Introduction: How to Make 7 Segment Digit

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Learn how to make 7 Segment digit using LED.

Step 1: Watch This Video

Step 2: Material List

  • Thermocol,
  • Card board,
  • 8 LEDs,
  • 8 220 Ohm resistor,
  • Male header,
  • Dotted board,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Wires,
  • Arduino board.

Step 3: Print 7 Segment Digit Image

Picture of Print 7 Segment Digit Image

Print this image in a paper

Step 4: Cut the Layout

Picture of Cut the Layout

After printing the 7 segment pic, temporarily fix it on thermocol and then cut the layout carefully..

Step 5: LED Fixing

Picture of LED Fixing

Next, take a card board and mark the layout, and make some hole as shown in the picture. Now bend all LED at 90degree angle and fix it on card board using a glue gun.

Step 6: Connection

Picture of Connection

In the circuit diagram picture, you can see the connection of all LEDs. For simplicity, I have made a simple circuit board. In this circuit board, I had just connected 8 220 ohm resistor with 9 headers pin with a series connection. Then I had connected all the positive terminal with one single wire and then all -Ve terminal with individual wire and next I have connected it with my circuit board.

Step 7: Connect All Anode

Picture of Connect All Anode

Now connect all the Anode (For common Anode 7 segment digit), and solder it.

Step 8: Connection of Cathode

Picture of Connection of Cathode

Connect all the cathode to an individual wire.

Step 9: Connection With Board

Picture of Connection With Board

Connect common anode to the board and all cathode pins with their respective pin on board like in the picture

Step 10: Assemble

Picture of Assemble

Now fix the circuit board with hot glue at the back side and fix all wire and put a white paper on it.

Then put some glue on the front side and fix the thermocol.

Step 11: Cove With Aluminium Foil and White Paper

Picture of Cove With Aluminium Foil and White Paper

Using some aluminium foil cover all segment like the picture. And cover the front side with a white paper.

Step 12: Connect and Run.

Picture of Connect and Run.

you can use Arduino board or any other board to run, I am using arduino board. So the connection with board and sketch is here. Download and upload ...................................

Step 13: Digit

Picture of Digit

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