the day unlike yesterday! I just wanted to share how helpful this instructables has been. I've only messed up one time out of all these snowflakes! I am very eager to share with u all what my results are!! I did look at inspirations, but my results are way better when I just let my imagination run wild.</p>
Beautifully done! And I agree about letting your imagination run wild. This is why I've never posted templates, and just gave advise on how to work out your own by &quot;analyzing a snowflake&quot;. I want people to be their own creative geniuses!
<p>Simple and beautiful!!!</p>
<p>Great work!!!!</p>
<p>Coffee filters make beautiful airy snowflakes.</p>
<p>These instructions really helped me! Before I was making what my dad calls &quot;MineCraft snowflakes&quot;</p>
<p>At this point on, I consider this tutorial relevant. Maybe I can do enough before Christmas to decorate with.</p>
<p>I did it</p>
<p>Nice job!</p>
<p>simle and cute</p>
<p>Hi Tomorrow 15 I will be showing my grand daughter tomorrow she love art I have been helping her with darwing </p>
<p>Your instructable brings so much memories!</p>
<p>Was looking for some ideas for the grandchildren to decorate our cabin at family camp this week. They will love making snowflakes in summer.</p>
<p>I've been doing these a lot when I was a little child, coming up with crazy kinds</p>
<p>Very high accuracy :) </p>
<p>Thanks for this Instructable. Making these snowflakes helped my figure out how to tie-dye a snowflake bandana. </p><p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/LDC-Arctic-Adventure-SnowflakeStar-Tie-Dye-Bandana/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/LDC-Arctic-Adventu...</a></p>
Makes me laugh 2 see mine
<p>these are hard my friend know how to make them</p>
<p>how is everyone getting a square from the copy paper mine keeps coming up with rectangle and so i cant make a triangle and my daughters frozen bday is tomorrow im having such bad luck i guess im being dumb from lack of sleep lol</p>
Fold one corner of the paper all the way down to one side. Like, if you're holding the paper upright (like you're reading a letter), fold the upper left hand corner all the way down so that it touches the right side of the paper. The edge of the paper that used to be at the top going horizontally should line up evenly with the right hand vertical side of the paper. What you'll have is a large triangle with a narrow piece of rectangular paper along the bottom. Cut off that rectangle, and you'll have a square already folded into the first triangle.<br>
<p>Mine was cut into two pieces... I Guess I'll have to retry.</p>
So these instructions are Awesome!!! Thank you!!!<br>I'm doing a Frozen theme for my daughters 1st birthday <br>Going to find some glittery blue craft paper today (hopefully) and do some more to hang up on a white tablecloth.<br>There is a Frozen PDF on Google with Frozen theme templates, going to give them a go next, but they cut the bottom straight.. So that might be different :)<br>Thanks again!! Great instructions :)
<p>hellllppppp!!!! at number 6 step i end up cutting the snowflake in half! what am i doing wrong?????</p>
<p>your cutting the middle part be sure to start cutting a little at first until you get the hang of it then u can get a little more creative with it once you can kind of see which side goes to what hope this helps</p>
<p>Kaylah1, I'm not sure what is happening to you. But maybe this will help. Think of each fold as the radius/spoke of the snowflake. The point of the triangle is the center. The end with the 2 &quot;bunny ears&quot; is the outside edge. You may want to skip step 4C (I don't see a step labeled 6) and see if that helps. </p><p>I might also recommend making a partial cut then unfolding your snowflake and see what the effect is. Then refold. It might help you map the whole process into you head. </p><p>Hang in there. This particular project was simple for me. But I have struggled with this type of thing in the past. Typically it's a matter of one simple step that I just didn't get at first. Then once I got it - BAM! Don't give up. </p>
Step 6 and beyond is on the next page (hit the orange button at the bottom). Instructables wants to split up the steps into pages.
<p>did you figure out what you was doing wrong because i'm in your boat</p>
<p>You're skipping step 3. (Folding the triangle over into another trangle a 2nd time)</p>
I was doing the same thing. Turns out I was folding it one too many times.
<p>I did this. You're skipping step 3.</p>
<p>haha omg thats funny</p>
You may be cutting too low? This is a step where you do chop off a big chunk, but only the top. If you folded correctly to this point, you'll see that the top of the snowflake has those two paper corners making a V shape at the top. You'll be cutting those off. We need to even out the layers of folds so that everything is symmetrical, and by making the cut at an angle, that makes the final points of the snowflake.
<p>Simple and easy. Great instructions. One additional hint - sharp scissors make this easier. Smaller scissors will give you more control over intricate details.</p>
<p>I made a few of these to use as name tags on gifts, adds a personal touch I think. Thank you I forgot how to do these.</p>
<p>Amazing...my snowflake is amazing</p>
<p>This is really useful</p>
<p>Daniela made it</p>
<p>I did it today! </p>
Those look great!
WOW!!! Can I hire u to make me some, lol

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