Step 8: Step 8:The Reveal

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Unfold the paper very carefully.

The snowflake will not lay flat right away, so I like to tuck them between the pages of a book for a while before displaying them. I have also ironed them (between two pieces of plain paper) to make them extra flat. Watch out though, because paper can get very hot to the touch when ironed (don't use steam!) so be sure to let it cool for a second before handling the paper, and as always excercise caution to avoid fire and burns. Ironing them also seems to make them a tiny bit stiffer, which could be good if you want to hang them rather than tape them to a surface.
LiamR27 months ago

Mine was cut into two pieces... I Guess I'll have to retry.

loomergirl8 months ago

THANKS SO MUCH! I am making a lot of snowflakes for Christmas decor. Thx!

yongeeks2 years ago
Thank you. I really enjoyed making these!
mhudson112 years ago
Awesome! Thank you!
daguilar43 years ago
Made mine thanks for this I loved it , posted on my facebook

lgrochowsky3 years ago
I love your directions and that is a beautiful snowflake.
ReadsInTrees (author) 3 years ago
If you guys liked this one, feel free to browse my gallery of snowflakes on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmdsnowflakes/sets/
hotwingz233 years ago
this is the most beautiful snowflake ever!!!!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
This is the most epic snowflake ever!