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This is where your imagination comes in. Begin cutting away from the sides of the paper. Usually, cutting small triangles from the sides is easiest, but don't forget to try other shapes.

For this snowflake, I altered the top edge a little to make my points a different shape. I also cut out a piece with a "spiky" edge. Use your imagination!

 I don't use patterns for my snowflakes: I just cut as I go. My snowflakes are never the same because I don't usually plan out my snowflakes. Sometimes I find a new cut or shape that I like, and I may use the same technique on a different snowflake, but I don't copy the whole snowflake.
Tomorrow151 month ago

Hi Tomorrow 15 I will be showing my grand daughter tomorrow she love art I have been helping her with darwing

THIS goes out to my on-line "grand-daughter" and Princess, Emerald!!! She loves Frozen and she is super smart and pretty.

esprit15d1 year ago

Thanks! Great instructions. I used them to make snowflakes for my friend's party.

Jo Flandez1 year ago

Thank you for a very good instructable on snowflakes. This comes very handy as my niece is celebrating her 7th birthday with "Frozen" movie motif. I'll use the snowflakes to decorate my brother's costume. Many many thanks!

karmar224 years ago
I must be really stupid because mine turned out completely hollow and looked nothing like a snowflake!
karmar22 - I did exactly the same thing. I found out I was cutting the wrong piece. I thought I was supposed to cut the top part, because that's what it looks like in the picture, but if you cut the bottom plain triangle that is cut off, it comes out really nice.
CarolAE4 years ago
Superb! I just had a great afternoon making snowflakes with my grandkids. Now the windows are covered with winter beauty. The directions are excellent.
poppe17755 years ago
these are so easy yet so pretty, I am always trying to make snowflakes and they look so blah!  These look so intricate and were easier than my blah! ones. Great idea and easy instructions, Thanks.
chuck_295 years ago
that is awesome